Action pour le Progres

About us

Action pour le Progres is a Community Based Organization operating in Kakuma refugee camp/ Kenya, with a clear mission of uplifting the status of young refugees through various developmental initiatives, education, and by empowering them to solve problems on their own. We are certified by the county government of Turkana in the year 2021 to operate in Kakuma. At Action pour le Progres, we run the following programs : 1. Social and Emotional learning in Pre-schools. 2. Transformative E-learning 3. Livelihood, we provide solar powered freezers to small business people. 5. Digital literacy 6. Collaborative research. This year 2021, with the support of porticus through Cohere, we have been able to reach 87 children with social and emotional learning in pre-schools. Our aim was to reach 250 learners but with limited resources we could not reach the target. Through our partnership with Solar Freezer, we have been able to provide 23 solar powered units to small business owners for cool storage and light. We have been able to provide advanced English course to 15 learners. They support the running of the course by making a monthly contribution. In our collaborative research approach, 15 refugees have been trained by Oxford Research, Vittorio Bruni. 17 Refugees are currently providing services to Oxford University on their longitudinal research project. AP has been able to provide wifi hotspots in the community so that they can access information. We are guided by following core values to achieve our mission, ; 1. Optimism 2. Integrity 3. Accountability. 4. Inclusion. 5. Respect, and Teamwork spirit.

Annual Operating Budget: 15,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 400

Our Partnerships

Our Current Funding Partners

We partner with: 1. Cohere 2. LERRN (Local Engagement Refugee Research Network), 3. TunapandaNet.

Previous Funding Partners

We have been lucky to secure funds from Cohore, TunapandaNet, R-SEAT and RELON-Kenya.

Our Network Affiliations

We are also affiliated to the following networks. 1. Take the Lead. 2. RELON Kenya 3. Africa Refugee Network. 4. R-SEAT

Optional Support Partner

Support Partners can play an optional role bridging various gaps between RLOs and their supporters around the world.

Additional Information

Our Community and beneficiaries

We offer our services to refugees from different nationalities, however those who have benefited from our program are refugees from Sudan, Burundi, DRC, South Sudan, and Somalia. A total of 200 refugees have directly or indirectly benefited from our services. Your financial support is an enabler to reach more refugees in the camp.

Other Operating Locations

We do carry on our activities in different locations of the camp, this includes Kakuma 1, Kakuma 2 and Kalobeyei.

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