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The SUCCESS ROOTS is an organization with the goal of developing self-organized learning spaces that reduce education exclusion and preparing young people for the world of work while in schools. The organization as well focuses on implementing a parent’s empowerment program that equips them with skills that spark innovation leading them to seize opportunities that lift them and their families out of extreme poverty. We aim at developing a model that tackles challenges of the education industry and replicate it in different corners of Uganda and Africa to make learning accessible for every disadvantaged child in Africa while actively engaging schools, families and communities to get involved in driving innovative solutions that make the world a better place where right to education is a priority Our learning spaces are expected to be self-organized where distributed authority is a driving force. People pick up different roles in our organization depending on their potential, at that point they become role leads with no one giving them commands or dictating what they are supposed to do. Every role in our organization has a:  Purpose: how it serves the organization’s mission to achieve its vision  A domain: these are the organization’s properties that it keeps (e.g. books, computers etc.)  Accountability(ies): these are ongoing activities that the roles energizes or does to meet its purpose to make sure the organization is meeting its mission and then the vision OUR MISSION: creating self-organized learning spaces that end education exclusion while empowering school going children and their families to actively engage and take actions toward a sustainable world with equal opportunities OUR VISION: we envision a world where people’s potentials have a voice, equality and right to education is the driving force OUR PURPOSE: Unification of life and success https://www.facebook.com/Success-Roots-101773007862445 https://www.linkedin.com/company/success-wheels https://run4communityrescue.wordpress.com/