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Action pour le Progres is a Community Based Organization operating in Kakuma refugee camp/ Kenya, with a clear mission of uplifting the status of young refugees through various developmental initiatives, education, and by empowering them to solve problems on their own. We are certified by the county government of Turkana in the year 2021 to operate in Kakuma. At Action pour le Progres, we run the following programs : 1. Early childhood education 2. Livelihood, we provide solar-powered freezers to small business people. 3. Computer and phone repair. 4. Collaborative research. This year 2023, with the support of parents, we have been able to provide early childhood education to more than 98 refugee children. 30 out of 98 will be transitioning to primary school next year 2024. We aimed to reach 250 learners but with limited resources, we could not reach the target. We need a good facility and playing materials. This year 2024, we have been able to provide 40 solar-powered units to small business owners in the camp. We currently have facilitated access to 60 solar-powered units for refugees. The units help business owner boost their income because of having cool storage. Under the collaborative research project, we have trained 14 refugee participants on the research process. The training was facilitated by the Refugee Led Research Hub in Nairobi. We have partnered with LERRN to research the impact of resettlement on those left behind in the camp. Under the computer and phone repair training, we have provided technical repair skills to over 33 refugee learners this year 2024. The skills aim to empower them to start businesses where they can repair faulty phones and computers to earn a living. We are guided by following core values to achieve our mission, 1. Optimism 2. Integrity 3. Accountability. 4. Inclusion. 5. Respect, and Teamwork spirit.