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Supporting Refugee Participation & Advocacy
Fund Manager: Cohere
Raised on Reframe


In Cohere’s 2022 report that highlights five barriers to meaningful refugee participation, we were able to identify how refugee leaders and refugee-led organisations (RLOs) have continued to be excluded from decision-making spaces. Through the report we made our recommendations on how Cohere and the sector can do better to ensure refugees are participating in all levels of programme development and leadership across the humanitarian sector. Refugees should have a seat at the table, especially when this is where decisions about their futures are being made.

Read the report here: https://bit.ly/3ZLseBi

And the Executive Summary here: https://bit.ly/3yzV37W



We would like to convert our learnings into action with the aim to fundraise for specific support for refugee-led organisations that will increase participation, improve access to advocacy opportunities and expand networks. These are essential activities to support the growing profile of refugee leaders and refugee-led organsations/networks.


Financial target: $30,000
These will include:
-    Refugee leaders representation at Global Refugee Forum, Geneva (Switzerland) - Dec. 2023
-    Refugee-led networking events
-    Fund for refugees who need sponsorship to attend high-level advocacy events
-    Community of Practice - refugee (exclusively) participation within the group


Specific indicators of success: 
-    Number of refugee leaders/organisations attending national or international foras, and participating in decision-making processes. 
-    RLOs/networks strengthened - measured through increased attendance, levels of member participation
-    Launch and progress of the Community of Progress


We will partner with a number of existing refugee-led organisations and/or networks who are focusing on advocacy, improved representation and have developed refugee networks. These partners will be invited to submit an Expression of Interest and be partners and beneficiaries of the pooled-fund. These partners will share in the promotion and fundraising objectives of the fund.


What is a pooled-fund? 
On Reframe, pooled-funds have been created to support refugee-led response to emergencies or thematic areas of work e.g Ebola Outbreak in Uganda, Education in Emergencies. The pooled-fund on Reframe gives donors the opportunity to learn about the response and donate to a group of RLOs who are involved. The donor can find out information about the project and donate through the page. 

Cohere receives these donates and distributes the funds to the different partner organisations. Cohere takes a small percentage of the donation to facilitate this transfer. 


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Chrissie August 1, 2020


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