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GRTR is an emerging community-focused non-profit organization that promotes equal rights and opportunities for its beneficiaries regardless of their gender, race, nationality, social, political or religious affiliation. It is legitimately registered in Uganda under section 18 (3) of the Companies Act 2012. 2. Vision A leading organization for sustainable development. 3. Mission To inform and transform communities by providing services aimed at attaining the sustainable development goals (SDGs) 4. Values Professionalism, Innovation, Creativity, Team work, Diversity 5. Focus areas: • Environment conservation • Sustainable Peace Building • Youth and women engagement (Skilling) • Education and Livelihoods • Health, Water and sanitation • Research and Translations 6. Objectives i. To foster a more peaceful, less violent society through peace education and development of interpersonal skills for handling relationships and conflict constructively ii. To enhancing the lives of individuals and groups by linking them and facilitating their access to resources needed for their socio-economic development iii. To promote environmental protection through recovery of ecosystems and conserving biodiversity

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