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The Angels Refugee Support Group Association (ARSGA) is a refugee-led nonprofit organization established on 17th of July 2009 by a proactive group of refugee youth who fled persecutions in Burundi, DRC and Rwanda due to their sexual orientation. ARSGA’s ultimate purpose is to solidify confidence in the community of refugee LGBTQ+ persons, female sex workers and single mothers aged 18 - 50 that they have value and can go after things in life that they had never thought possible through individual and institutional capacity-building, promoting, defending and protecting their fundamental human rights.

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The community that ARSGA serves include, but not limited to, refugees who are LGBTQ+ persons, female sex workers and single mothers aged 18 - 50. Our organization has identified two hundred and twenty (220) potential beneficiaries. But, so far only one hundred and fifty (150) are officially registered. The remaining 70 are not registered yet as refugees or asylum seekers. The membership size of our organization is 150.

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Nakivale, Kyaka II and Kyangwale

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