While seeking for Just Societies where People live in more equal, peaceful and gender just societies based on inclusive democracies, human rights and accountable institutions, the Humanitarian Development And Peace Initiative project is Empowering Refugee-Led Women and Young Women Groups/Organizations through Group Cash Transfer. Today we were able to conduct Evaluation of proposals and selection by a committee that comprised of Oxfam, OPM, Refugee Welfare Council III women rep, two officials from Odupi Sub County. This was in reference to call for applications dated 3rd/April/2024, whose deadline ended on 12/April/2024, where YETA received 15 applications from within Imvepi refugee settlement. With support from Danida through Oxfam, five (5) best women led initiatives or ideas for 2024 were selected. The Group Cash Transfer intends to see Women’s role and participation in leadership, planning, decision making processes and peace building interventions at the local level increased.