Tenda Wema

Since January, 2023,Tenda wema is running a primary school(Tenda Wema Community School) that assists around 300 refugee children and most vulnerable kids from the host community every year. In 2022 Tenda wema managed to bye a piece of land of 2.5 acres and built permant structures (8 classrooms, 10 toilets, a kitchen and a nice fense). Unfortenately the school was demolished in december 2023 during Mavoko demolitions. Despite the demolition of the structure, the vision is stand still. Great news is that currently Tenda wema has a new Tenda Wema Community School where pupils are being served as usual. For sustainability purposes, we are in process to aquiere the new land (where the current school is) this time roung with serious carefulness.

04:16 pm · Mar 15, 2024