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ALPHA ELIMU is a women led organization, operating in Rwamwanja refugee Settlement founded in 2018 with a district certificate in Kamwenge No 1223/19. We are implementing activities in Education, Community based-psychosocial support (CBPS), Gender Based Violence (GBV), Innovative reproductive health education, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Adult literacy program, Peace building, Livelihood and environment, Adolescent’s empowerment and VSLA formation. From July 2022, we got in a partnership with Cohere Charity and linked us to YTT International organization whereby, we started operating in different primary schools within the Settlement and implement the project of Gender Equality Education from December 2022 up to April 2025. In addition, with the linkage from Cohere Charity, we have recently carried out the implemention of the project with Open Society Foundation: ʺINCREASING MENSTRUAL HYGIENE MANAGEMENT AND SERVICE DELIVERY TO ADOLESCENT GIRLS AND WOMENʺ which begun from February 2023 to December 2023, with a targeted direct beneficiary of 300 girls and women, from refugee communities and Ugandan hosting communities aged between twelve to thirty-five located in the Base camp zone and Nkoma zone. Lastly, we recently got the memorandum of understanding with War Child Canada in partnership with UNICEF of 6 months starting August 2023 to 30th January 2024 whereby we were implementing Upshift project as mentors and running the outreach process for the selection of 400 out of school Adolescents(30 % male and 70% child mothers and girls) and among them 82 will be chosen to participate in a boot camp towards the groups which get support according to their skills and proposals. Starting February 2024, we are selected to run the Global Whole Refugee Fund project in partnership with COHERE Charity and This project is targeting women and youth from refugee communities and Ugandan hosting communities aged between 16-35 in 3 zones within Rwamwanja.