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Bright Futures - Consortium for RLOs supporting children with disabilities
Fund Manager: Cohere
Raised on Reframe
Bright Futures is a consortium of RLOs working to provide opportunities for children with disabilities. Refugee children with disabilities (CWDs) are stigmatized and discriminated against within their communities as such they lack access to social services such as quality education. Due to the lack of information, together with the segregation, many of the CWDs have never been diagnosed or enrolled in school and suffer neglect from their families. These children and their parents represent the most vulnerable members within their communities. In addition, any enrolled CWDs often have limitations in accessing classrooms thus inhibiting their participation and often leading to their inability to continue education. The cost of taking care of CWDs is very high children is very high as they require special attention throughout the day as well as like good nutrition and personal care products which require additional resources or additional support to lead quality lives which their parents may not be able to provide owing to their need to provide additional attention needed for to their children throughout the day. Who we are Bright futures comprises of 4 RLOs across 4 refugee settlements; South West Uganda, West Nile and Kampala , with a mission of addressing challenges faced by CWD within these settlements through partnering with technical specialists and other stakeholders to provide specialized support to enable these children live fulfilled lives The intervention We provide specialist assessments to CWDs and through offering targeted training to their parents to support the development of CWDs while at home. Further, we work with schools to improve access to school through improvement of the school infrastructure as well as strengthen the capacity of teachers to embrace an inclusive pedagogy. We use a holistic approach with participation from the community to ensure CWD access other key social services through referrals and partnerships. Reach We have reached 1200+CWDs with individualized support and learning materials, trained 1170+ parents and caregivers in home-based care for CWD, enrolled 200+ in formal learning centers and , distributed 252+assistive devices and improved physical access to 20+ schools and community learning hubs.


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Chrissie August 1, 2020


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