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Refugee children face a challenging start to life.The psychosocial impact of being forcibly displaced coupled with the inadequate opportunities for education negatively affects their childhood development experiences resulting in a deficient quality of life. The gross enrolment rate for refugee children in primary school stands at 68% leaving millions of children without an education. Eg, In Uganda, for instance, there are over 400,000 children out of school. Formal education systems in refugee-hosting countries cannot meet the educational needs of refugees by themselves. Refugee-led organizations are playing a vital role in closing the existing education gaps. Examples of refugee-led education initiatives include: reaching the most marginalized persons such as children with disabilities with tailored education support; After-school clubs for homework, extra-curricular, social, and emotional learning; Language classes for children who don’t understand the language of formal instruction; Supporting formal schools on issues of safety and child protection; Vocational education for youth who have dropped out of school and keeping education going during crises, such as COVID19 among others. The pooled fund is designed to be efficient and to maximize the amount of donor funding that reaches communities affected by displacement. Cohere partners with RLOs to meet educational needs within refugee communities in the most cost-efficient manner. Through the pooled fund, Cohere as the fund manager is able to most closely connect donors with the education cause they are supporting, significantly reducing the administrative wastage associated with humanitarian funding.

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