Hope of refugee women against poverty for the social wellbeing(HOPDEV)

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT With the Support of COHERE the HOPDEV Organization were able to provide 1,234 exercises books, 210 boxes of pens, 2500 pieces of pencils, and 1,000 rulers in Dzaleka Refugee Camp to help them continue learning without any difficulty. Where in Dzaleka refugee camp a number of children with no hope and the school dropout children got motivated from the support and so they enhancing their learning capacity through play, without difficulties and expressed their community and interest to stay in school and stand against any discriminatory they might across while at school or in the community. Previously most of these children were missing classes due to lack of school equipment but when they were assisted with the re-usable Books, pens, pencils and rulers, they are motivated to attend all the classes and stay in school no matter the month situation. During this time of the distribution, these children and child girls were also trained on, as well as how to learn through play well but also the importance of washing their bodies every day and washing their hands while using toilet. As result, we have observed several challenges and a clean and well-protected community development. In Dzaleka refugee camp, most of children with no any occupation and with few opportunities and, provided the space for children to play Sports such as; football, rope games, Tennis and hula hoop by challenging their self-confidential and this help the abandoned children from their families; This project provides cycling and sports activities for refugee children living in refugee camps. Displaced from diverse background, hundreds of thousands of children are growing up in crowded refugee camp with no enough space spaces to play. We providing children, and especially girls; opportunities to learn how to cycle and play other sports, life skills and vocational trainings which will improve both their mental and physical health. Also, will challenge and avoid their self-confidence in their families and their communities. Increasing Access to Vocational Training and Income Generating Activity for Vulnerable Women at Dzaleka Refugee women and girls in Dzaleka camp have very limited opportunities to gain useful skills which would enable them to have access to the labor market and provide for themselves. Malawi’s restrictive policies on freedom of movement and the right to employment limits refugees’ opportunities to earn a living. This is certainly the case in Dzaleka refugee camp, where women and girls from Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC have incredibly limited opportunities to gain useful skills that would allow them to provide for themselves and their families. Consequently refugees, especially Young girls are often seen begging in the streets of Dzaleka and many of them are even forced to resort to prostitution and survival sex in order to be able to provide for their dependents needs.

08:39 am · Jul 05, 2024