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‘TOMORROW VIJANA’ is a Kiswahili language word which when translated in English means ‘Tomorrow’s Youths/People. In effect, our focus is ‘tomorrow’ or the future, a better future of our peoples and our community. Tomorrow Vijana is a refugee-led organization founded in January 2014 in Rwamwanja refugee settlement in Kamwenge District, in South-western Uganda. The idea to start TOMORROW VIJANA first emerged mainly after recognizing the language barrier encountered by the refugees in the settlement. Initially, two of ‘Tomorrow Vijana’ founders went through the entire settlement interacting and engaging with refugee communities, refugee leaders, UNHCR officials and staff from the Office of the Prime Minister, developmental implementing agencies and partners. The aim of this interaction was to understand salient challenges that were impacting our refugee community. After this initial engagement with the various stakeholders, we realized that the main factor affecting the refugee community was difficulty to easily integrate into the host community. This was attributed to lack of English language speaking and writing skills. Our refugees were coming from mainly francophone countries like Congo where Kiswahili and French predominantly spoken. They thus found it hard to speak English, or local dialects in Kamwenge, where English is the official language of communication. To avert this crisis, TOMORROW VIJANA’s founders immediately decided to begin volunteering in teaching Basic English Language and Communication skills to interested refugees, both Adult and Young. This was in kyempango C where it was offering literacy courses and Basic English lessons to the community of kyempango under a tree. This went on for close to two years, and during this time, TOMORROW VIJANA continued building trust and hope in the community with its beginner English language lessons. Later, TOMORROW VIJANA was able to get an opportunity to partner with Xavier Project(COHERE) in 2017 and from the partnership Xavier Project supported TOMORROW VIJANA to build a community learning Hub and equipped it with furniture and library for the community to support classes and research. To this improved capacity, TOMORROW VIJANA started offering computer lessons to both young and refugees’ children. It is worth noting that thanks to this Partnership and improved capacity, refugees and surrounding host community have benefited from our English language lessons, and have gone ahead to easily integrate into the host communities and play a developmental role in their community’s wellbeing. At present Tomorrow Vijana has since expanded its scale of operation, via analyzing other emerging community needs other than the language barrier and is currently engaged in activities such as Education, Protection, Community Mobilization, livelihood activities (tailoring, farming, and backyard gardening). STRATEGIC PARTNESHIPS TO FOSTER DEVELOPMENT IN REFUGEE COMMUNITIES TOMORROW VIJANA is always determined to play an active role in its Partnerships, and in solving emerging refugee community challenges. For instance, in response to the covid19 pandemic, TOMORROW VIJANA in 2020, in partnership with UNHCR, was able to make 15,500 masks which were donated to needy refugee families in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. During the covid-19 pandemic breakout, TOMORROW VIJANA with the big support from Xavier Project(COHERE), succeeded in supporting refugees with albinism living in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement with basic needs (food and none food items) to overcome the difficult time when the community where in lockdown and most of income-generating activities have been suspended due to covid-19. TOMORROW VIJANA played an active role of community mobilization in Rwamwanja refugee in Partnership with ADRA funded by the UN World Food Program, Tomorrow Vijana facilitated the effectiveness of logistical assistance to refugees such as food and cash distribution. From 2019 to date, TOMORROW VIJAANA conjunction with COHERE is implementing a project of supporting children with disability in Rwamwanja settlement and Surrounding host community, with HEA/COMIC RELIEF funded project TOMORROW VIJANA has managed to identify 300 children with disability such as Epilepsy, Down Syndrome, Microcephalus, Autism and Cerebral Palsy among others. In the year 2022 in collaboration with COHORE, OSF managed to fund one year the digital learning project which is a project being implemented by TOMORROW VIJANA in Base-Camp II Zone. Still in 2022 Tomorrow Vijana was able to write a proposal of expanding the learning in others Zones of the Settlement by CONSTRUCTING LEARNING CENTERS and main OFFICES, this proposal was funded by a coalition of Refugee Led Organization (RESOURCING REFUGEE LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE) in partnering with ASYLUM ACCESS, the construction of the learning Center took place in Nkoma C Zone. solid waste management project funded OXFAM. Tomorrow Vijana is also implementing a 3 years Agri-Business project in partnership with COHERE funded by OPPORTUNITY BANK INTERNATIONAL. TOMORROW VIJANA is determined to continue championing the building of partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals that are willing to support our humanitarian cause. OUR STRENGTHEN • We know our community better and we are living with the community. • We know the needs of the community from the grass roots. • We have good skills in risk assessment • We have developed a strong financial management system • We are motivated as a team to influence positive change in our community. OPPORTUNITIES: - Possibility for partnerships with International Organizations, Online Grants for NGOs, OPM and other Refugee led Organization’s to share knowledge, skills, funding etc.


YIDA (Youth Initiative for Development in Africa) is a youth-led, Community Based Organization formed by the youth refugees in Kyaka II refugee camp to provide Quality –holistic Integrated Early childhood development (IECD) services, to create an enabling environment for improved learning outcomes among children aged 3-8 years in Kyaka II and improve livelihoods through financial inclusion and literacy to Create jobs in the refugees and non-refugees, to live a sustainable life.


- FAULU PRODUCTIONS was founded in 2015 June and registered two years later as a non-profit, non-political, and a non-religious community-based organization Kenya by the Ministry of East African Community, Labor and Social Protection with the reg. CO/TRKW/CDO/HC 2434. - Our mission is to promote youth talents, to create a safe, sustainable living that enables social change, and education for marginalized communities; and Empowerment to vulnerable. We run three main programs: 1. Agriculture and Permaculture, here we promote agribusiness and food security, free seeds and agricultural equipment, supports to community farms, as well free training to farmers and gardeners. 2. Education: we run both formal and non-formal curriculum whereby we have a free preschool, primary education remedial classes as well as high school compensatory curriculum done online through the AMALA platform from UK. 3. Women Empowerment (Livelihoods): We advocate on GBV cases and mobilize the community on how such inhuman exploitation should take it end. We offer microcredits to women and offer them with entrepreneurship skill. Finally, we also offer two free skills for life that is Soap making and Tailoring to youths and women as a means to supports them for self-reliance.


AFID UG, the short for “ALL FOR INTEGRAL DEVELOPMENT”, founded in 2017, is a non-profit and refugee-led community based organization located at Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Kamwenge district in Uganda. Striving to create an inclusive and empowered society in which no refugee or vulnerable individual is left behind, AFID's mission aims at enabling a better future and secured livelihoods to the most vulnerable individuals (especially forcedly displaced person and those nearby host communities' members) through inclusive and quality education, environment promotion, sustainable farming and economic activities. Its implementation strategies and approaches that seek to involve (work and decide with beneficiaries together) and put the beneficiaries in the heart of all interventions make it one of the most responsive RLOs that incarnate the approach of low cost - high impact. With our main focus on the extremely vulnerable individuals including poor and abandoned children, single mothers, SGBV (sex and gender based violence) survivors; the type of activities we undertake range from advocacy, capacity building to service delivery. Whereas in terms of operations, what characterizes AFID’s functioning are its efforts to (a) enlist involvement of the locals when initiating activities at the grass root level; and (b) mobilize women for bringing peace, tolerance, and development in the refugee community (c) partner with other organization to strengthen the interventions. With its significant and very active number of qualified volunteers and staff members (16: 9 females and 7 males) able to work with people of various background and in multi cultural environment, the organisation incarnates the approach of less cost- greater impact, as the latter are able to mobilize and use available resources.


The Bondeko Refugee Livelihoods Center (Bondeko Center) is a nationally-registered, refugee-led organization founded by refugees in 1997 to support those fleeing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Bondeko Centre supports impoverished, often traumatized refugees, especially women and children, who reach Uganda's capital Kampala without connections or aid. We are a community centre for both refugees and local Ugandans, as well as an emergency shelter for refugees. ​ "We want refugees to be self-reliant and to enjoy human rights in the community where they live" ​ We promote refugee integration and empower asylum seekers and refugees in Kampala to become self-reliant through offering the Capacity building program, Livelihoods program, Education In Emergencies program, Counseling program for survivors of Sexual Violence in conflicts, Children with disabilities program, Legal Clinic, Sport & Games program for youths and through Environment Protection activities. We envision a future where the skills and capabilities of refugees to support and assist each other are recognized, and human rights, community acceptance, and economic independence are promoted for those who have been displaced.

Youth Voices Community

Youth Voices Community is a Refugee-Led Organisation duly registered in Kenya with a core mandate to help uplift the lives of refugees in Kenya. Its core areas include education, livelihoods, advocacy and social empowerment. YVC operates from Umoja area and empowers refugees and host communities through education levies payments, livelihoods and refugee advocacy programmes.


URISE Initiative for Africa was established in October 2016 and was formally registered by the Turkana County Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Services in February 2017 with the vision to empower youth with transformative and innovative skills that they can use to be self-reliant and to serve as good ambassadors of Peace in their respective communities. URISE Initiative for Africa is a refugee-led organization that guides young refugees to find meaning through life skills, social and economic empowerment. We use technology to train young refugees with relevant ICT skills that they can apply in real-life situations to build their social and economic value. We merge the use of technology and peace education to instill the spirit of peace-building and peace-making to young refugee generation. Besides, we develop skills in areas such as leadership, peace building and social entrepreneurship to youths from various communities for peaceful coexistence between and among refugees communities.


The idea for the formation of West ventures Development Organization was conceived in the year 2019 as a church youth group known as Good shepherd Youth Group(GSYG) and the actual implementation of this idea ensued in the year 2020 following the meeting of some of the youths who are now the leaders of this CBO with some stakeholders who were willing to offer both financial support for the running of the organization and intellectual support to help the youth manage the CBO in a professional and skillful way possible. Our organization is situated at Good Shepherd Parish. The stakeholders included some leaders from the community who supported the organization by guiding the management of the Organization on various aspects pertaining to the formation and formalization of the organization. Financial support was first offered by Xavier project in partnership with GIZ. WeVDO engages various community activities that include but not limited to: • Basic ICT and Life Skills trainings • mentorship programs • youth empowerment • charity works • Identification of clients • General support


L'Afrikana is a refugee led organization operating in Kabiria area of Nairobi was mission is to empower refugees and local community members living with them .At L'Afrikana the refugees and local community members are empowered to use their skills, talents and abilities to change their lives.

Platform Africa

Platform Africa is not for profit, non-governmental community interest refugee-led organization. We run empowerment programs for refugees and displaced people in Uganda with an emphasis on access to media and media making, skills development and peacebuilding. Platform Africa started by refugees self-trained open technology trainers/activists, peace builders, video makers, social entrepreneurs and community concerned young people with an aim to engage and empower their communities through the power of media, education, and technology to facilitate an equitable, informed and resilient societies in Africa.

Tenda Wema

Tenda Wema Community Project, a refugee-led organisation was founded in 2014 with an objective of supporting vulnerable refugee and host community access quality education, livelihoods, Vocational training and socio-economic empowerment. We supprt education through partial and full scholarships, school feeding program and provision of learning materials. In addition, we empowerment through vocational training, credit and financial opportunities. Tenda Wema has created Socio-economic empowerment- creating a socio-economic empowerment fund from which members can access funds for their socio-economic wellbeing.We also support in provision of basic needs through identifying and supporting the extremely vulnerable with food, rent and safety and hygiene items.


YOUTH EMPOWERMENT TO ACT (YETA) Is a Refugee led Organization established in June 2018 as a liquid soap making group trained by OXFAM in Imvepi refugee settlement, Odupi Sub-county, Terego District-Uganda. YETA is registered with Terego District Local Government in Uganda with Certificate No. 636/56 and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) with the TIN 1026036693. Our Vision Is to have a society with constructive, peaceful and productive self-reliant youth for inclusive service delivery and sustainability. We began our operations in August 2020 to offer educational, empowerment and supportive services to the communities of Imvepi refugee settlement and the host community.


Okoa Pastoralists Poverty Eradication Initiative (OPPEI) is a social, charitable, non-political, and non-profit-making Community-Based Organization. It was registered on February 02, 2016, under the Department of Social Development with the goal of supporting marginalized populations to attain resilience, self-reliance, and durable solutions for the residents of Turkana West through education (formal and informal), livelihoods, and social protection/ skills for life, governance, and peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The vision of OPPEI is to improve the quality of life of the challenged community through education and livelihoods or skills for life or technical skills and its mission is to aspire for durable solutions for the marginalized and deprived populations through quality education and skills for life interventions among the host and the refugees. OPPEI operates within the jurisdictions of Turkana West sub-county comprising of seven wards including Kakuma, Kalobeyei, Lopur, Letea, Songot, Lokichoggio, and Nanam. We are running skills for life project funded by the World University Service of Canada and Swisscontact, here we engage men and women trainees between the age of 18-25 for technical training including hairdressing, dressmaking, block making, horticulture, metal works, welding, and plumbing and social skills training such as life skills sexual reproductive health, work readiness, entrepreneurship, literacy and numeracy, and financial literacy. On the same token, we also run back-to-school projects with support from the World University Service of Canada. We return vulnerable girls who left school because of low household income and pregnancies to school. Finally, we also partner with Xavier Project in capacity strengthening of the staff.

Team No Sleep

Team No Sleep is a refugee-led organization that works in Rongai, Kenya serving LGBTQ+ refugees. Their advocacy work ranges from sensitization forums on HIV/AIDS, testing and screening to community outreaches. They also support local LGBTQ+ refugees to find employment opportunities that utilize their skills and gifts. LGBTQ+ refugees face challenges accessing formal employment opportunities.

Action pour le Progres

Action pour le Progres is a Community Based Organization operating in Kakuma refugee camp/ Kenya, with a clear mission of uplifting the status of young refugees through various developmental initiatives, education, and by empowering them to solve problems on their own. We are certified by the county government of Turkana in the year 2021 to operate in Kakuma. At Action pour le Progres, we run the following programs : 1. Social and Emotional learning in Pre-schools. 2. Transformative E-learning 3. Livelihood, we provide solar powered freezers to small business people. 5. Digital literacy 6. Collaborative research. This year 2021, with the support of porticus through Cohere, we have been able to reach 87 children with social and emotional learning in pre-schools. Our aim was to reach 250 learners but with limited resources we could not reach the target. Through our partnership with Solar Freezer, we have been able to provide 23 solar powered units to small business owners for cool storage and light. We have been able to provide advanced English course to 15 learners. They support the running of the course by making a monthly contribution. In our collaborative research approach, 15 refugees have been trained by Oxford Research, Vittorio Bruni. 17 Refugees are currently providing services to Oxford University on their longitudinal research project. AP has been able to provide wifi hotspots in the community so that they can access information. We are guided by following core values to achieve our mission, ; 1. Optimism 2. Integrity 3. Accountability. 4. Inclusion. 5. Respect, and Teamwork spirit.

Resilience Action International

Resilience Action International (RAI), previously known as SAVIC, is a refugee-led non-governmental organization duly registered with the Kenya NGO Coordination Board (OP. 218/051/15-111/10457). RAI began as a community-based organization formed by refugees in 2010, with the primary goal of empowering refugee youths through livelihood skills and reproductive health campaigns. The main programs are Basic and Advanced ICT training, English language classes, financial literacy/entrepreneurship classes, Tailoring course,s and sexual reproductive health classes. We also offer certificate vocational courses in partnership with other organizations which include, Global English Language offered in partnership with Jesuit Worldwide Learning and academic foundational courses in collaboration with Open Society University Network. The organization applied for and was granted registration as a non-profit organization at the national level in 2016. To date, RAI has reached out to over 18,000 youth through various programs including vocational training, life skill courses, and reproductive health programs.

iYouth iFuture

Tedi Africa

Tedi is a registered non-profit, non-governmental, multi-sectoral development social enterprise based and operate in South Sudan and Kenya. We intervene in women and youth socioeconomic space through dynamic vocational education that employs system thinking, social innovation techniques and human-centered design thinking methodology to solve socio-economic challenges. In Kenya, we work with refugee women and youth from underserved socioeconomic backgrounds giving them a start in life using the techniques of social innovation leveraging technology and the offer of entrepreneurship.


Nawezaa is a media & mentorship organization supporting the engagement of refugees and locals by providing a media platform for them to engage , co-exist & collaborate in pursuit of nurturing their ideas/initiatives and instilling a belief of possibilities , Nawezaa , I can !

Techfugees Uganda

Techfugees Uganda started in March 2021. According the UNHCR, Uganda hosts about 1.4 million refugees, which makes it the first African host country for refugees, with 60% being children. Forced displacement continues to grow with arrivals mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Burundi. The goal of Techfugees Uganda is to connect refugees to the wider socio-economic system and restore their dignity so that they become agents of their own lives as well as their host communities

Community Support Initiative for

Community Alliance Network (CAN)

Community Alliance Network (CAN) is a non profit, Refugee women led organization (RWLO), formed in 2020 by South Sudanese Refugees of South Sudan in Imvepi Odupi Sub-county, Terego District, Uganda. we have started as a group of peace advocates and later was turned into an organization . we went further and ventured into community based protection, Self Relicense, girl child and accelerated educational programs (AEP). we were providing phyco-social support, trauma healing as well as campaigns against early/forced marriages, Female Genital mutilation(FGM) and domestic violence. We went further to use virtual art and paintings for advocacy in the community. Our core values are Accountability, Transparency, Prosperity, Empathy, Team work, respect and creativity. Slogan "Action, Accountability and prosperity". W aim to Transform people.

Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation is a Women Refugee Led non-profit and community based Organization founded on 22/09/2020 by a group of charity workers both nationals and refugees, who come together to improve and upgrading both the refugee’s and national’s communities in Uganda. The union started in Imvepi Refugee Camp in Uganda with a purpose of improving the status of life of the refugees and host communities, advocating for equality and respect for humanity in the refugee communities, providing both formal and informal basic education to the youth and elders respectively and better the lives of the people of concern through effective service delivery. The organization as well carries out activities under Sex education project tackling Early marriages, Early Pregnancies, Forced marriages, Defilement and Rape, Menstrual Hygiene Management and Personal hygiene, Cross-generational sex, Reproductive and Cancer etc. with the agenda of empower girl-child education, the organization has embarked on women’s sports and has establish a Refugee Sport Grant that pays the school fees for the girls undertaking sports under. This is aimed at motivating the girls to stay and complete school. Through sports, the organization is devoted in identifying and support the young people develop their talents for their better future. The organization was a warded a global winner of 2022 UNHCR innovation grant for innovative ideas protecting women and girls globally. Hope Foundation is carrying out advocacy on meaningful engagement and participation of the youth in programs targeting young people. Hope Foundation is conducting digital advocacy to reduce hate space and promote peaceful co-existence among the youth and the digital community. We are targeting the digital community since most of the young people are are in the digital platforms.

Afri-Youth Network

Afri-Youth Network is a Refugee-led Community Based Organization (CBO) operating Yumbe District,, Northern Uganda and working to inspire, mentor and empower youths to become self-reliant and be sustainable, social, economic and spiritually developed. Afri-Youth Network was founded in October 2020 by a South Sudanese Refugee youth, Storyteller, Youth feminists, Photographer, Videographer and human right activist Mr Malish James in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

I CAN South Sudan

I CAN South Sudan is a Multi Sector NGO devoted to advancing the well-being of displaced persons with special focus on vulnerable children and women. I CAN South Sudan was founded in 2017 by Refugee Youth in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, Yumbe District in Uganda. The Organization was Incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee with Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) in 2018, Registered and have MoU with Yumbe District and Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Refugee Desk. In 2019, the Organization extended its services to South Sudan where it is Registered as a National Non Governmental Organization with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Juba South Sudan


Peace Africa-PAI is a non political and non profit and a community based organization founded and led by persons of concerns in imvepi refugee settlement with the aim of reducing suffering, poverty and conflict in Africa. Peace Africa is implementing Girl child education, psychosocial support in carrier guidance, peace building and Gender based violence and child protection activities with the aim of reducing or ending conflict in our community in imvepi refugee settlement Northern Uganda. The main beneficiaries and target of the our projects are the young women and men including the disabled person who are both school going age and drop out in schools and community of upper zone two.

Refugee Women Organization

Is a Community based organization registered in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Zone 1 Village 4 Yumbe District , aimed to empower women to be self-reliant to develop social and economical.

koneta Hub

An innovation led organization that is combating digital illiteracy and poverty among vulnerable youth.


MUUNGANO is a refugee-led organization that was formed in 2019 with the goal of empowering women and youth with skills. the organization implements various activities such as sewing, supporting orphans and improving the lives of child mothers through education


PEOPLE’S INTERGRATED FOR DEVELOPMENT (PID) is a Community Based Organization (CBO), operating in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and Host Community. The Organisation was founded in 2018 to support the Community with focus on empowering special interest groups like orphans, widows and specially women, children and youth from refugee and host community for improved and sustainable livelihood. 1.1. VISION A vibrant economically self-sustaining initiative that empowers special interest groups. 1.2. MISSION To empower special interest groups socially, economically, transitional home for orphans, vocational skills for vulnerable youth and establishment of income generating projects for orphans and widows for improved and sustainable livelihood. 1.3. GOALS To contribute to a socially and economically development of women, children,youth and special interest groups through vocational training, entrepreneurship, psychosocial HIV counseling awareness . 1.4. SPECIAL OBJECTIVES • To equip needy people with vocational and apprenticeship skills training. 2 • To establish parent stock for supporting income generating activities for widows, youth, children, women and other needy people. • To provide psychosocial counseling awareness to the needy people and vulnerable communities. • To create awareness on rights of women, youth and children and needy people. • To partner with other NGO’s, association, networks and Government agencies to ensure core values accessibility of both capacity and financial support. • To protect environment through tree planting. 1.5. OUR VALUES We believe that every human being deserves a loving home, a family and parents or care takers who caters for physical and emotional wellbeing and development. We believe that children belong to the families and not in institutions. Among our core values are love, care, compassion and philanthropy. 1.6. OUR MOTIVATIONS The idea of PEOPLE’S INTERGRATED FOR DEVELOPMENT was conceived by 6 members that are passionate about well-being of women, children and special interest groups that have over the years volunteered their time and given of themselves and their resources to support women, children and needy people. 1.7. MAJOR ACTIVITIES i. Education and Capacity building. ii. Livelihood and general agriculture. iii. Psychosocial support iv. Environmental protection v. Gander Based Violence Prevention. vi. Child protection vii. Public health. viii. Peace building 3 1.8. OUR GEOGRAPHICAL AREA OF OPERATION. Kamwenge District is situated in the Western part of Uganda. Kamwenge town is located approximately 300km, by road, West of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The 2014 National Population and Housing Census (UBOS 2014) reported the populations of the District to be 414,454 of whom 50.9% were females and 49.1% were males. The annual population growth rate of the District was approximately 3% (UBOS 2015). Rwamwanja settlement covers approximately 41.9 square miles and is located within Nkoma and Bwizi Sub County of Kamwenge district about 45km from Kyenjojo Town. The settlement has about 69,127 refugees making the total district population of 478,526 with 13.4% being refugees. 1.9. INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERSHIP IN DEVELOPMENT Our organisation welcome and respect ongoing International initiatives and national policies to take care and give support to people especially youth, vulnerable children, orphans and women by fighting poverty and ignorance. 1.10. MEMBERSHIP PEOPLE’S INTERGRATED FOR DEVELOPMENT (PID is a Community Based Organisation is made up by the following members; a. Founder members b. Associate members c. Effective members 1.11. OUR RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS. January 2021: Was engaged in door to door sensitization and mobilization of youth and children from refugee and host community, about home schooling programs which were on going. 4 August 2020: We had achieved to sensitize seven zones about COVID-19 prevention measures and seven local hand washing facilities were built in different areas in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19. January 2020: We trained 18youth groups in VSLA methodology and supported them with basic skills in savings and financial management. April 2019: We trained 10 women with skills and knowledge (language training, computer training and financial literacy). February 2019: We conducted a needs assessment in Refugee Settlement, Nkoma, Bwizi, Nkoma-Katalyeba, Bihanga and Biguli Sub County. The assessment was purposed to establish the challenges faced by women, children and youth in the community to help our organisation to develop some mitigation strategies to address the challenges faced. May 2019: PEOPLE’S INTERGRATED FOR DEVELOPMENT (PID conducted a training of their members in the purpose of finding a way forward to achieve our goals, by building unity, right, commitment and encouragement among the members, which has supported the organization to stand strong till now while achieving an performing better activities that we do very well. October 2018: We implemented GBV (Gander Based Violence) prevention project, 12 dialogues were conducted in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and 38 cases of domestic violence were solved.


Peace education for development (PED) is a refugee led organization RLO which is initiative in 2021 with Refugee members in imvepi refugee settlement with the aim of creating employment opportunities and deliver service to there fellow refugees in settlement. PED is a nonprofit, non governmental and non religious organization. The thematic areas of opparetion are, PEACE EDUCATION, and PROTECTION. all the activities of PED are done voluntary with contribution from members in kind or cash to out it's program activities to the refugee community.


YUFAT is a charity refugee led CBO focused to equip the community with creative mindset for better Africa, through web and software development hence fighting against unemployment and poverty in Africa. We equip refugees with skills to earn from digital technology.


BUILD HOPE OF YOUTH FOR BETTER FUTURE, non-governmental and non-profits community based organization free from political, clan’s religion and ethnic divisions, works with hundreds of youths, include pregnant girls and single handed women in remote and rural areas. BHYBF strive to create hope of future where youth and single parents and pregnant girls are able to facilitate their own developmental sustainability, BHYBF works in program area of our beneficiaries’ entrepreneurship, promotion of environment and agricultural development, capacity building mentorship. To be a leading C.B.O in promoting, graduating youth, supporting their sustainability through professional skills, practical and theoretical framing, ensure an effective impact in their lives Empower single handed women, young female and young male with skills, framing the talented ones for self-reliance and resilience to rise and light their hope. BHYBF was founded in 16th October 2019 by youth and women after releasing the need of youth, single handed women and pregnant girls in the development and livelihood stages so that they can play a greater role in the development in their communities. Registered at the Town council and at the District level. BHYBF is located in UGANDA/ KIBALE EAST/ KAMWENGE DISTRICT/ NKOMA SUB-COUNTY/ RWAMWANJA REFUGEE SETTLEMENT/ NKOMA C VILLAGE.


Children Initiative for Peace Organization (CHIPO) is an independent registered in Rigbo Sub-county as non-government and nonprofit civil society organization based at Rhino Camp Refugees Settlement based at Ocea A, Ocea Zone. CHIPO prime motto is “The Child is our Future” since they need everyone helps. CHIPO has been carrying a range of interventions in the areas of Child Protection, Psychosocial Support, Education, Health & Hygiene, Peace Building, Livelihood (Skills Training), and Promote Cultural diversity among communities. CHIPO has been carrying a range of interventions in the areas of Child Protection, Psychosocial Support, Education, Health & Hygiene, Peace Building, Livelihood (Skills Training), and Promote Cultural diversity among communities.


Every child organization is aimed to ensure that every child in Uganda gets a healthy, physical, physiological and economic livelyhood which will shape them for a bright future


ADIT FOUNDATION UGANDA is a nonprofit humanitarian and developmental Refugee Led Organization created IN May 2015 in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, operating in Kamwenge District. It has been incorporated in Uganda in 2021 with the objectives of: a. Uniting all members and sensitize them on life/skills development and entrepreneurship. b. Empowering the community against Gender Based Violence (GBV) and human rights, c. Empowering the community to care most on elders and children by providing psychosocial support. d. Empowering poor and vulnerable communities with livelihood skills, Provision of educational support to children and youth from poor economic background amongst others. SECTOR OF ACTIVITIES 1. Livelihood through Entrepreneurship trainings for individuals, youth and women groups, Language Clinic (break language barriers), Tree planting and promote energy saving mechanism by making local stoves and clean energy (solar and biogas) to protect the environment. 2. Child protection and Youth empowerment through the Day care, Transit and Orientation Center for Children (DCTOC) with a virtual and physical library plus The Community Workshop for vocational skills and practices (Electrical Welding, electrical/electronic appliances repair, computer soft and hardware maintenance, solar/electrical wiring , driving, handcraft/toys making, etc. ) 3. Elderly and EVI protection program for psychosocial wellbeing through Home visits and enhance community cultural peaceful coexistence mechanism/dialogue, shelter construction/repair, sanitation and Nutrition. 4. SGBV and tribal conflict prevention and Mitigation for human dignity through Free Discrimination community dialogue and sensitization / case management/ Home visits and referral. 5. ACTIVITIES IMPACT ADIT-FU team members well aware of the tribal conflicts nature recurrent in D.R Congo where most of the refugees originated from, and which for many was one of the cause of seeking asylum, could not sit back as the same, was starting to slaim away the unity and peace existing from the offset when they arrived in Uganda in addition to the tension created by the host community. It is from this back ground that the ADIT Foundation Uganda pioneers (formerly called ADT) pledged to reinforce the peace, unity and promote love between all people for, as different people and for integration purpose. We have to all work together, to mobilize our respective communities to fight tribalism and other type of human discrimination in a nonviolent way; to work closely trusting each other to reinforce peace, social cohesion for the wellbeing of the whole community. As a grassroots organization, ADIT-FU with the voluntary work of his members by loving this social enterprise has impacted a lot in the communities, through the home to home visits for counselling and referrals as solutions. Even volunteer members says they are gaining hope and belonging to the community than it was before. “Money cannot answer all our needs all the time” they say. We need to give back to our community which we belong to. The uniqueness of our intervention up to date is the community outreach strategy which allow us to have a big number of volunteers willing to serve by love of the enterprise in the community and which needs more sessions of capacity building. - In the peaceful coexistence between refugees and the host community, and refugee integration sector mostly because of cultural believes, there is some improvement where you find that the majority of people can interact because of the language clinic activity/initiatives where refugees have been learning Ugandan languages and the host community members learning Congolese language, even humanitarian staffs from INGO have been attending these classes. The impact is seen through many cases among which things like intermarriages we could not believe in 2013-2014 in Rwamwanja is happening these days. - With ADIT-FU Child protection related intervention, street children and school dropout had reduced sensibly before 2020 through the Daycare, Transit and Orientation Center for Children (DCTOC), - ADIT-FU as elderly and EVI (extremely vulnerable individuals) protection is concerned, we have provided psychosocial services to 85 individuals not because we have a lot to give to them but reaching timely out them, give them time to discuss in their local languages on their own and community challenges and try as much as possible work on some of them like their shelters, sanitation, supplementary food (backyard vegetable garden) issues, some of these are done with in ADIT-FU means directly or by referral and advocacy through other partner agencies having funding or resources like in partnership with OXFAM/UNHCR, 140 Households have been identified in Base Camp, Nkoma and Mahani zones from July to November 2021 for model latrine construction to improve hygiene in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement during the second wave of Covid-19. Refugees and nationals or different people with different backgrounds living in same geographic area to live and act together in an improved environment for resilience and self-reliance. ADIT-FU is composed and characterized by diversity including members of the most vulnerable group of the community (albinos, indigenous people, people with disability, different tribes, etc.), Refugees and Nationals members working together for Integration and Peaceful Coexistence for the wellbeing of their respective communities. ADIT-FU runs its activities within Rwamwanja Settlement and the neighboring host community using local teams members based in the zones and villages and whose aim is to get timely information on the COVID-19 pandemic spread and prevention measures and provide first aid to the affected people or environment before referral in case. ADIT-FU vision: United to empower the community with love in a peaceful coexistence environment for their wellbeing. Our scale up vision as one of our principles says that “We get our strength from our differences” is based on networking and cooperation using our core values and for that we are contributing to the general goal of a peaceful living world where every human being can feel safe in an improved environment (have free discrimination community); and the reason why we are joining different networks (at local, national, regional and international level ) for us to get ways of feeding the community in need as a humanitarian community based organization: like RRLON, CBO-Alliance, BORA TOGETHER, REFRAME NETWORK. As you can see (picture gallery attached) with the resources we are mobilizing as members of this very community, we are trying to move forward slowly and serve as much as we can. The sources of income which allow us to have this impact as you can see on the different pictures are: first the enough space/land allocated to ADIT-FU by the government authority, the members contributions, small donation and local fundraising, short contracts from International NGOs as Implementing and Operating partners in the Refugee Settlement and the Host community of Rwamwanja. As time goes, the numbers of members increasing and empowered will allow the organization to scale, adding on fundraising and the funding agencies as the one you (reading this profile), can link us to, we believe. For now, we are doing GBV case management and referral, community sensitization through village leaders awareness, psychosocial case follow-up


Organizational background; Uganda is a home to almost 1.4 million refugees and this number keeps increasing every day due to conflict around the neighboring countries including our home country DRC. With these big numbers living in settlements, Rwamwanja settlement has 91,362 refugees as of May 2023. With this population women and girls are more vulnerable and face challenges like GBV, lack of life skill to improve their livelihood, unplanned pregnancies all these challenges led to the formulation of Pillar for Africa Development as a community-based organization in the settlement to empower these women and girls facing challenges to have a hopeful future. Pillar for Africa Development (PAD) is a refugee led organization operating in Rwamwanja Settlement in Uganda. PAD was founded in 2018 by Gatware Munyamirindi and some of his colleagues who had the same initiative of supporting their fellow refugees to develop and give a hopeful life to their community. PAD operates mainly in 3 sectors that include; Livelihood, Education and Protection through gender-based interventions and community engagements. Mission and Objectives of the organization; Mission: Envisioning Africa with empowered communities, designing and implementing innovations for their own sustainable future that builds hope and solidarity. Vision: To innovate, catalyze, educate and advocate for ecosystem, livelihood and gender equality for a sustainable development for communities in Africa. Objectives: Promote self-reliance for refugee women. Empowering women and promoting gender equality Fostering social integration and peaceful co-existence. Facilitating education and vocational training. Overview of programs and initiatives offered by PAD; Life skills training for Women at risk. We have trained about 150 women and girls who are survivors, these skills we train them are tailoring, hand crafts and arts, hairdressing, bakery and Sanitary kits making. Supported 6 groups with rabbitsAnother group we gave money to start a business and now we are grateful. They used the money well in six months. He took out their families and helped the group to get five (5) sheep to start rearing them as a way of improving their livelihoods Backyard gardening training and establishment in 200 Households Community engagement and sensitization on GBV. We were able to reach 4 zones in the settlement. Advocate for meaningful participation of refugee led organizations where we have participated in different coordination meetings and functions. So far PAD has been able to support 11 groups with VSLA kits and trained on digital savings. 3 groups were given rabbits to start rabbit farming, they were given 20 rabbits each, now each group has like 80 rabbits and the 20 rabbits that were initially given to them have been transferred to other groups. In the 150 women and girls trained 30 made a group and now save regularly and have started their tailoring business as a group. Partnerships and Collaborations; PAD has engaged in different partnerships with different other organizations to see that they work together to achieve a common goal. Refugee Innovation Center Challenges and Restrictions; Funds and resources since most of the activities are funded by contributions from members. PAD seeks donors to support the work that is being done by these youths in the settlement. Equipments for operations; PAD also still has a challenge in making reports because they don’t have a computer and a camera to use in making reports and documentations. Capacity building for volunteers; All this work is done by volunteers who are mostly youths and they do it without pay, however they need to build their capacities so that they can do it better following all standard procedures needed. Partnerships with other organizations; It’s still a challenge to partner with international organizations since they still see RLOs as incompetent. Future Plans; Advocacy on different issues that refugees face especially women and girls Building a leaning center for skills training and public speaking classes More livelihood projects for youths and women at risk Building capacity within the organization How you can be involved; Donations and fundraising Advocacy and awareness campaigns Collaborations and partnerships Volunteering opportunities Conclusion; PAD is doing a lot of initiatives to support the community and the impact is seen when we see hope and resilience in the households that had lost everything. However, We still need your helping hands to support us in this journey we started in 2018 for supporting these households to gain skills that will support them and the next generation.

Innovation Talent Academy (ITA)

Innovation Talent Academy (ITA) is an independent, Non-Governmental, developmental and charity, non-for-profit a humanitarian Organization. Formed in April 10, 2019 out of a desire to support, restore, empowering and bringing hope to Young Refugee, Young mothers and children affected by wars, sexual violence, sexual exploitation and abuse, victim survived of torture and deprived of human rights. Our priority is to investing in people, and we are committed to giving assistance to those in need regardless of religion, race, nationality or gender. Our vision is to help the refugee Community Especially Young Vulnerable, Young Mother and children and the displaced people affected by wars, famine, disease, ignorance, violence, poverty or privates of human rights positively reshaped and restore. We specifically focus to support the affected refugees, the poor and marginalized and the displaced people through our crosscutting programs by providing Education; healthcare; human right and protection advocacy; Community development programs; social assistance; and volunteer program. Our being is to help the affected Young Mothers and children refugees to integrate in the community and aspire for a better future, to support technically the feminine development initiative actions and projects. Also to network and partner with other organizations, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), CBOs (Community Based Organizations), Associations and individuals to provide support effective intervention, training and assistance. ITA is more engaged in the services of supporting, restoring and bringing hope to refugees’ Young mothers and children and our desire is that we address their suffering in appropriate and caring manner. Mission: A succession to fight the main improve Orphans, Disabilities and Young Refugee’s life in poverty, and the improvement of social life. Vision: To be the leading NGO that empower and support Young Refugees, Marginalized Youths, orphans and disabilities in Uganda and beyond. Values: Love, Commitment, Integrity, Transparency and Empowerment


AASYA is a youth refugee led organisation with it's objectives for creating youth platform for sharing issues affecting Youths in the refugee settlement and how to solve Areas of work Youth empowerment Environmental protection and awareness Livelihoods activities Capacity building training Peace building activities

Raise Chess Academy

Raise Chess Academy (RCA) is a refugee youth-led community-based organization that unites refugees from different cultural backgrounds by Empowering refugee children/youth to overcome psychological trauma through chess and football activities. RCA was founded by Mayele Julien after losing his dad in 2020. This was the most painful and difficult situation for him and his family. He realized the power of sports and games in Empowering refugee children/youth to overcome different obstacles and learn soft skills that would help them in the future. Refugee children often finds its difficult to communicate with host communities and also adopt to the English system of Education which foces them to drop out of school, RCA saw this need and calculated that by providing these children with English language skills would tackle the luck of language barriers and reduce the rates of school drop out due to lack of badic English language.

OneYouth OneHeart Initiative

OneYouth OneHeart initiative is a women-led RLO that began by observing existing conditions, then brainstorming and conceptualizing solutions followed by developing and implementing them. Our programs are based on the framework to emphasize community engagement and collective learning and guide participants through a series of activities as we address a particular challenge. The OneYouth OneHeart Initiative programs for refugees support evolved in stages, progressing from the Inuka Academy of Entrepreneurship to youth spotlight project to early childhood development project, to Community School Innovation Challenge to Empower-Her livelihoods and to Global Refugees Advice Sourcing Platform App (GRASP APP) Project. The Empower-Her Livelihoods project empowers women through various activities including tailoring, art, and craft. Women learn a set of skills where they learn stitching of clothes and make ready-made garments from their home itself and they can save their family as well they can spend money for their children's study. They further learn saving technics through the creation of saving groups that allow them to save for future projects. For further engagement of what we do, please reach out to the following email addresses:


ALL IN ONE FOR PEACE AND FEMALE DEVELOPMENT is a Refugee Female Led Group formed to empower women to take care and educate their Children. This organization was founded by women and composed 95% by women and girls for self-reliance and resilience with the purpose of focusing only on female related issues and empower them equitably to make sure they are confidently able to compete with men by becoming socially, economically, intellectually owners of their destiny in the society they belong to. Our Mission is : To strengthen equitably Female Resilience and self-reliance for community empowerment. The work with women looks at widows, female PWDs, single mothers, girls, children, etc; in their psychosocial, livelihood and educational aspects. With women and girls groups we do Village Saving and Lending activities, home to home psychosocial counselling, volley ball female team, Hand craft and children toys making to improve lives of many.

Similar Ground

Similar Ground is a Child and youth centered non-profit organization led by young refugees funded by private donations. It was founded in 2020 and registered in 2021 with the initial goal of working together with communities to secure, protect and honor the rights children. The organization later expanded to advancing gender equality and promoting women and girls’ participation in the fields of science and technology by creating a community where women and girls have equal opportunities to pursue careers and education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Similar Ground runs advocacy and psychosocial support programs using music, art and dance. We provide digital training to youth and accompany them to achieve better livelihoods through income-generating activities.


New hope in Language and Development Association in short “NLDA” is a nonprofit community Based organization established in January 2018 in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Kamwenge district in the Republic of Uganda. Its purpose is to enable Adults refugees with barriers to education opportunities to have access to education. Its interventions are carried out in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and in the host surrounding communities, Kamwenge, Uganda. Despite the shortage of fund and technical capacity, we have succeeded to provide literacy and numeracy courses to around 80 refugees (23 Kaihora, 28 Mahani, 23 Base camp and 18 kyempango) of which 79% are females and 21% are males. It has also managed to reach 6 humanitarian staff with French and 7 staffs with Swahili courses. It owns its success from the higher and active partnership and involvement of the community leaders, existing community structures and our primary stakeholders. The participation of each beneficiary is a crucial element in bringing sustainable solution. Therefore, applying participatory and empowerment approaches is the key to the success of our interventions.

Hearts For Art CBO

Hearts For Art is a Community Based Organization whose mandate is to identify avenues and strategies to strengthen refugee and host artists networks to improve participation of art in empowerment , policy development , decision making , women and vulnerable groups and social accountability processes.


We are a women led organization committed to providing employment opportunities to women and men below the age of 35 years.

Light Organization

LFORD-Africa responds to Livelihood, protection, Education environmental conservation, and Governance

Youth for Solidarity

Through this organization we are pursuing the objective of giving young refugees a way to realize each their dreams by promoting their different talents. • We want to ensure the development of young refugees, in particular in camps and in urban areas in general, creating favorable conditions for their emergence. • We want to promote the education of young refugees through vocational training and capacity building for each in his field: cultural, artistic, linguistic and other. • We want to create an enabling environment that the young refugees will deploy and propel themselves in spite of their talent by awakening in each one the giant talent that sleeps and dies within them. • We want to create schools, circles and educational leisure centers in which all young people of all kinds will come together to maximize their potential


non profit NGO operating in Northern Uganda and legally registered. It is youth led organization.


ALPHA ELIMU is a women led organization, operating in Rwamwanja refugee Settlement founded in 2018 with a district certificate in Kamwenge No 1223/1. We are implementing activities in Education, Community based-psychosocial support (CBPS), Gender Based Violence (GBV), Innovative reproductive health education, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Adult literacy program, Peace building, Livelihood and environment, Adolescent’s empowerment and VSLA formation. From July 2022, we got in a partnership with Cohere Charity and linked us to YTT International organization whereby, we started operating in different primary schools within the Settlement and implement the project of Gender Equality Education from December 2022 up to April 2025. In addition, with the linkage from Cohere Charity, we also currently implementing the project with Open Society Foundation: ʺINCREASING MENSTRUAL HYGIENE MANAGEMENT AND SERVICE DELIVERY TO ADOLESCENT GIRLS AND WOMENʺ which begun from February 2023 to December 2023, with a targeted direct beneficiary of 300 girls and women, from refugee communities and Ugandan hosting communities aged between twelve to thirty-five located in the Base camp zone and Nkoma zone. Lastly, we recently got the memorandum of understanding with War Child Canada in partnership with UNICEF of 4 months starting August 2023 to November 2023, whereby we are implementing Upshift project as mentors and running the outreach process for the selection of 400 out of school Adolescents(30 % male and 70% child mothers and girls) and among them 82 will be chosen to participate in a boot camp towards the groups which get support according to their skills and proposals.


Refugees for Prosperity (RFP) have been created by refugee for refugees and vulnerable people in Uganda. Refugees for Prosperity is non governmental organization that works to improve the employment outcomes of refugees in Africa. Our Mission: The mission of RFP is to welcome Newcomers and Empower Refugees to become self-sufficient through direct Service and Educational Programs. Our Vision: RFP envisions a world where communities welcome all refugees and immigrants. We see ourselves as catalysts in the work of building welcoming communities. We aim to build relationships and a cross-cultural understanding between the host communities and refugee communities Refugees for prosperity was founded by a refugee who went through a number of challenges anyone would go through if they had been displaced from their country of origin, some of these challenges can be communication due to ethnic differences, finding comfortable housing, healthcare, legal aid or much less some employment that can provide income to achieve the basic necessities of life. Faced by all these challenges an idea was born to form an organization that revolved around promoting integration of refugees and also helping vulnerable people improve their welfare while they adjust to their new environment. By putting together a team of young educators and intellectuals of mixed gender, different ages and cultural backgrounds we have been able to provide refugees and vulnerable people with programs on education and social development to help them improve their livelihoods and make them more self-reliant. The main focus is to empower refugees, youth and women by supporting and responding to their most felt needs regardless of age, sex, background and ethnic group, The most pressing issues of the groups are identified through meetings with community leaders and refugees, a possible solution is then worked out in partnership with them.


G5-COMPANY is a CBO that started in 2017, located in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, Nkoma Katalyeba Town-Council which is composed of 18 members whereby we have 3 founders and 15 members, 10 female members and 8 male members. We operate with the education of youth, protection, and the environment. the objective is to change the way people live in the world through promoting youth talents, the production of cinema. and everything we are doing, either education, protection, or environment, we make it through cinema.

Youth Voices of Kakuma

“Youth Voices of Kakuma” is a registered community initiative media house created by young refugees in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya). It comprises of refugee youths who believe in creativity, innovation and home grown potential of youths in the Refugee camp. Our objective is to promote use of media platforms to give a voice to young refugees, sharing of information and showcase the talents available in Kakuma and become a source of livelihood for young people. we also provide vital social and emotional support to refugee children in Kakuma Through creative activities, mentorship, and community engagement, it helps youngsters cope with trauma, build resilience, and foster a sense of belonging, contributing positively to their mental well-being amidst challenging circumstances.




KI4BLI is a registered community based organization, founded and led by young refugee resident of Kalobeyei settlement, it was founded in 2018 with aim to use power of education to transform lives of refugees, we are working in 4 sectors as follows 1. Education we offer professional and life skills to youth that helps them to make changes in their communities such as peace building, Social Entrepreneurship and Childhood education through the improve child education program 2. Livelihood we empower women with financial education and introduce them to VSLA for their self reliance, we provide graduating ICT skills and create digital livelihood for students also offer digital skills using Smartphone to youth that create job opportunities such as graphic design, digital marketing, etc 3. community Health we provide SRH skills and services to adolescents both boys and girls. 4. Protection we promote and advocate for inclusion in the community for children, people with disability and Gender Balance, also educate the community about their right and Complain Handling System means how to report in a safe way though outreach.

Kakuma Vocational Center

Kakuma Vocational Center is a community based organization located in Kakuma refugee Camp/ Kenya. KVC was founded in 2018 with the aim of equipping refugees and the host community with the tools to create a better future for all, reduce the number of street children by helping them with skills training, helping girls and women to be able to overcome their primary needs and that of their families. Our objective is to improve knowledge of the beneficiaries in practical skills and education that can make them creative, thinkers, and problem solvers as well as empowering humans with opportunity or chance to formal education with basic technical/vocational skills.

Arise Youth foundation

Arise youth Academy is a non-governmental organization that empowers refugees in kyaka ll to make a sustainable living out of their passion by nurturing job creators and change-makers. We empower refugee youth through self-learning spaces where young refugees unleash their potentials, create their own opportunities, and develop their passion into social businesses. They will tackle the most pressing issues in the refugee camp and contribute to the society in Uganda.

Hope Rising Children Ministry

Hope Rising Children Ministry is a burgeoning refugee-led non-profit community-based organization that strives to empower young people through sports and the creative arts. It’s based in Imvepi refugee settlement, Terego district, North-western Uganda. It was initiated in 2020 amidst the social-economic vulnerabilities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and is managed by a small team of committed volunteers who reside amidst the communities they serve. Hope Rising's project team works with and for the community, targeting both refugees and natives from surrounding areas. The formally registered organization has successfully organized a series of events aimed at strengthening the social fabric of the community, including through football tournaments, community dialogues and household visits. It also actively advocates for children's rights, especially of those who are abled differently.


AGF is working to assist the needy and neglected women, girls and children in south sudan, kenya and uganda by providing access to education on their well being in nutrition, nursing and midwife.

Advocacy Initiative for Youth Development

Created since 2019, Advocacy Initiative for Youth Development has already trained more than 2150 youths in: 1) Leadership, Peace and Conflict Resolution, 2) Freelancing and Digital Entrepreneurship, 3) Computer Basic and Advanced, 4) Mobile App Development, and 5) Digital Citizenship. As a grassroots organization, our vision is to give over 45000 Youths between the ages of 14 to 25 years old an equal access to Digital and Soft Skills by 2030. And the mission is to Break the cycle of poverty among the Youths through Digital and Soft Skills.


Kakuma Bee Social Enterprise is a growing agro-environmental Social Enterprise located in Kakuma, Turkana County, Kenya. Founded in 2019 at Kakuma Refugee Camp and legalized as a Social Limited Company under the registration of societies and companies, led by Refugee and Host Community Youth, to promote a range of agro-enviromental agricultural activities as well as social activities that helps the local community to provide them with the education of various technical skills. Kakuma Bee Social Enterprise’s vision is of a resilient rural environment where people and the environment thrive. We work towards assisting the communities through women and youth empowerment, and rural transition for farmers and farming communities in Turkana which improves yields improve food quality, and safety, and increases household income.

Refugee-Led Organizaton Network of Kenya

In December 2019, during the first African Refugee Summit, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 31st November – 2nd December 2019 in partnership with Open Society Foundation, Oxfam International and the Independent Diplomat. The ARN acting as an umbrella body for refugee-led organizations across Africa, this event brought together approximately 70 refugee delegates from across the continent. This summit provided refugees an opportunity to strengthen their network, consolidate their perspectives, and plan for their contribution in national, regional and global fora and processes. It was recognized that there was a need for refugee representatives to address the challenges that cause their underrepresentation in decision-making tables and policymaking processes on areas of shared concern. RELON-Kenya is a registered national network of RLO’s in Kenya as an association with the Registrar of Societies. The organization is a membership organization drawing members from both the urban and camp-based refugee-led organizations. The RELON-Kenya journey began shortly before the first Africa Refugee Summit that was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in December 2019. A group of refugee leaders, drawn from different refugee-led organisations from across the African continent who came together and discussed the idea of creating an umbrella under which Refugee-Led Organisations would operate in, and ‘speak on one voice’ when advocating for refugee rights and interests. Consequently, during the first African Refugee Summit 2019, the refugee leaders recognised the urgent need for refugees/refugee leaders to be at the decision-making tables and policymaking processes on matters affecting their day-to-day lives in a capacity equal to the other key stakeholders and partners. It was at this juncture that we reflected on the quote, ‘”Nothing for Refugees without refugees”. A few months later, a committee was formed with an aim of bringing together like-minded refugee-led organizations and set up a collaborative and supportive forum among ourselves – thus the Refugee-Led Organization Network of Kenya (RELON-KENYA) was established, which is also working in collaboration with the regional umbrella known as “Africa Refugee-led Network (ARN)”, and an affiliate of Global Refugee-led Network (GRN). WHO WE ARE? RELON-Kenya exists to unite the refugee-led organisations (RLOs) in Kenya so as to link them with opportunities, ideas and funding, as well as provide a platform for the RLOs to network amongst each other and other key potential partners/stakeholders (at national, regional and global levels). RELON KENYA’S VISION, MISSION AND CORE VALUES; VISSION OF RELON Kenya …. A strong network that advocating for inclusion and meaningful participation of RLOs and refugees in decision-making tables and policymaking processes on matters affecting their day-to-day lives and ‘speak on one voice’ when advocating for refugee rights and interests. MISSION OF RELON -KENYA …. To influence policy makers and donors through advocacy and networking for meaningful service provision and participation of RLOs on the decision-making tables and policymaking processes. Core values of RELON-Kenya Transparency We believe in openness, accountability and accessibility Integrity We believe in honesty and have strong moral principal as we carry out our activities across the region Networking We believe in interaction with others, sharing of information and collaboration. Inclusivity We believe in providing equal access to opportunities and resources for RLOs without marginalization of any kind Accountability We believe in responsibility for all actions and fairness in provision of services to the members Objectives of RELON-Kenya: 1. Advocacy for refugee inclusion and meaningful participation in policy dialogues led by government and international organizations. 2. Sharing experiences and best practices between refugee-led organizations that will strengthen collaboration among refugee-led networks and other stakeholders on refugee concerns (amongst others: asylum process, protection, free mobility within the region, durable solutions - voluntary repatriation, resettlement, integration, energy and infrastructure accessibility, work permits and livelihood, access to education). 3. Enhancing collaboration between refugees and host communities through dialogue and partnerships with local community-led organizations. 4. Developing organizational capacity-building for its members through initiatives such as training, workshops, roundtables and consultations. 5. Conducting outreach activities on refugee related matters (needs assessment, capacity needs assessment and training, community forum, sensitization, on any matters that arises, research, etc...) 6. Providing advice and technical support to its members (mentorship for RLOs - social, protection, legal). Website:

TERN - The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network CIC

Oak Solutions

Our Story Oak Solutions from the Oak; considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied in its towering strength is one of the most loved trees in the world being a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. Oak Solutions Centre main objective is the Inclusive development agenda. Oak Solutions Centre was founded in 2018 by friends from different nationalities: - Kenyans, Congolese, Ethiopians, Burundians and South Sudanese seeking inclusive development through economic inclusion and self-reliance. Driven by the conviction that all people, regardless of where they live, have the right to a dignified and productive livelihood which enables them to live in peace, security, justice and dignity. Guided by our Mission, we work with compassion and vigor through our engagements to empower the vulnerable persons, refugees, youth and women on livelihood and self-reliance. One of the few organizations practicing multicultural collaboration with members from different cultural backgrounds and orientations. Oak Solutions Centre envisions a world where the vulnerable persons (refugees, women and youth) have the opportunity to earn a living and be self-reliant; being a quality of depending on yourself and your abilities to get through the challenges of life on the back of your own resourcefulness. The vulnerable persons have their dignity and hope reaffirmed when their-livelihoods; the capabilities, assets and activities required for them to earn money and secure a means of living is secure. This being one of the most effective ways to rebuild lives and alleviate poverty. Their desire for self-reliance challenges the common preconception that they are a burden on host communities. By fulfilling their potential and sharing their talents, refugees, women and the youth fully contribute to the growth, strength, and stability of communities. The Oak Solutions Centre goal is to build resilient refugees, youth, women and host communities through holistic program approaches that lead to economic independence and creative economic recovery activities, utilizing gender transformative approaches to create positive change for women and their communities. Our Programs; Community Development, Economic Recovery, Mrembo Effect, Health and Sanitation. Inspired by Love our work expresses the commitment to promote formation of grassroots groups of women, refugees and the youth with the aim of increasing their self-reliance to achieve full participation in their communities, break through barriers and forge their own path to a healthier future and attain equal rights as we alleviate poverty through guiding talents to skills and recognizing gifts as capital. Oak Solutions Centre works with civil society and responsible authorities in Kenya to promote protection of rights and peaceful coexistence. Our advisory board, program staff and volunteers make an invaluable difference in integration of our activities.


HOPE FOR ALL HUMANITY is a community based organization in kakuma refugee camp aiming at creating online job opportunities for refugees and IDPs in East Africa. We have online working profiles on up work, linked , fiverr and many other platforms. we also conduct computer trainings for data entry jobs and translation.

Humanidade em Acção Rede Internacional-HAIN

Humanidade em Acção Rede Internacional is a grassroot community based organisation, operating in peripheries with aim to promote cultural diversity and human rights, community health and empowerment of disadvantaged youth on the defence of educational information access to fulfil their potential and enable them to transform their lives by providing humanitarian services. HAIN's Mission is to extend humanitarian services to disadvantaged people in peripheral areas through a continuum of care to those in need or at risk and empower the youths and disadvantaged people to regain full agency and control over their own lives so as to integrate themselves and gain economic independence. Our Vision is to spread our wings in all countries enabling our members to automatically bring to the youths and disadvantaged people best practices that enable us to grow in strength, excellence and creativity in caring for others. What We Do The essence of HAIN's work is to build, empower and to maintain community connections by serving the community without interest. This means, our team is comprised of visionary people and volunteers. We give ourselves in service to others by acting with courage, motivation, dedication, enthusiasm in a trustworthy and ethical manner. Our Values Reflecting humanitarian services, the Values of the Humanidade em Acção Rede Internacional Society is healthy relationships and a kindred spirit of consideration and understanding. We open our hearts to disadvantaged people by affirming their goodness and potential. Showing respect to others-partnering in shared information and responsibilities. Communicating openly and sincerely and showing consideration to others by upholding dignity, honesty and solidarity. Supporting the potential in everyone humanitarian environment. We do this by: putting people first before task, providing home-like surroundings and providing a non-threatening environment. Building a strong community and maintaining community connections. Helping people talk through what is troubling them. Servant leadership: we lead through giving of ourselves in service to others by acting with courage, motivation, dedication and enthusiasm in a trustworthy and ethical manner. Offering support and encouragement-being accountable for all of actional services, demonstrating integrity and solidarity.


Infinite Hope For Vulnerable Africa (IHFVA) Youth lead /Community based organization. It was established in 2019 by young educators, intellectuals of mix gender with different age and background information in different communities of vulnerable people. Our purpose is to participate in the community development programs through good partnership with NGOs, private company, Governmental institution as well as the grass-root level community. The main objective of IHFVA is to participate in Women, children and youth community development, Child promotion, education, water and sanitation, agriculture, Youth and women’s rights through raising awareness in the communities and strengthening co-operation linkages with the local authorities in Uganda.


Environment program - Waste Management Project: cleaning up communities, streets, roads, enter-blocks of Kakuma, collecting garbage from public offices, NGOs market places, and households door to door; to maintaining Kakuma Refugee Camp clean and entire Turkana County plastic free. - Recycling Project: recycling plastic waste, paper waste, and organic wast to make fertilizers and biogas. - Afforestation & Permaculture Project: planting fruit trees and ameliorateed trees for changing climate of Turkana County ravaged by drought and to reduce food insecurity that has historically been challenging the stay in the area.

Youth innovation hub-yinnoh

Benjamin Abunuasi is Congolese by birth. A university graduate in social sciences became a refugee in Uganda in 2017 following natural disasters and political insecurities in his country of DRC-CONGO. He survived on $1 per day making 500 adobe bricks per full day for three months upon which he was hospitalized. Following dark circumstances upon suffering trauma during his migration journey, he after got the opportunity to join an entrepreneurship scholarship at the Social Innovation Academy SINA. He rose to turn his life around to become a resolute changemaker, working hands-on to build refugee communities. As a result, he founded YINNOH (Youth Innovation Hub) to empower refugee and marginalized youth from the host community as job creators and innovators providing them with the ability to turn their challenges into realizing dreams of creating opportunities through entrepreneurship, self-discovery, and harnessing technology. During onboarding, Magamba Michael (from Uganda) joined the board as Co-Founder. Mulungi Raniah and Nelson Kasaranga Fidel (a refugee born in Dr-Congo and who was rejected by his parents due to his albinism). Refugees in Uganda are 35% points less likely than Ugandan nationals to be employed. This is particularly true among women and men (age 16-30 years), where 50 percent of refugee males and 41 percent of females are unemployed, compared to 14 percent of Ugandan males and 16 percent of females. Following self-funding, informal, and formal funding sources, have successfully led YINNOH’s construction of its first Innovation Hub to serve as a free, safe physical, and self-organized learning space for enabling self-organized entrepreneurial learning, fostering cultural exchange, technology, and job creation for refugees. The challenges that Yinnoh is currently addressing include the accomplishment of the Hub that help refugees to attain peer-support for wellbeing. There are challenges in sustaining the operational cost of program delivery and providing basic needs provision to scholars such as meals, soaps, and sanitary pads, particularly to impoverished refugees unable to afford these basic needs during attendance for half-day YINNOH training. Contact yinnoh at: For immediate or emergency reach out at:


" An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity"( Martin Luther King ,Jr). Voice for disabled people association (VDPA) was formed on 25th February 2011 and registered on 2015 as community based organization not for profit making. VDPA began as a beacon of hope for persons with disabilities retrograding physical and health issues through advocacy, providing livelihood , inclusive Education , inclusive sport tournament ,.The organization is based in Kenya precisely in Kakuma refugee camp. At VDPA we take the time to develop a close relationship and understand the voice of the persons with disability based in the refugee camp we live in.

Dynamic Action For Peace and Rehabilitation DA4PR

Dynamic Action For Peace and Rehabilitation DA4PR is a refugee lead community based organization founded in 2016, by a group of south Sudanese youth activists, who are committed to improve community level participation and involvement in humanitarian and development activities. To ensure sustainable results. Our vision is for a refugee community Free from any form of conflict with local solutions to their problem. DA4PR work's in areas of peace building, environmental conservation, livelihoods and social health.


Fly Bring Smile was born out of an urgent necessity to bridge the glaring education and employment gap prevalent in the Kakuma Camp. The year was 2020 when a dedicated group of youthful innovators, all refugees themselves, convened to discuss the issues plaguing their community. These refugees, who were intimately familiar with the pains and struggles of the people, dedicated themselves to devising a solution to address this crisis. Recognizing the profound issues of limited access to education and scarce employment opportunities, these visionary young individuals questioned how they could effectively respond to the problem. The answer was to form an organization that would not only address these issues but also uplift their community in the process. This marked the inception of Fly Bring Smile, a refugee-led organization that was brought into existence not just as a response but as a resolution to the plight of their community. The founders intended to make a tangible difference in the lives of refugees by providing much-needed educational and employment resources, ultimately kindling a ray of hope and a reason to smile. Therefore, the history of Fly Bring Smile is firmly rooted in a sense of empathy, resilience, and the unyielding desire for progress. It is an organization shaped by its community, for its community, and exists to this day as a beacon of optimism and change for the people or community.

PTNP (People Traumatized Need Peace)

We, the individuals committed to the well-being and advancement of our fellow human beings, hereby establish this constitution for PEOPLE TRAUMATIZED NEED PEACE. Recognizing the transformative potential of psychosocial support, education, and sustainable livelihoods, we unite under a common purpose: to uplift lives, nurture minds, and ignite pathways to self-reliance. Rooted in compassion and a belief in human potential, we embark on this collective journey to create an organization that fosters healing, empowers minds, and cultivates opportunities. This constitution encapsulates our shared aspirations, guiding principles, and dedication to building a better world through holistic development and unwavering support. People traumatized need peace "P.T.N. P" has the status of a Community based Organization (CBO) claims to empower person of concern. This Peace is built on faith in God who is present in human history, even in its most tragic moments. All our work is inspired by this faith.  It was created on 30 Dec. 2018 in accordance with the Law under the New Registration Act 2022 on the general provision applicable to non-profit organization called "People Traumatized Need Peace" PTNP ", in acronym OBJECTIVES To facilitate the recovery, resilience, and well-being of individuals who have experienced trauma by providing them with effective therapeutic interventions, supportive services, and resources. CORE VALUE Core value is empathy and Compassion for all.  We, the founders and members of PEOPLE TRAUMATIZED NEED PEACE, in recognition of the essential importance of psychosocial well-being, education, and sustainable livelihoods, hereby establish this constitution. Guided by our shared vision of a society where individuals can flourish emotionally, intellectually, and economically, we commit ourselves to the principles and objectives outlined herein. With unwavering dedication, we endeavour to create an organization that serves as a beacon of hope, empowerment, and positive change for individuals and communities in need. This constitution serves as the foundational framework for our collective efforts in nurturing growth, resilience, and meaningful progress.

Education for Peace and Life Transformation (EPLT)

The EPLT mainly component is to care for youth refugees from DRCongo but we have also a program on women empowerment and caring for elderly in our community. Our goal is to focus on improving the lives of youth and other victims in our community through education and livelihoods.

Women Initiative for Poverty Eradication (WIPE)

About the organization: Women Initiative for Poverty Eradication (WIPE) is a nonprofit community based organization working towards women empowerment, education and livelihood promotion, Health and Nutrition, Water and Sanitation(WASH), Gender and Protection WIPE. This Organization was Founded in 2020 by both the Host community and Refugees in Imvepi Refugee Settlement and registered in 2021, the organization has worked among backward communities in the interior reached pockets of Odupi and Refugee camp, identified as one of the most under developed sub-counties in Terego District.WIPE works closely with Women as well as interventions in livelihood activities enabling them to contribute towards mainstream development process. Vision: To empower Women to live the lives they love, igniting their passion to make a positive contribution in the society. Mission: WIPE is dedicated to have strong mission to produce long life Women who have critical understanding, high level flexible skills and values that support a democratic, equitable, cooperative, Tolerant, Peaceful and just society. Legal status: •WIPE is registered with Terego District under Directorate of Community Services with CERTIFICATE NUMNBER 636/037 dated 13/07/2021 •WIPE is registered with Sub-County under Community Based Organization with the Directorate of Community Services with the Registration number ODU/161/21dated 13/7/2021. Objectives: •Promote Women’s economic empowerment through skills training Projects. •Enhancing Women’s voice in decision making, Leadership and Peace building. •To provide capacity building to various stakeholders and undertake evidence based research on various development themes. •To work on various issues like HIV/AIDS prevention, Livelihood and Environment, Gender and Protection, Health Nutrition. Core Values. Innovativeness Quality. Responsiveness Professionalism. Equality. Currently WIPE has established Bakery Training for training the school Girls who got pregnant during the COVID_19 and dropped from school and have become mothers. This project has helped them in improving their income level.The project has changed their dependence on their husbands for food,clothing and other basic needs.The bakery project has been designed to help both the Host community and the Refugees


Unleashed is a refugee led organisation established in 2018. Our aim is to create self-sustainable and self-resilience of refugees and host communities. Unleashed is founded by Victor Mafigi T and Joel Amani M who fled from their country Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) due to security instabilities. Both Victor and Joel ended up in Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda. Victor started living in Uganda as other youth in the Nakivale refugee settlement without any clear vision of where he wants to go and what he wants to do. After learning social entrepreneurship in 2016, the idea to start a social entrepreneurship hub for refugees in Nakivale was born. We use a design thinking approach and through training and workshops we empower and educate young refugees to become social entrepreneurs. We enable them to improve their lives and the livelihood of their communities. We believe refugees know best about their problems and for this cause, they will also best solve them if they are given the right support. We specifically incubate and catalyse social entrepreneurship for refugee youth. Nakivale refugee settlement has 28 villages in 3 with basecamp at the centre where the office of UNLEASHED is located. In a year we impact 100 scholars through scholarships at the basecamp but with a growing population of 150,000 refugees in Nakivale and 1,500,000 refugees in Uganda of which the majority is youth . We envision scaling up to reach more refugees in Nakivale as well as in other zones within Nakivale and the country. Since our replication model is easy and cost effective. Our ambition is to implement our successful approach and scale to other refugee settlements and rural communities in Uganda. As Unleashed we have received a 3 years reducing funding support from Jangu e.V a German charity organisation that supports education of marginalised people. We also work successfully together with the International Labour Organisation, for the implementation of the Start and Improve Your Business and the Social Cohesion and peaceful coexistence among refugees and host community. PHB also stands with us in accelerating social enterprises. Have a look at our website for more information and ways to support!


Rwamwanja rural foundation is a youth refugee led non profit organization founded as a community based organization in 2015 and registered in 2020 as a non profit organization.Reg NO-80020002800879 OUR VALUES: we exist poorly to pursue our vision and mission not to grow for the sake of perpetuating our existence. Our mission to make highly nutritious "ready- to- use food products more accessible and affordable to those who need them most, while also increasing awareness of their benefits and there fore generating demand. Our vision To promote historical of civilization to man kind to have capacity of campating , deafet malnutrition from local to the global scale. OUR GOAL. In nutrition we believe that combining humanitarianism and business represent a vision for development that is in tune with the current world's economic environment , time when aid budget are being cut ethical business Modal that generate their own contribution or funding will generate longer term and reduce dependace on public donation and finance are vital.

Light to Progress Academy (LPA)

Light to Progress Academy is a community based organization which aims at promoting children rights to access education in the refugee settlement and support the empowerment of vulnerable individuals by training them to make the self reliant and think out of their vulnerability.

Refugee Innovation Centre

The Refugee Innovation Centre, launched in March 2016, bringing Access to Digital Technology and Social Entrepreneurship workshops to Refugees based in the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Kamwenge, Uganda. Rwamwanja is a large settlement, where more than 80,000 refugees, who fled war from the Eastern DRC, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi, since 2012, have been living for 10 years. With little opportunity for employment, our youth sit idle. We had no choice; we had to act with minimum resources. We began on a shoestring, working through volunteerism to promote quality Digital Skills, Menstrual hygiene, Education and building capacity of fellow social entrepreneurs in rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. Mission: is to provide our peers with the confidence, knowledge and skills to integrate into local economies alleviating the widespread poverty and the traumas of conflict through Education, relief and Digital Technology. Refugee Innovation centre is also a member of a Global Movement for Social Entrepreneurs by name Catalyst 2030 that promotes collaborations to achieve SDGs. The following are areas of interventions of Refugee Innovation Centre: Digital Library : ease and provide access to more than 6 Million Data from different search engines. DL does not need data to access learning materials from different websites as it was provided through a strong partnership with Paisley’s Pals with the aim of to give direct access to information resources, both digital and non-digital, in a structured and authoritative manner and thus to link information technology, education and culture in contemporary library service. Early Childhood Development Program: Rwamwanja hosts thousands of children that crossed their age of starting schools and most of them end up losing the chance to be in school forever. RIC intervenes in Preschool Programs by Mobilizing parents to take children to schools and supporting Preschool with Learning Materials that promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Unsupported school Rwamwanja Refugee Community and Hosting community. Health: RIC provides training in Menstrual Hygiene Management to young adolescent girls between 12-18 years of age. In 2021, RIC has trained 656 Adolescent girls and has provided 300 reusable sanitary pads (produced by AfriPads) plus 18 disposable sanitary pads. Ride for Change: At the end of 2021, RIC came up with an idea of reaching the unreached people like those living with disabilities and elderlies who are not able to move towards support centers but always wait for support from their home due to lack of mobility. In this aspect, basing on 6 bicycles donated by the Paisley’s Pals, RIC started a “Ride for Change'' program aiming at informing and supporting unreached with sustainable solutions. According to available resources and then in 2021, Refugee Innovation Centre was able to support 20 Households with special Needs in Rwamwanja Refugee settlement. Subsequently, RIC with donation from Paisley’s Pals was able to support Schools with more than 400 books for reading for both Pre-Primary, Primary and Early Secondary Education Programs and books were handed to FCA-Rwamwanja. 2022 as a year of blessings, the Books Aid International has commited 1,779 books donation through a one year partnership with Refugee Innovation Centre to distribute in different Schools (Pre-schools, Primary and Secondary Education) to promote reading culture among students.

Youth Education and Development Association Y (EDA)

Youth Education and Development Association (YEDA) started on 30 June by elite African Refugees namely RAMADHANI OLOMWENE as a founder and Director, and EBANDA MIALANO his Co-founder in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya, after observing and living after observing many sufferings that refugees and autochthones undergo. The elites organized their first refugee community meeting at Kakuma 4 to have quickly solution to emerging problems occurred in the community of Kakuma 4 and all Kakuma refugee camp. During meeting the community accepted to start working volunteering then we started with two activities which are Hair dressing training and Sewing machine training cause we did not have any support, the activities were supported by contribution of members of YEDA. On 08 June 2017, Youth Education and Development Association (YEDA) have gotten the certificate of registration of Community Based Organization (CBO) from Labour and Social Protection


The Initiative for Nurturing Vulnerable & Empowerment for Resilience(INVER) is a Refugee-led and oriented Community Based Organization(CBO) established in 2018 by refugees Youths to aid in supporting Refugees. INVER seeks to promote the resilience and psycho-social well-being of refugees in Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana County, Kenya, through programs focusing on enterprise development, Adult/children literacy, sexual and reproductive health, sports and social cohesion.


We are helping our fellow refugees to grow their own home gardens in order to feed their family and community. We are offering trainings to the community members, Schools and Churches and after train them we usually give them seeds and garden Equipment to grow food

Community Development Centre (CDC)

Community Development Centre (CDC) is a refugee-led non-governmental, non-profit making organization in Arua with its sub-offices in Rhino Camp and Bidi-Bidi Refugee Settlement. The organization was founded in January 2016 by Refugee youths who are concerned about the deteriorating cultural practices that maintained the unique traditional heritage and the poor economic, social, environmental, health, and high rates of unemployment that resulted from illiteracy and marginalization of communities. To promote cultural, social, and sustainable human development and the creation of a peaceful society through supporting, community development initiatives, awareness, and empowerment programs. The organization also works to aware stakeholders at regional and international levels of community development needs and situations of the disadvantaged rural and urban women, men, and youths. Community Development Centre (CDC) seeks to build stronger and more resilient local communities and respond to community development programs towards development.

Changia Africa Centre

Changia Africa Centre Exist as a CBO a community based Organization, dealing with refugee development through the Art, leadership and entrepreneurial business and expertise the interest relates to the field of film Acting and production, visual and media studies, promotion of health, child protection, human trafficking, peace building , poverty eradication children education and English for adults for fighting Language barrier in the community, we do Education documentaries . Our idea in Changia is to help the most vulnerable of SGBV affected cluster , through advertisement from commercial institution advertisement of the jobs opportunities and better market through small-scale Film. Giving a big space for business Entrepreneurship and train women in Entrepreneurship and teenagers in Art skills around settlement different camps in Uganda and Africa and put it as a priority for creating their business and be selfreliance .

WAKATI Foundation

Wakati Foundation is in the business of providing sustainable solutions for socioeconomic transformation of refugees and their host communities, psychosocial support and promoting preservation of cultural Heritages of refugees, all done through people for development community approach.

Women's Union for Rural and Community Development

We are a women's organization that works for children victims of massacres, refugee children and vulnerable women and refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo . Since 2015 presents us in the Transit Refugee Camp and Lusenda Refugee Camp in Fizi in favor of giving value to women in the framework of empowerment finally to become autonomous

Alliance for community transformation Uganda

Alliance for community transformation Uganda is a refugee led community based organization Operating in northern Uganda particularly in the south sudanese refugees host district of Lamwo . We are working with refugee girls ,young women and boys .Our programs focus on education,SRHR, economic empowerment,advocacy and other cross cutting issues.

Solidarity of Refugee Women for the Social Welfare (SOFERES)

Solidarity of Refugee Women for the Social Welfare (SOFERES) is a refugee women -led and not - for-profit organization committed to empowering the most vulnerable and highly marginalized women and girls to claim their rights, challenge discriminatory attitudes, behaviors and harmful traditional practices, overcome poverty and other hardships.

Youth Organization for Building African Communities -YOBAC

YOBAC was founded in 2016 by the youth from different countries ,such as; Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Uganda and south Sudan. Geared towards working for transforming the African countries. YOBAC is interested in education of orphans of war and youth, dedicated to work with youth and their communities in Africa to reach out their full potential by educating , empowering and by tackling the causes of the poverty. It was due to the great number of refugees fleeing conflicts, suffering, violence and other problems, that come as a result of war in their countries, all of these cause separation into families where some of the children lost their parents and others had to engage in bad activities as the way of survivals, many children stayed orphans and they do not have access to education; we had combined together, the problems and challenges that had been faced in both kyangwali and in our home countries. The founders came together on 05 September to found YOBAC so that they can work together with the youth, children, orphans and women survivors of war to solve some of their biggest problems they are facing.

Unifamily organisation

Unifamily organisation is a refugee organizations creat in nyarugusu camp 6/7/2016 with our goals are: Reduce the number of sexual violence in the camp community and contribute to education development of youth particularly girls and girls mothers.

Rescue wing international

RWI-LBG is a registered Organization, Non-Political, non-religious working in partnership with both local and international Partners tackling poverty cases, responding to emergencies and disasters of any kind, promoting reduction in sexual and gender-based violence, peace and justice and transforming conflict into opportunities for peace and development and human rights advocacy. The organization vision is to ‘see each HOME with Dignity and Safety’ and its mission is also to ‘Walking shoulder by shoulder with Women, Young Girls and Children across the globe, protecting their rights and supporting them to reach their Dreams through Educational Training Programs and with Livelihood and Psychosocial Supports’. To achieve this goal, RWI-LBG works by Promoting and advocating for community development, Reducing the level of women and Young girls unemployment within the communities, making partnerships with different development partners in the community’s development, undertaking programs and events geared towards gender empowerment, promoting refugee right and related advocacy programs, organizing fund raising towards the achievement of our goals and objectives, undertaking livelihood and capacity building trainings for victims and potential victims of all forms of abuse, form Clubs, campaigns and programs towards gender and children empowerment as well as promoting general human right and social service works. As an organization, RWI-LBG believes that in order to reach the child, the woman as the custodian of the child has to be accessed first. Please connect with us and work with us


The SUCCESS ROOTS is an organization with the goal of developing self-organized learning spaces that reduce education exclusion and preparing young people for the world of work while in schools. The organization as well focuses on implementing a parent’s empowerment program that equips them with skills that spark innovation leading them to seize opportunities that lift them and their families out of extreme poverty. We aim at developing a model that tackles challenges of the education industry and replicate it in different corners of Uganda and Africa to make learning accessible for every disadvantaged child in Africa while actively engaging schools, families and communities to get involved in driving innovative solutions that make the world a better place where right to education is a priority Our learning spaces are expected to be self-organized where distributed authority is a driving force. People pick up different roles in our organization depending on their potential, at that point they become role leads with no one giving them commands or dictating what they are supposed to do. Every role in our organization has a:  Purpose: how it serves the organization’s mission to achieve its vision  A domain: these are the organization’s properties that it keeps (e.g. books, computers etc.)  Accountability(ies): these are ongoing activities that the roles energizes or does to meet its purpose to make sure the organization is meeting its mission and then the vision OUR MISSION: creating self-organized learning spaces that end education exclusion while empowering school going children and their families to actively engage and take actions toward a sustainable world with equal opportunities OUR VISION: we envision a world where people’s potentials have a voice, equality and right to education is the driving force OUR PURPOSE: Unification of life and success

Refugee Network Center Malaysia

The Refugee Network Center was established on 7 March 2019. Run by refugees for refugees, all from different cultural and professional backgrounds. We are teachers, social workers, interpreters, students, artists and more. What unites us is the same interest in our mission: supporting refugees to be capable actors in a diverse and connected world. It was our goal to create a platform where skills are shared, where networks are strengthened and new entrepreneurial opportunities arise. The Refugee Network Center started with English and Bahasa Malay classes and various livelihood workshops. An example is the recycled bag project, where participants were taught during multiple workshops how to upcycle plastic banners into sustainable bags. This project was funded through a grand received from the UNHCR Malaysia in 2019 and has been expanding over the last year. To make these livelihood skills lucrative and valuable the Refugee Network Center has taken up the role of a networking platform where it links refugees to local bazaars for selling their produce. Through these bazaars and other connections via the Refugee Network Center they start making an income.


1 women rights and 2.productive health 3. Climate change 4 working for people with disabilities 5.giirls empowerment 6..SGBV and safeguard and child protection especially on child labour for both refugee and host community Our email address is Contact person is EKAI STEPHEN Phone number is +254700184320

Action communautaire pour le développement du Kivu

Community Action for the Development of Kivu (ACDK), is a Non-Governmental Organization under Congolese law (DRC) which has been operating in the province of North Kivu since 2017 in several sectors of activity including food security, nutrition, etc. The ACDK intervenes wherever the needs for intervention are felt throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo and according to the availability of means.

Leading Lights

Leading Lights is a non-profit, refugee-led organization that provides educational and skill development opportunities for refugees. Leading Lights envisions a society where education is viewed as a shared duty and refugees are given the opportunity to study, flourish, and achieve their full potential.


1. BACKGROUND : COPAD is a Christian Refugee Led Organization assigned as global objective to accompany the Church in the extension of the God's kingdom through the promotion of spiritual, physical, mental and social-economical health of persons in distress condition by enforcement of social action especially children and youths. To save Children and youths in an environment where the life has become worrying and alarming: acts of insult, violence, immorality, delinquency, theft and degradation... but also the inadequacy of the supervisory structures. COPAD has proposed two projects within the community in response to the challenges that hinder the development of children and youths: 1. Kids Behavior Change Program ( KBC) : This project aims to redress the immorality and violence that characterizes children and youths actually, create within this social layer a behavior of cohabitation in the peace and love of Christ,lead these children to become obedient to God and to their parents. 2. Foster family welfare project (FWP): This project aims to provide foster mothers the skills in female entrepreneurship and job creation, provide foster mothers with the resources to care for orphans and children separated from their families NB: We measure the success of our programs through the number of Children, youths and Women/foster mothers involved actively in all our programs, their interest to be part in the programs, the impact including the results - 2. VISION : Children and youths free from poverty, violence, and inequality - 3. MISSION : Called by Jesus Christ to serve others ,COPAD's mission is dedicated to stopping the cycle abuse through education, advocacy, community collaboration,and comprehensive services for families, Youths and Children and develop sustainable programs that help people thrive.

YFTC Uganda

YFTC is a registered refugee youth founded and led community-based organization that is an ICT centered, whose areas of focus is on peace building, climatic and environmental protection and advocacy activities. YFTC begun in 2016 with its Headquarters at Zone 4 Annex’s. The organization facilitates access to information to both refugee and host community while addressing the issues pertaining to conflicts within the communities and works towards creating an environment conducive for children, youth and the local communities. YFTC consistently promotes the presence and the role of young people in peace & advocacy trends in the peace building process and gives them a platform to advance their talent and learning modalities. The organization also promote activities tailored for ensuring that women and girls are empowered through providing them with livelihood means in addition to improving way of accessing knowledge and understanding by the community on conflict resolution mechanisms. Other activities include fighting hate speech, promoting self- reliance and resilient, lessening inequality and enhancing developmental activities at the grassroots level through capacity building

The Organization for Children's Harmony (TOCH Uganda)

The Organization for Children Harmony (TOCH Uganda) was founded in 2019 when refugees from South Sudan, who were previously volunteers with TOCH realized the pressing issues such as violations of children’s rights, communal conflicts, lack of educational opportunities for children, poverty, harmful traditional practices, influx of children into street in urban areas, gender-based violence among others that children and the youths from South Sudan were experiencing especially in Refugee Settlements. Having supported the youths and children in South Sudan since the year 2008, TOCH’s interventions significantly improved the quality of life of children, women and the youths in South Sudan. TOCH therefore started its presence in Uganda to support the refugees and it has been fully registered as a child and Refugee led non-governmental organization with the government of Uganda though NGO Board.

Refugees and Migrants Relief Services

The organisation was created to help refugees and migrants with their daily issues in regards to their human rights and daily lives, and their children school needs, such as books, uniforms and other.

Vijana Twaweza Club

Vijana Twaweza Club is youth refugee group which aim to solve some issue which the community faces in Kakuma refugee camp. Since 2018 to now the group is trying to solve the issue of food insufficiency which lead to malnutrition among children and anemia to the pregnant woman in Kakuma refugee camp and assist youth to empower themselves by rearing fish, crickets and crops production. In 2021 the Vijana Twaweza Club offered agricultural courses based on permaculture principals and ethics to ninty studedents into three primary (Gambela, Fuji and Horseed) school in Kakuma refugee camp. The course has assisted student to grow food for their own consumption and student was encouraged to assist his or her family members during holidays.

United Safe Environment Creators (USEC)

United Safe Environment Creators is a nonprofit community based organization founded on November 2015 and got registered in October 2016 with registration number SCSDO/TRKW/CBO/BO-201 working in Kakuma refugee camp, in Turkana county, northern Kenya. The organization is made up of a team of compassionate youth refugees who aspire to transform the lives of refugee youth and vulnerable women through economic empowerment to promote social and economic welfare so that they may regain hope, be resilient and fulfill their potential.

Youth Cooperation for Ideas (YCI)

Youth Cooperation for Ideas (YCI) provides drug rehabilitation and education services to the urban Somali refugee community in Uganda. The organization provides these services through a rehabilitation center and a school. The rehabilitation center has 16 full-time paid employees and currently rehabilitates 40 patients and the school has 100 students who are taught five (5) different subjects. The subjects are Computer class, English language, Kiswahili language, mathematics and Somali language. The total number of our beneficiaries approximately is 1,000 beneficiaries. The community we represent and our beneficiaries are the under-privileged refugee youth who are: 1) Unemployed 2) Drug abusers and addicts 3) School dropouts 4) Orphans/orphanage background 5) From poor families 6) Abandonment and neglection background 7) Interested in vocational training

Chronicles of Refugees and Immigrants

Youths Engagement and Empowerment Advocacy (YEEA)

Our thematic areas are, Protection, education, health and peace building

Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation (CECI Uganda)

CECI Uganda is a refugee-led organisation that, since 2017, has been promoting peace, self-reliance, and dignity in refugee settlements in West Nile Uganda, including the Lobule and Bidibidi refugee camps, through recreational activities, education, and other innovations that go beyond relief and development, in order to create empowered, peaceful, and self-sufficient refugee and host communities. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda, CECI was one of the first responders to the covid-19 crisis in refugee settlements, mobilising resources, spearheading public health awareness, increasing access to online education and personal protective equipment, and providing livelihood support, reaching over 9389 children, youth, women, the elderly, and people with disabilities in 2020 alone. Today, CECI works with over 56,000 refugees in the Koboko, Lobule, and Bidibidi refugee settlements, leveraging the power of creative and collaborative efforts to address and assist refugees in adapting to the effects of COVID-19, recovering better, and building resilience for a more equal, sustainable, and healthier community.


BRIGHT is a non-profit and non-political association whose aim is to provide all forms of support necessary for the well-being of people in vulnerable situations (refugees, internally displaced persons, migrants, asylum seekers, orphans, abandoned children, the elderly and persons with special needs).

Youth Up Foundation

Youth Up Foundation is a refugee Youths-led Organization contributing to efforts toward reducing the unemployment rate and idle-related threats among the youths from the refugee and host communities in the urban and rural areas of Uganda by Developing their talents ( in Arts and Sport), Equipping them with skills, and exposing them to Education and employment opportunities to enable them to contribute towards transforming their communities. YUF works to fill the critical unprotected and unmet needs of Refugees and non-refugee youth affected by war, conflicts and calamities, orphans, separated children and unaccompanied minors who have fallen through the net of humanitarian assistance, regardless of their nationalities, Gender, color and religion. Motto: Youth On The Move/ Learn a skill, earn a living

Global Shapers Community - Kakuma Hub

The Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum. It is a platform for young people to drive dialogue and action; and to influence the state of the world through engaging leaders in business, politics, academia and other sectors towards shaping global, regional and sectoral agendas. Global Shapers Community Located in the north-western region of Kenya, Kakuma Hub is a network of diverse young people displaced by conflicts and instability in 20 different countries across the globe. The Hub helps to service the needs of nearly 200,000 people who reside in the Kakuma Refugee Camp through activities ranging from peacebuilding to ICT training. Currently the hub Is running two major projects which are: COVID-19 Information Cascade in collaboration with UNHCR –kakuma Universal Basic Income (UBI) for Refugees in partnership with(RIO) Refugee Integration Organization.

Grassroot Leadership Organizations (GLOs)

The Grassroot Leadership Organizations (GLOs) is a consortium dedicated to Fundraising in order to subgrant RLOs and other organizations (which include refugees in their programing) operating at the grassroots level. the Consortium was created in 2021 by 13 member organizations working in Uganda in refugee-hosting areas. We are now in the process of legally registering. GLO's objectives include: *Fundraising in order to subgrant organizations members. *Provide organization members with a dedicated team of data collectors for the accountability of activities being implemented. *Giving an opportunity to all organizations to be involved in planning, implementing, and reporting on valuable done within communities. *Sharing of capacity (with a special focus on finance) and networks. Members of organizations are learning from each other through shared implementation. *Maximize efficiency for both donors and recipients by pooling funds to enable the flow of funding to grassroots organizations. The current members include: 1) Bondeko Refugee Livelihoods Centre 2) Refugee Parliamentarians for Peace (RPP) 3) Hasplife 4) Elikya Bolingo 5)Urban Refugee Rights Program 6) Youth Up Foundation 7) Touch & Smile 8) Kawempe Youth Centre (KYC). 9) Tomorrow Vijana 10) REAL Uganda 11) Lambs Child Learning Centre. 12) ICAN South Sudan 13) Kandaakiat 4 Women

Great Step Initiative

Great Step Initiative has the mandate to be a reliable and dependable organization in economic empowerment to refugees and host community, and most importantly to improve quality of life for refugees and host communities. Advocating against hardship and hunger thus sustainable relief and livelihood programs.

Fundación Salvadoreña de Desarrollo y Vivienda Mínima

Institution that fights and claims the Human Right to adequate Housing and Habitat. It began its activities in response to a natural disaster that caused the overflow of the waters of the Acelhuate River to flood and raze the homes of 30 impoverished families in the La Chacra community in September 1968, in the east of the municipality of San Salvador. In this context of disaster, a group of professionals led by Fr. Antonio Fernández Ibáñez, S.J., implemented the project "Pilot Plan" (Colonia 1 de septiembre). This is where the Foundation for Minimum Housing, today FUNDASAL, comes into being.


Partners for Community Health and Development Organisation is a Ugandan National Not for Profit NGO that was established in 2007 and registered with the NGO Board , Ministry of Internal Affairs in the year 2012 with the registration number 9230. PACHEDO is permitted to operate nation wide and has signed MoU with OPM to provide Humanitarian assistance and development programmes in conflict and post conflict settings of Northern Uganda including West nile. With programmes and interventions in the following areas: 1) Protection that includes GBV prevention and response, education, Mental health &Psychosocial support, Peace and Transition Justice. ii) Health and Nutrition( Maternal, Neonatal, Child and adolescent health and Nutrition), iii) Agric and Sustainable livelihoods, iv) WASH and v) climate change and environment. Targeting Women, Children and youth in conflict, post conflict and disaster affected communities.

Keynes Disability Association (KDA)

The organization was established in 2019 to support improved access of rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities in refugee settings and host communities.


MonyQadow is a refugee - Youth Led Organization with operations in Nairobi and Dadaab Refugee Camp. In our work, we strives for the empowerment of refugee and host communities through client responsive project activities that focuses on; 1: Women and Girl-child Advocacy 2: Refugee Entrepreneurship 3: Refugee Education. For our women and girl-child advocacy program, we build the capacity of refugee women and girls in Women and Leadership, Personal development, Gender Based and sexual violence, psychological and mental health counselling, girl-child education, early marriages et cetera. For our refugee entrepreneurship programme, MonyQadow focuses on curated and practical entrepreneurial and business skills training and mentorships With our refugee education program , we source scholarships for refugee students, work with refugee agencies to facilitate access to refugee related documents for students, provide educational materials and offer educational mentorships.

Community Alliance for Youth Empowerment (CAYE)

CAYE is acronym for Community Alliance for Youth Empowerment. it was founded in 2018 in Imvepi settlement, it started as an initiative of South Sudanese refugees by names Luke Agele Joel and Lujang Isaac Henry. It was legally registered in 2018 with Odupi Sub-County Local Government as Community Based organization.

Humanity Alliance for Rural development

Humanity Alliance for Rural development (HARD) is a humanitarian refugee led organisation/community Based organisation which aims at working with marginalised sections of the society to promote self reliance and trauma free communities for sustainable development and peaceful co-existence ,we work closely with the government and other NGOs ,so to pursue our goals and exhibits our obligations and objectives HARD is committed to serve its community with impartiality, participation and integrity, besides it started operation in 2020 November 6th and operating in the location of Rhino camp Extension refugee settlement, omugo sub county Terego District-Uganda. The main office is in omugo refugee settlement, omugo village three near Women space. Overall goal of the organisation To promote peace, unity and development in the communities STRATEGY OF THE ORGANISATION Vision To promote self reliant, trauma free community for sustainable development and peaceful co-existence Mission : Engaging community members in livelihood activities to promote peace, independence and resilience CORE VALUES 1. Participation HARD will be participative in community activities and be present at work 2. Integrity : HARD will be open and transparent at work and service delivery to both employees and beneficiaries and no compromise we are truthful and whatever is for community it must be. 3. Transparency and accountability :HARD is transparent to both employees and beneficiaries on services ,actions and accountable for the community, activities and other support stakeholders. 4. Impartiality: HARD Will not work in discriminative, favouritism manners when comes to service delivery to the community or beneficiaries, we equalise opportunities. 5. Safety and dignity: HARD will ensure that there is safety of our beneficiaries and respect for one's rights both employees and beneficiaries. OBJECTIVES  To provide Psychosocial support to the society at large  Adult literacy programs  To render livelihood services to marginalised sections of the community  To offer life skill trainings to adults from 18 to 45years  To ensure health and hygiene promotion in the community ACTIVITIES OF THE RLO  Supporting youths in sports and music, dance and drama activities  Conduction of counselling sessions in the community  Offer adult literacy education to illiterate men and women  Training of community on income generating activities  Offer life skill trainings to adults 18 to 45 years  Conduct community dialogue  Create awareness on planned activities to the community  Offer career guidance to pupils and students in and out school children GENERAL DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS 11.1. In undertaking its duties the CBO shall take the following into account:  the availability of resources;  the need for an equitable allocation of resources to all Community members in the Service Area;  the need to regulate access to the services in an equitable way; the nature, topography, zoning and situation of the Service Area;  the right of the CBO to recommend limitation or discontinuity of provision of services;  the need to ensure that procedures for limiting or discontinuing services provided by the CBO to any Community member within the Service Area are on a fair and equitable basis;  That the CBO may not unreasonably exclude any Community member from access to services provided by the CBO. 11.2 The CBO will have the duties and obligations described below: 11.3. To comply with the bylaws and the trauma cancelling, (education services and psycho social support) of the partner when fulfilling any function related to the provision of trauma cancelling services to the Community. 11.4. To deposit on receipt all money in a suitable account opened in the name of the CBO, with a registered Bank or Building Society, which falls within the definition of a Financial Institution as defined in the Financial Institutions (Investment of Funds) Act 11.5 To ensure that the assets and Funds of the CBO shall be utilised solely in the furtherance of the CBO’s objects. 11.6 To compile budgets for the CBO to be approved at a General Meeting. 11.7 To ensure that no funds are paid or transferred, directly or indirectly to any of the members of the CBO by way of profit distribution. However, the CBO may make payment in good faith to any person (including a member) of reasonable remuneration for services actually rendered to the CBO and reimbursement of actual costs, expenses and commitments reasonably incurred on behalf of the CBO. 11.8 To keep the Community informed about all funds received, on a regular basis and on request for information by the Community. 11.9 To present the annual financial statement of the CBO for the preceding financial year at the Annual General Meeting of the CBO, including the full details of:  All income received;  Any remuneration paid by the CBO to Members and employees of the CBO;  The balance of funds within the CBO at the end of the financial year. 11.10 To submit the annual financial statement and all financial records for an independent review if required by either the Municipality or two thirds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting. 11.11 To present the annual report of the CBO at the Annual General Meeting of the CBO, including the full details of:  All projects undertaken and related progress;  All services provided to the Community;  Benefits from the projects and/or services.  To keep good records of all operations and activities being carried out with the Funds and to ensure that the records are available for inspection by the Municipality or any member of the Community for a period of at least three (3) years. 11.12 To furnish the Community with information reasonably requested with regard to the progress of projects or provision of services undertaken by the CBO and the general status of the Funds of the CBO. 11.13 To furnish the partner with any information required in terms of the trauma counselling Services Act (education, curricular activities and pyscho social support) or reasonably requested by the partner. 11.14 To survey the needs and determine and address any complaints of the Community from time to time. 11.16 To act on behalf of the Community, as the representative of the Community in any matters related to the provision of services, particularly in terms of relations with the partners and other government departments. 11.17 To plan, manage and maintain work carried out within the context of any project, provided that the Community is consulted in this regard when necessary. 11.18 To ensure that any tenders are competitive, open, fair and equitable to all interested parties. 11.19 Where necessary, to ensure that contractors to who contracts are awarded:  Are insured and remain insured in terms of contractors-all-risk insurance policies;  Provide an acceptable performance guarantee that guarantees the completion of the contract 11.20 To insure and keep insured, at replacement value, the CBO’s interests in any project against any risks as may be necessary. To insure and keep insured, at replacement value, all assets and equipment belonging to the CBO, against risks. 11.21 To ensure that Members of the CBO perform their duties with honesty, care and diligence and disclose any conflict of interest to the other Members.

Digital Female Freelancers

This a female freelancing refugee led network in Kakuma and Kalobeyei settlement. We offer top notch tech solutions for web and app design, translation, transcription, data collection and entry, digital marketing and 3D printing.


Umoja Development foundation was formed to create the most significant positive impact on vulnerable communities, especially refugees and stateless persons. Being a community-based organization, we aim to create support networks within the community to help each use their time, expertise, and energy effectively and for the benefit of the less fortunate and refugee community. The Foundation is a volunteer-based organization and relies on donations from members and partners. Funding priorities are on educational support, livelihoods hood, entrepreneurial skills building, and social welfare. We are aware of the rapidly changing funding environment, and we are looking at ways to enhance our financial sustainability. Our primary mission as a non-profit organization is to strive to make education accessible and possible to a child and young refugees/migrants that can’t afford it and to empower and help restore hope and well-being of the local and global refugee community through educational support and sponsorships, and the promotion of social development and sustainable economic empowerment initiatives. We believe that a strong society is one where everyone is given a chance to grow, study and work regardless of their background or origin. Our vision is to empower refugees to become participant citizens whenever there are and not merely refugees. We are inspired to inspire, empower, and educate others.

Northwest House Of Refuge

We are a house of all communities to improve lives of displace people, by building a dignify life in difficult situation we are home who care for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in social assistance, advocacy, lifely hood, promoting social cohesion and we are home that shelter vulnerable children and women by fighting gender base violent we are house of Refugees Led Organisation for all community

Refugee community for Resilience and Development(RECORD)

Established in 2019,Refugee community for resilience and development (RECORD) is a local organization that works in the field of promoting human rights,, social justice, community empowerment, democratic ownership and environmental sustainability. Since it’s incorporation in 2019, RECORD works in the thematic areas of 1:Community Based Psychosocial Support(CBPS) 2: Conflict Transformation and Peace Building 3: Community Managed,Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) 4:Youth talent Promotion and Theatre for Development(Music!Dance,Drama,Acrobatic,African Art Modelling, Comedy and African Wrestling In our work through counter narratives and individual approaches,Todate RECORD has reached more than 5,237 persons both Refugees and host community RECORD works with both Refugees and host community persons,It works through the Age,Gender,Diversity lens and the Community based facilitators represent persons from all walks of life. RECORD operates in Rwamwanja Refugee settlement and the host community of Nkoma Katalyeba Town Council. Once resources allows,services will be extended to other places to persons experiencing post conflict life experience, poverty and social injustices. RECORD has been partnering with the Lutheran World Federation in facilitating counter narratives for social change and it’s also recognized by Kamwenge district Non governmental organizations network with the memorandum of understanding with Nkoma Katalyeba town council and Kamwenge District Local Government. The annual working budget is USD 100,000. and annually, we target to reach over 3,000 direct beneficiaries.


BUILD REFUGEES HOPE (BRH) is a refugee-led organization, which was founded in 2019 by refugees themselves, the idea to start BRH emerged from one of its members who approached other members of the community, to help him refine and respond to recognized challenges within the community, in March 2022 the vision holder re-engaged members to come and keep the vision together. in June 2022, the BRH launched the first assessment activity for youths, so that advocacy can begin with clear evidence. members traversed across the facility interacting and engaging with refugee communities and refugee leaders, and the purpose of this interaction was to understand the key challenges impacting the refugee community. During this initial engagement with various stakeholders, it was recognized that the main factor affecting the refugee community was the number of school dropouts and early pregnancies, and this was linked to the large number of single mothers who were unable to raise and care for their children due to lack of income generation. These dropout children started engaging themselves in drugs and alcohol which was negatively impacting their neighborhood, leading young girls in sexual activities. To respond to the above challenges, BRH has opened a recreation space for dropout children to provide different vocational training services such as life-skills activities (Tailoring) and livelihood activities (growing mushrooms and vegetable training) through self-reliance and resilience training.


We empower and educate refugee youth in the camp, in potential discovery, leadership, skills development and social entrepreneurship to enable them create opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Uriama Seff Empowerment Foundation (USEF) formerly Concerted Development

USEF is a community based organization incorporated as a company limited by Guarantee under the registration number 800200067890. Our vision is to have prosperous and thriving families of the people of Terego who also host refugees of Imvepi and Rhino Camp settlement. This is done through training on principles of creative orientation, systems thinking and sustainable; and also through back home projects support. So far 86 families benefit from our interventions. Our organization has a 4 member Ugandan Board that provides oversight roles and also show strategic direction for the organization.


ORGANIZATION BACK GROUND Kyempango youth friendly space (KYFSpace) is a youth led and independent organization started in 2021 with support from Lutheran World Federation with an aim of educating and empowering youth and adolescent in way of preventing unwanted pregnancies and early marriage among youth Basic Information on the organization 1.1. Our organization is called Kyempango youth friendly space (KYFSpace) it is located in kyempango Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, Nkoma –Katalyeba Town council, Kamwenge District, Republic of Uganda it will be an Independent organization . Goal, Objectives and Activities The organization aimed on the following Goal, Objectives and Activities Kyempango youth friendly space (KYFSpace) aimed to promote youth talent , Skilling , Reproductive health awareness and livelihood . 1. Build unity, and trust among members 2. To empower youth and adolescent groups for self-reliance 3. To empower youth and adolescent to grow up their Talent Activities 1. Train youth in different skills. 2. To offer advisory services to the youth 3. To organize talent shows for better marketing of


We work at the critical intersection of women and conflict providing skills, knowledge, and resources that sustainable change for women, their families, and their communities

Imarika Youth

Imarika Youth (IY) is a registered organization in Kenya under Registrar of Societies Act and operates within the statutory regulations of Kenyan law. Our main objective is to provide solutions to problems that youths and school going children living in Kibera slums face. Our programs are targeting children and the youth based on their needs thus, feedback and suggestions from youth and the larger community are important. Its interventions are designed to improve livelihoods, and promote social, emotional and spiritual well-being. The approach is through mentorship, discipleship, training on life skills and economic empowerment.


We are a human rights Networks composed of more than 180 organizations in the whole country. Among them five refugee led organizations, COJESKI also does offer opportunities to associations and various youth groups. COJESKI is engaged inn human rights, peace, democracy, Good governance, sustainable development and humanitarian relief aid.

Keynes Disability Association(KDA)

KEYNES DISABILITY ASSOCIATION (KDA) PROFILE Introduction The organization was established in 2019 to support improved access of rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities in refugee settings and host communities. KDA was established in March 2019 with the following vision and mission Vision: “Creating an inclusive society for Persons living with disabilities in Uganda including refugees to maximize their potentials” Mission: To promote wellbeing of Persons living disabilities especially disabled refugees through empowerment, building their potentials and advocate their inclusion in all development programs Our shared values: Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Respect, Cooperation, Transparency, unity, and Striving for Excellence Activities

Africa solidarity Network

Africa Solidarity Network is an organization that promote social cohesion, advocacy on rights of refugees and asylum seekers, and committed to the peaceful co-existence initiatives to ensure that community are socially cohesive towards each other.

HEM, (Hope for Eternity Ministry)

We care for total orphans less than five years, Elderly and Widows.. We do evangelism, church planting and church leadership empowerment. We promote financial inclusion by saving culture and work promotion.


It is a refugee initiative working for peace and the promotion of refugee rights

Women Action for rural development initiative

Women action for rural development initiative (WARDI) is a Refugee Led organization (RLO) that is dedicated to improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people through better access to livelihood and protection services. WARDI is committed to ending extreme poverty and promoting sustainable development in Imvepi refugee’s settlement, Terego district. As a self-governing, private, not-for-profit organization, WARDI works to complement state-led efforts to reduce poverty by providing support to Refugees and Host communities. The organization partners with local and international NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders to drive change and help those living in extreme poverty. WARDI implements various programs designed to address specific causes of extreme poverty in the Refugees communities in Imvepi refugee’s settlement. It focuses on livelihoods, education, emergencies, gender equality, and innovations. The core of the organization's work is empowering local communities to build their resilience and ensure their transformation is sustainable and long-lasting, with an aim to achieve a vision of a world free of poverty, fear, and oppression. WARDI's work is guided by the sustainable livelihoods framework (SLF), which provides a lens for understanding the complex and dynamic relationships between people, their livelihoods, and the wider context in which they live. WARDI is committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged people through better access to health, education, sanitation, and participation in democratic governance and development processes. WARDI is a committed and passionate Refugees Led organization that works tirelessly to improve the lives of Refugees and Host communities. WARDI is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and ending extreme poverty in the rural and urban areas in West Nile more especially Imvepi, Rhino and Bidi-Bidi refugees settlement.

Pamoja Twaweza

Pamoja Twaweza Community based Organization, a refugee-led organization is based in Nairobi and was founded in 2021, serving Vulnerable refugee and host community Persons with Disability in three thematic areas; livelihood, mental health and advocacy. In order to achieve our objectives, Pamoja Twaweza provides training in tailoring, dressmaking, graphic design and printing. In addition, we run the Pamoja Twaweza Fashion Designs, an income generating project which offers attachment and job opportunities to our trainees. At Pamoja Twaweza, we embrace Partnerships and have therefore partnered with Optic Learning Space, a host community owned business enterprise to train our beneficiaries on graphic design and printing also providing attachment on the same. Through partnerships, we also provide mental health awareness and advocate on issues affecting Persons with Disability. We believe that disability is not inability and that PWDs are abled differently. They should therefore be given an opportunity to bring out the best of their abilities.

Inspire learning technology

Inspire learning technology is a youth led Community Based Organization consisting of both refugees and hosts that seeks to educate and nurture youths and other school dropouts into filmmaking and media work to help them amplify the voices of the people in their communities and use film and documentary photography as a tool for change.


A refugee youth-led community based organization operating in Adjumani host and refugee communities. Climate, gender, peace& security transformative change advocate ; a digital influencer. Youth skills development in videography& photography ,graphics(ICT); Young farmers support in agribusiness and aggrotech solutions. Comprehensive Sexuality Education interventions among young girls and boys; Integrated school outreaches on tree planting and career guidance sessions.

Brass for Life Uganda

A CBO offering Psychosocial and emergency support to war survivors, vulnerable children and teenagers in Uganda


PICKNET in full: Poverty,Injustice Consultancy and Kids Network; It is a an organisation led-refugees and formed by women that has a vision of recovering social and economic potentials of Refugee communities for a sustainable development and its mission of empowering and advocating resources to enable positive social and economic transformation among refugees and Host communities. PICKNET is basing on Livelihood and psychosocial support. Our motto: Revolutionary Female Refugee for Peace.

Turkoditla CBO

Turcoditla is a registered CBO within Turkana West Sub-County. The objectives for which the CBO was formed is to promote digital literacy and book reading culture among community members, prioritizing school going learners and learners out of school, promote and enhance the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, uplift and promote community members through various livelihood as well as self reliant projects with the aim of reducing poverty levels and improve the living standards of people.

Jakarta Bersatu Project

Jakarta Bersatu Project is a refugee led initiative to empowering refugee communities through livelihood opportunities to assist them to be able to cover their basic living needs and to live with dignity in Indonesia. At Jakarta Bersatu Project, we provide six months of both online and physical handicraft training and Indonesian language classes to refugees living in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Our activities include jewelry making training, sewing and upcycling clothes training, basic Indonesian language classes, and facilitating the marketing of refugees’ products through online markets.

Somali Women Union in Uganda

Somali Women Union In Uganda Ltd is a company limited by guarantee registered with Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) under Incorporation No. in 2014. It has been formed by a group of women social Activists and women Educationalists. The members of the union are all experienced in the field of development, social welfare and social education and have come together as “Somali Women Union In Uganda Ltd” to give their voluntary services without expecting any monetary benefits with the vision of solidarity, respect, integrity, peace and empowerment of all Somali women.

Humanity for all Refugees

Kakuma Refugee Camp has over 20,000 Refugees from different countries like. Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Congo and South Sudan. The LGBTI are over 650 now. The camp is so homophobic to us that we are discriminated by doctors at the Government Hospitals where we may get free treatments and medication. We often have to go to private clinics where we have to pay a lot of money for treatment. Everyday we are attacked by our straight refugee neighbors and locals who are extremely homophobic and transphobic. Locals call us a curse on their land and they say we are the cause of the drought in this area. Our shelters are set on fire, we are attacked with machetes at night, lesbians are raped, infant refugees are assaulted, and we suffer stonings and beatings. On the night of February 15, 2021, four gay men were set ablaze in their bedding as they slept in the open yard where they have no shelter. Three were rushed to hospital, seriously burned. This came at the end of a weekend of back-to-back attacks, where LGBT+ refugees were surrounded and stoned for several hours two days before the fire attack. As a queer community, we’ve continued to face violent homophobic and transphobic attacks from fellow refugees and from locals of the land. The worst attack so far took place on June 19, 2020. At least 31 LGBTQ refugees were wounded badly in this massive attack, requiring hospitalization. They sustained injuries that include: deep cuts on their bodies, broken limbs, heavy blood loss, head injuries and more. Our property was either stolen or destroyed by the attackers. We did not get help from those mandated to protect us and our property. We got minimal first aid from a hospital that night and that was it. A couple of days later our injuries got worse. We needed help. We needed to go to hospital for proper care, were were hungry as our food was stolen during the attacks. We are calling on the UNHCR to evacuate us from Kakuma camp, which is clearly not a safe place for LGBTQ refugees. The campaign is on-going. There have been more attacks since June 19, hence, more casualties. The LGBTQI+ refugees in Kakuma Kenya are currently living in extremely hostile, violent and homophobic conditions. we are being persecuted, beaten, stabbed and cut with machetes, gang raped, and burned alive by homophobic groups of men. We have fled our countries of origin from homophobic persecution, murder, and imprisonment. We’ve literally ran for our lives into the refugee camp seeking asylum. In the camp we’ve found the violent homophobic living conditions more dangerous than the countries we’ve fled from. we are living in substandard inhumane living conditions. we are forced to pay high medical costs from private hospitals to manage diseases and injuries from horrific violent attacks. We are forced to take turns staying up all night standing guard against violent attacks in which we are stoned with rocks, fire bombed, burned alive, beaten, slashed and raped. These are not isolated incidents, this is the reality of our daily life. We receive no counseling services for the trauma we are suffering. The LGBTQI+ community in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya are in grave danger. Our lives are at risk every second of every day in the refugee camp. We are being tortured and suffering malnutrition. We are lacking medical treatment and are living in extreme poverty. We need immediate evacuation from the camp, we continue to ask for relocation to safe countries. Please contact the UNHCR Kenya and demand immediate evacuation for Queer refugees. Please donate money if you can to help us we are suffering in these inhumane conditions. While we continue to advocate for our safety, we still need your financial support for our daily needs for as long as we are in this vulnerable situation at the camp. I encourage you to continue giving to us and to implore UNHCR to take the refugees facing these violent homophobic attacks to safety. I humbly request you to donate to us please, your help can helps us cater for our medical bills, food, first aid materials, and special nutrition for those living with HIV/AIDS, etc. We need this fund to buy enough food because the food given to us by UNHCR every month is not enough to take us through. It's so little that it can only provide for a week at most. Other funds can be used to pay hospital bills in private clinics because the Government free hospitals discriminate against us and we can’t get help there. We have many people at hospital at the moment, however, many more need to see a doctor and some of those on treatment have review appointments coming soon. The need for food and other basic materials for sanitation still stands. There are also children who desperately need special attention. Children needs toys and reading materials. A candy treat every now and then goes a long way to cheer the children and bring a smile to their face. We need blankets. We sleep outside in the cold and having a blanket helps a lot. Our main meal is usually rice/maize meal and beans but we deserve a change every now and then. Other items this fund will help purchase: firewood, charcoal, stove, condiments, mosquito nets to prevent malaria, clothes, mattress pads, vaccines, masks, hand sanitizer, firewood and matches, toothpaste, toiletries, transportation, solar panels for light, doctors appointments, emergency hospital visits, feminine hygiene products and underwear for the women, panels to build fences for safety, gasoline, showers, mental health services, soap, books and school supplies for the children to create a school, seeds to plant a vegetable garden, scissors for hair trimming, eye glasses, wound care items, prenatal items, baby food and items to care for the children, special food items for diabetics, medicine for HIV+community members, shavers, cooking pans and utensils, and storage containers for water. When you fund to us then we are assured of a meal every day and a mug of porridge in the evening Please keep following us. Sign pentition to help our Evacution from this Homophobic Camp

Refugee Learning Nest

The Refugee Learning Nest (the Nest) was established in March 2015 by seven members of the refugee community in Indonesia and with the support of Same Skies. The aim of the project is to improve the welfare of the refugee community through the provision of various activities and informal learning. It is based on volunteer engagement and community involvement. Refugees from diverse backgrounds are welcome at the Nest to work in different fields and learn more. The Nest is a community-based project, therefore it belongs to people from all races, nationalities, religions, and countries. We are happy to be transparent and work with all refugees, including children. The Nest works through the co-operation and support of our community to become a sustainable and lasting project.

United Refugee Drivers Association

United Refugee Drivers Association is there to help refugees and host communities in getting skills like driving,auto mechanic and languages so that they can be able to get work and sustain their lives.

Kakuma Social Agri-Ventures

Kakuma Social agri-Ventures is a community based initiative located at JRS Center One (Arrupe).It aimed at ensuring food security around Kakuma one and its neighboring communities, through cultivating a plot of land and planting varieties of vegetables and crops to serve the target community with primary objectives of improving food security and malnutrition within Kakuma Refugee Camp, Turkana County. The venture, as it is community based, it also support those who are not able to buy our vegetables by providing freely.


Hope for people with disability trough diverse activities is empowering people who lives with disability to make them recognise their own values and dignity, discover and use skills hidden into them.


Peace and Happiness, in short PH, is non profit refugee-led community based organization, founded in 2016 at Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, where its office is located. PH is fully registered from Kamwenge district under number 1653/22. the idea of creating this refugee led organization was coming within the mindset of two founders called BUSHAMBALE GEORGE and MARTINO DIEUDONNE NGOYI due to the struggles, difficulties and long distance barriers of our children to do not reach schools which are located very far; we decided to establish a nursery school in order to equip and teach them flawlessly and with much care by way of orienting parents and encourage them to send more kids to school in fact we did mobilization and sensitization across Base camp zone to get more dropped out children. in addition to these challenges of kids, we had highlighted some gaps and hardships and non respectfulness as well as discrimination of people with disabilities in short PWDs. we got together as a teamwork, how can we address this challenge raised within the community therefore we came up with point of views from different staff members agreed with same purpose of setting various activities such as; formal and informal education, livelihood, advocacy for PWDs, peace building, financial literacy training and capacity strengthening which will enable us to respond to the needs of the community from our respective zone and throughout the settlement. we had tried with our local generating income from both parents and staff members to run our refugee led organization but we are limited due to the lack of funds to move forward and upward, reason why we are still looking for partners, donors and funders for more support so that we can expand and broaden this project so far according to the opportunities grabbed where doors will be opened for us. regarding our local generating income and effort produced by teamwork we taught 875 children in different zones; Mahane and Base camp zones. concerning people with disabilities we had advocated and trained more than 1262 PWDs in diverse zones within Rwamwanja Settlement. In case of empowering women and youth through different skills, we had trained more than 346 in two zones ( Mahane and Base camp zones). we have been trying to serve the community with the maximum of our local generating income as long as we get more support from different partners, we shall be continuing serving the refugees and host community. in a subdue manner and humanitarian act.


Natodoe youth group community based organization abbreviation Nayog is youth community based organization formed as group may 15th 2014 with a purpose to eleviate poor pastoral local Turkana livelihood, which 1st august 2021 was transited to an a community based organization that is amorphous focusing on 3 main areas or thematic areas of focus mention; 1. livelihood and food security, development and development in all aspect., 3.environment, natural resource,oil,gas and extractive: gender,health, child protection, education,governance,Law, Human right,peace, disaster,conflict resolution, research,media, m&e, advocacy and lobby are crosscutted.

Refugee Alliance for Development and Innovation (RADI)

Refugee Alliance for Development and Innovation (RADI) is a non profit Community Based Organization (CBOs) located in Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana county Western Kenya. Vision: is to implement sustainable development programs that can improve access to equal opportunities, Innovative, economically, professionally and life saving services from now and for the future generations. Mission:we are committed to bring real improvements or changes to Communities and the lives of the most underprivileged people in critical condition or crisis and to create lasting chance and transformation to the society. Goals: Developing, Educating, Empowering, Promoting, Protecting, Learning and Youths support (DEEPLY) the field of humanitarian work and its participants psychologically, economically, professionally, Innovative skills and other methods. WHO DO WE SERVE. We are committed to serving our fellow vulnerables individuals refugees in crisis mostly those who have been forcibly displaced from their home countries because of the war, insecurity cases, natural disasters, multiple violences, persecution,... WHAT WE DO We have several so many programs we run out and other we plan to do in the future such as Education, livelihoods, regenerative Agriculture (permaculture education and Syntropic Agroforestry),Human Rights and other.


This organization was formed in the year 2021. We as the other organization and community members as well came together and imagine the culture, livelihood of our community, the challenges faced by our people and finally come with conclusions of forming this organization to fight the challenges.

Refugee Learning Center

As refugees in Indonesia we don’t have access to the most basic human rights. We are not allowed to study or work. We established the Refugee Learning Center (RLC) in 2015 to acknowledge our rights, and in doing so, provide our students and teachers with a sense of purpose and hope.

Xaveri South Africa

Xaveri South Africa (Xaveri SA) is a non-formal educational organisation that brings refugees and host youth together through Xaveri Youth Clubs (XYCs). It seeks to instill youth with the spirit of active citizenry through the enhancement of their cognitive processes and practical activities. These activities involve ‘learning to know, to do, to live together and to be, so that they could be agents in the creation of communities of peace and diversity that promote integration.


Founded in January 2013, Women for Action is an organization born in the Dzaleka refugee camp, created and led by women to respond to the concerns of refugee children, women and girls who have suffered various forms of violence and inequality. As refugees ourselves, we created Women for Action as a solution to the challenges women, young women, girls and children face in and around the camp. Women for Action is therefore committed to empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized women, girls and children to claim their rights, to challenge harmful traditional attitudes, behaviors and practices; and overcoming poverty and other hardships through: 1 The education of children by setting up a nursery and primary school for children whose parents are poor and are unable to send their children to school due to lack of funding, 2. Vocational training in income-generating activities and entrepreneurship for the empowerment of vulnerable women and girls, 3. Protection of LGBTQ people to allow them to express their orientation without fear and live with dignity. 4. The promotion of gender equality for all through sensitization of women and communities on women's rights. 5. Accompaniment of women who have experienced cases of gender-based violence in appropriate services and their empowerment through learning income-generating activities and partnership.

New Dawn Charity

New Dawn Charity originated in the minds of group conversation of Ugandans and refugees who felt that the vulnerable refugee children living in and out of refugee camps also have the right to education. Our Mission is to restore hope of the vulnerable children who are victims of wars and equip them to become future leaders who will advocate for peace Our Vision is to empower children who are victims of wars to become the future ambassadors of peace Our Objectives is to promote and support vulnerable children victims of war through Education, Trauma Healing, Health and Live hood.

Friends For charity Group

Mostly it deals in helping and giving assistance to the less fortunate in the community

3Stars Rehabilitation Initiatives

We are working towards creating an inclusive society for children with disabilities through rehabilitation.


IFCA is a non-profit organisation that works towards advancing the livelihoods of urban refugees in Uganda. This is mainly done through capacity building development that focuses on equipping refugees and host communities with computer, language, entrepreneurship and leadership skills and professional development that would assist them navigate opportunities and create employment avenues.

Kakuwood( Media and theater company )

Kakuwood stated back in 2020 during the breakdown of COVID-19. With an objectives of educating the community through theater performances and film and documentaries content.

Sauti ya Vijana

Sauti ya Vijana is a Swahili Words mean "voice of youth", it is a Refugee-led lead Community-Based Organization (CBO), it was formed by refugee youth in 2020, aiming to support and educate refugees. Sauti ya Vijana aim in creating awareness of the importance of girl child education try stopping forced and arrange of married in refugees communities, teenage pregnancy the effect of drugs abuse, gender equality, health education, environmental conservation, and training for youth on IT skills, Entrepreneurship skills, peacebuilding,


Austine W Ngabwe is one of the founder of Christ's Victory Centre community-based organization which works in education and agriculture. On January 10, 2010, he was one of the founder who managed to open an educational center and for now, the center has 304 pupils, 11 teachers, two cooks and one watchman. He has played a role in selecting refugee families in agriculture “An African Farm" where refugee families own the garden for a contract of six months to cultivate vegetable. The families own the garden cultivate the vegetable and sell the vegetable for the interest of empowering their families. This idea I well supported by many refugee families and for now 30 families have already benefits for the program and some stated their own business

Pax Afrika Network

We are an RLO founded and registered in South Africa. We promote and advocate for Refugees and Asylum seekers rights.

Let's Help International - LHI

Let’s Help International (LHI) is a non-profit organization that advocates for the physical, cognitive and social development of vulnerable children, youth and families as well as orphans, refugees and other people in need mostly.

Jmd mako company

We help the hopeless refugees around Africa and the world to feel and believe that they can still make it even though they are refugees


We are the Congolese Refugees community of king Williams town

Unity feeding foundation

We operate locally, we donate food to the IDPs in my state

Boa Foundation

Boa Foundation is a RLO in Eswatini which aims at improving livelihoods and intergration of refugees into society by tackling socioeconomic and psychosocial issues i.e financial inclusion, sustainability and mental health.


Redeeming Hope for the Disabled (RHD) is a registered Refugee Led Organization established in a South African xenophobic context (May 2008) with the aim of protecting and addressing the special needs of refugees living with disabilities including the South African citizens at risk. The project safeguards human rights, promotes non-discriminatory access to social services, provide temporary accommodation and create long term sustainable programmes (Vocational Skills Training) to ensure self-reliance and social integration. RHD also works on building the future of children with disabilities through provision of safe environments for their growth and education support. The project is led by people with disabilities as an effort to contribute ensuring a successful implementation of the policies of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD): Taking the lead on matters that concern them.

Africa Refugee Social cooperation

ARSC is an refugee 100% led organization, with its focus on the well-being of refugees in general. Advocating for the rights of Refugee, peaceful coexistence with the local community.

Beautiful Rubies

Beautiful Rubies is here to empower Asylum Seekers and Refugees Women in South Africa trhrough the word of God and skills

Amis BK Support Group

We implement programs aimed at bringing social cohesion: Accurate information, skill development programs, Social assistance, and events such as sport, hikes, promotion of family outings.

Synergie de la diaspora Congolaise Pour le Developpement

My organization is None-profit is dealing with refugees and Asylum seekers in term of social cohesion, advocacy and capacity building.

Organization for Charity challenge& Sustained Advocacy

Advocacy on refugee's rights and child protection

Congolese Civil Society of South Africa

The Congolese Civil society of South Africa is working for the value of Congolese & African who are living in South Africa; work for asylum seekers, refugee and migrant's rights and advocate for them, do research for a better future option of solution, deal with refugees challenges, social assistance, orientation plan for information, application of home affaires, training, education. Social cohesion, workshop and conference to combat xenophobia.

Kivu Solidarity for All npc

We are a non profit, mainly refugee- leg organization whose objectives are 1) To identify and assist the socially burdened individuals and/or families in the community in order to alleviate their ill-suffering. 2) To define the specific social, economical, environmental needs in the community, and to encourage the social innovating actions for a better change. 3) To create a platform for better exchange practices that benefit members, beneficiaries, the community and the future generation. We have been in action since 2018, assisting and landing a hand to our owns and those around us in order to create an acceptable world for ourselves and future generation. Our activities can be browsed in our website, or our Facebook page: Kivu Solidarity for All “akas” npc, or our Instagram: kivu_solidarity_for_all, or our twitter: @kivusolidarity More information can also be obtained at our office: Office 321 Esselen Towers, 202 Robert Sobukwe street, Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa.

South Africa Refugee Led Network

We are a network of 101 refugee led organisations and community-led initiatives aimed at connecting refugee advocates and refugee-led initiatives in South Africa to amplify refugee voices in decision making processes and advocate for meaningful participation and representation. SARLN empowers asylum seekers and refugees in South Africa to make an impact on complex social justice issues, using grassroots community consultation approaches, community development techniques, and strengths-based case management for direct service provision to people on the move. At SARLN, we believe that the path to a poverty free world is founded on building community-level capacity we typically work with communities who have the greatest challenges yet the desire and the drive to enact change. What they need are the tools, training, skills and initial support to tackle their specific development issues.


Refugee-led organizations network (RELON/MALAWI) was founded in 2020 with a main focus to work with refugee-led organizations in Malawi in advocating, voice amplification, and resource mobilizations for Refugee-Led Organizations.

Youth Initiative for Development

Youth Initiative for Development YID is a community based organisation created in 2020 during covid-19 pandemic with aim to empower youth through ICT skills, Changemakers courses such as entrepreneurship, leadership etc. So far we have empowered and give access to employment to 87 youths in computer technology skills with cooperation with Don Bosco in kakuma Refugee Camp. We have three main programs (Education, Environment and Livelihood)

Africa Revival Foundation

At the Africa Revival Foundation (ARF), we strive to build social cohesion and solidarity between locals and refugees in South Africa. Coming from different social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, we created the Africa Revival Foundation to unite in the fight against poverty, unemployment, and xenophobia. We envision a socially and economically inclusive African society without hunger, poverty, racism, and xenophobia. One project focuses on Refugee Rights and Legal Assistance by addressing the lack of legal assistance as a violation of human rights for refugees and asylum seekers through defending legal cases, community training on refugee and workers' rights, and media campaigns. We plan to start paralegal training and a community food security project, arts and crafts, skills development, and sports coaching for youth in particular.

Voice of Africans for Change

We are a registered NPO and made up of refugees and locals who who support refugee rights and access to justice for all. We work in local communities where issues of Xenophobia often arise. We there try our best to build social cohesion and mend social bridges where they are collapsing. Our organisation works with vulnerable immigrants and assist them obtain legal documents where possible, and also humanitaian support.

Somali Association of South Africa (SASA)

The Somali Association of South Africa (SASA) was founded in 1996 as the first refugee-led community organisation in South Africa. SASA runs two offices (Cape Town and Pretoria) and has representatives in Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth), Durban, North West and Northern Cape. SASA was started to improve integration between South Africans and people who are migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. It also aims to liaise with the South African government and civil society organisations to help the Somali community. SASA is a founding member, and currently sits as chair, of the South African Refugee Led Network.


Fraternity Of the Vulnerable (FOV) carries out its activities aimed at alleviation of poverty, developing heath and improving the social-economic status of members, promoting health education and education.


Refugee voice and action is a Community based Organisation supporting Refugees to understand and realise their rights in kakuma Refugee camp. Our work includes transforming the dialogue between refugees and services providers in order to improve services and increased voice for Refugees through collaborative non-confrontational. ACTIVITIES: includes Education, Child protection, Economic development and sport.

Musa Community Development and Sustainability Organization

It is a youth led non-profit organization with a vision to give support to the people in need to nurture development.

Muke Foundation

At the Muke Foundation, caring for vulnerable refugee children is at the heart of who we are. We help refugee children who have suffered the effects of forced displacement, rape, massacres, war, abuse and whose militias are still rampant in their regions of origin. Our foundation is built on hope, so for every refugee child that comes to our center, we provide them with a comprehensive education. The Muke Foundation is a project created in 2021 and built for refugee children, for whom the losses are even compounded because the sites hosting displaced people are primarily places created to deal with immediate emergencies - not places intended to cope. In the long term. Yet refugee children have long-term needs and desires that must be addressed immediately. They have to go to school; otherwise, the chain of knowledge will be broken. They must also learn about peace and reconciliation; otherwise, they risk becoming child soldiers and seeking revenge and violent revenge. Their traumas must be healed to become resilient people. Refugee children also need fun and play. It is one of their most basic and vital needs and essential to their development as full individuals and active citizens. The Muke Foundation is a message of hope, a space for refugee children to receive support and find restoration.As our center enters its 2nd year, our site has a nursery school, sports and leisure sites. For those with learning needs or educational gaps, we offer individual support through our specialist teaching staff. As a charity, we believe in supporting all aspects of a refugee child's well-being. We therefore offer physical, emotional and psychological support. As an organization, our story is one of transformation. Since opening our doors, we have witnessed a deep restoration in the refugee children we care for. Those who come to us find healing, the refugee children we know are no longer broken but full of life and joy. Caring for these refugee children has been our greatest calling, but seeing them grow and flourish is our greatest reward. Our goal at the Muke Foundation is to give new hope and new life to some of the most vulnerable refugee children living in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement Camp today. Our dream is that every refugee child we care for fully knows their worth and, despite everything, fulfills society as a self-reliant adult.


Organization interests: Training, qualification and capacity building Peace building and community reconciliation Education and its link to sustainable development Protection field Protection of women and children Protection of the displaced Protection of Migrants and Refugees Environment sector Humanitarian and relief response

IMPActions Organization

We are IMPActions Organisation, a CBO established since 2018 in Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi, we do fight again GBV issues and try to look for solution on women empowerment.

Unity Initiative for Refugees

To empowering women group set up small business , youth, child right, Livelihood and Hygiene and sanitation aweraness activities

Women Education and Development Initiative (WEDI)

We are a group of women registered a community based organization in Nairobi county to Care, Advocate and Empower refugee women through Education, Livelihood development, Gender and Reproductive health services. Our core value is respect, love, care, dignity, advocacy, transparency and accountability.

Wide Development Centre

Agri-business; Environmental conservation and youth empowerment through sports

South Wings Link

South wings link was established as a Community based organization (CBO) and registered on the 31st of May 2022 in Nakuru county within the republic of Kenya. The main objective for the establishment of this organization is to improve on the welfare of its members who are refugees that are staying in Nakuru county and its environs The organization engages in a number of activities that are in line with its objective. These are: 1. Youth and women empowerments 2. Peace building and security sensitization 3. Community health awareness 4. Sustainable livelihood 5. Educational and vocational training 6. legal assistance and representation 7. sporting and recreational activities

GOFRIL Ministries

God’s friendliness Ministries “GOFRIL” is a charitable, non-profit and independent organization. The mission of GOFRIL is to reach out to ALL nations regardless of gender, race, or religion to work with the poor and oppressed, promote human transformation, seek justice, and proclaim the gospel of Christ. In 2011, GOFRIL was established to serve about 2000 vulnerable refugees and newly born again believers in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Karonga zone. It has a budget of $25,000. GOFRIL has been helping people in the world's ignored and GOSPEL-resistant areas for more than ten years. Currently, we operate primarily in Malawi and Tanzania. Among our members are staff and volunteers with exceptional skills and experience in a variety of programs who live in the community and share the frustrations and hopes of the people. Reaching out to people is a great strength. Whether a rural village or an urban slum and refugees’ camps in Malawi and Tanzania, we are there, ministering the word of God, health, food, clothes and shelters to orphans who have lost their parents, abandoned children, widows, people with disability and elderly people and facilitate school sponsorship for the underprivileged children’s education; we are there Create safe and inclusive spaces program for local and refugee children to support their mental health and psycho-social well-being through sport and game, we are there helping people develop life skills and a lifelong interest in learning, we are also there to provide polyglot language consulting conference interpreter, translator, language trainer and translation/transcription as well as all forms of interpretation Services in Swahili, French, English, Kinyarwanda and Portuguese. We also pray, intercede and counsel needy people by special request. As a result, each year we bring meaningful life transformation to 1000 of the world’s most marginalized people and new believers.

Asociacion venezolanos en cartagena

we are a Civil Society organization whose main objective in each of its axes is the promotion, defense and advice on fundamental human rights that assist the Venezuelan migrant population in the Colombian territory, specifically in the Bolivar Department.We are enfiladed by a group of volunteers, with the clear vision of working to ensure that we respond comprehensively to the needs of Protection of fundamental human Rights in the face of the humanitarian emergency and reality that the migrant and refugee population consequently faces in this territorial sphere, all our work based on the banner of promotion and education with the social commitment to serve convinced that only through this we will achieve the development of this vulnerable population so that they can enjoy a dignified life taking into account their integral development and potentialities directing and generating new opportunities. Our ideologies that are reflected in the organization developed under the principles of love, honesty, social commitment, respect, solidarity, excellence, participation, transparency, unity, Inclusion and search for social welfare and strengthening of the human being.

Climate kakuma

Climate Kakuma is a refugee-led initiative that is engaged in developing programs and materials to increase awareness about the environment and sustainable development in the Kakuma refugee camp. The organization was established in 2022 and since it has been working towards creating awareness about the environment and conservation. Climate Kakuma its primary objective is to improve public awareness and understanding of the environment, so as to promote nature conservation and sustainable development.

Global Innovation Valley-GIV

The GIV empowers and educates young refugees and marginalised youths from the host communities to unfold their potential to transform their community challenges into job opportunities. We support them to become social and tech Entrepreneurs/job creators through personal and professional development training, ICT and Digital Skills, and Social Enterprises.


Refugee brotherhood is a community based organisation led by refugees themselves aiming at self reliant refugee communities generations

Action Against Vulnerability

Action Against Vulerability is a refugee led organization(AAV). It was registered in 2016 as a non-profit company in Uganda with certificate NO: 221694. AAV aims at reducing identified vulnerabilities in the communities and groups of people through participatory approaches. It is noww led by a refugee and include refugees and host communities. Elidad KAbura whatsap: 0704317096

MoonLight Youth Center

MoonLight Youth Center is a CBO. It is a non-profit organisation based in the refugee camp in Nakivale and led by refugees. Its mission is to bring joy and education to young people by: mobilisation and professional insertion of Youth; promotion of activities and events for Youth,sports,leissure activities and socio-community solidarity;Dot of permanent education extra-curricular for Youth with activities like reading,conferences,community games meetings,even a training related to TIC;Sensibilization on promotion and respect human rights and values;Promotion/animation of cultural activities for youth,giving information,orientation and training in the context of supprising the initiative of booming projects;Promotion of an associative and community life for youth and their contribution to the social well-being; In addition,will serve as a reception centre,interminghling and lodging in case where there happen gathering for youth;To offer guiding tourism services.

Refugee independence support organization

REFUGEE INDEPENDENCE SUPPORT ORGANISZTION (RISO) Email: Tel: +254702025993, +254770931548 Introduction. Refugees Independence Support Organization (RISO) is a community-based organization bringing together LGBTIQ + refugees and asylum seekers living in and around Nairobi, Kenya. Background. The organization was formed to address the suffering of the many refugees and asylum seekers in Nairobi finding it hard to survive due to lack of income, livelihoods, rent, food, and medical treatment. The groups challenges have been worsened by poor access to protection services and durable solutions from UNHCR mandated to provide these services. The group’s formation was also bolstered by the incessant violence, human rights violations and increased arbitrary arrest of LGBTQ+ found in the urban areas without proper documentation. In total, we have a membership of 150 LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers, but the number is expected to increase because of laws against same sex relationships and homophobia in different countries here in Africa hence the influx. Although, our group has never accessed any consistence funding, we have during this pandemic provided strong support social networks for our community members and always holding mini-harambees to support some of the members meet their basic needs such as food, rent, beddings, and linkage to employment opportunities in salons and barbershops. The Refugee Independence Support Organization has a committee of 5 secretariat members. Vision Quality life for all humans irrespective of one’s status and beliefs. Goals Our overall goal is to consolidate our work with the LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers to have better living conditions and welfare. Mission To make sure that RISO establishes, manages and maintains quality life. Objectives Ensure autonomy and participation by refugees in seeking quality life. Ensure the Organization that supports achievement of quality life. Establishes, maintains and build partnerships with other organizations. Document, Disseminate and develop materials representing refugee experience. Priorities -To help refugees and asylum seekers find affordable housing. -To help provide food relief to Independent refugees and asylum seekers. -To help Independent refugees and asylum seekers to get medical care and Covid-19 gears. Actions to date --Held meetings to discuss challenges faced by independent refugees and asylum seekers. -Made a survey to find out how many refugees and asylum seekers stay far from Community based Organizations. -Made interventions to help with rent and food relief through Refugee Coalition of East Africa. -Correspondence with other organizations like Alight, ORAM, Safe Place International, IRC and Refugee Coalition of East Africa. -Making referrals to safe houses in cases of any insecurities in the community. Challenges. 1.Lack of funding to support members. 2.Lack of proper documentation for refugees and asylum seekers especially Urban Documents (not Kakuma Camp Documents) 3.Lack of Medical care since they stay far away from other CBO. 4.Shortage of food, balanced diet especially those with HIV and AIDS. 5.Lack of funds for transport to United Nations and other governments offices to attend to the reappointment. 6.Prosecution and arrests of LGBTIQ +community members. Intended projects 1.Livelihood projects: -Beauty Parlor Saloon and training center. -Poultry -Fast food restaurant -Kiosks -Craft and wood work. 2.Rent and food relief Our Social media platforms. Facebook RISO Twitter RISO Instagram RISO Livelihood Beauty parlor

Watoto Wasome

Watoto Wasome is derived from the Kiswahili phrase meaning “Let the children read”. We are a non-profit organization that is closing the gap in the quality of literacy education of children in under-served communities by creating engaging, child-centered activities for children in Kenya. Our mission is to improve the literacy levels of children aged 3-10 years in children centers and schools through use of learner-centered approaches, thereby contributing to bridging the literacy gap in the quality of instruction and involvement received by children in these communities.


HOCW is a refugee led organization it started operations in 2008 and fully registered in 2010, the organization is registered by NGO BOARD. HOCW serves both refugees and nationals, it is involved in livelihood, Food Security and Water, Health and Education. VISION A world where every person has the hope, confidence, and necessary means to be self-reliant and achieve their own definition of wellbeing. MISSION: To create a safe and welcoming home for all members of the community where they can access the support they need to lead a productive life: education, employment, health, sense of belonging, sufficient food and clean water. GOALS ● Ensure all community members have access to the services they need to attain financial mobility, including employment and banking. ● Increase access to educational opportunities. ● Ensure that all community members have access nutritious food and clean water ● Improve access to medical and mental health care To meet the needs of the children, youth and the women, HOCW provides a range of programs that seek to empower and promote self reliance among the women, youth as well as the children. HOCW uses 4 programs to meet the needs of the community.

Farming and Health Education F.H.E

Farming and health education is a community based organization registered and working within kakuma refugee camp and kalobeyei to address the dire of health, protection and psychological support of children, their families and communities with strategy to strengthen on fight against hunger. focusing in the three manger area such as Food Security, Prevention Health and Education with the following program: 1. Counselling level one, two, three 2. Nutrition/ food processing 3. Hygiene and Sanitation 4. HIV Testing services 5. Permaculture course/Treebog building for other RLO's and churches 6. Positive parenting and Child Developments

Cultural Agency Corporation 7-80

We are a cultural agency dedicated to the management and execution of artistic and socio-cultural projects, using the arts and culture as tools to raise awareness, educate, inform and promote the creation of prevention and protection environments for the migrant and refugee population of Venezuelan who live in in the city of Barranquilla-Colombia. Our organization was founded and is led by artists and cultural managers from Venezuela.

North West House Of Refuge

Refugees are welcome to live safe and fulfilling lives and be part of development of the host country we stand for Refugees and Asylum Seekers women, girls, children and disability to assist and protect refugees and to empower them towards a better future. We strive to provide sustainable solutions for refugees we empower Vulnerable Refugees and asylum Seekers women through training and skills development we promote human right and right of Refugees, asylum Seekers and gender equality we are supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers to rebuild their lives, reach their full potential as human being. To work with refugees to transform their experience of seeking protection in the Host Country

Youth On Move

Youth on move(YOM) is a registered refugee founded and refugee youth led not for profit, non political community based organization established in March 2020 to promote the rights of children, youth, young women and people with disability in the areas of education, livelihoods, community health, human rights, leadership and peace building.


-Helping women who are victims of Gender based violence. -Helping single mothers. -Issuing students with school materials whowe parents are not able to.

Vijana Africa c.b.o

Vijana Africa is a community based organization implemented in Dzaleka since February 2015. The organization was founded by refugees and asylum seekers who decided to be a part of the solution to their fellow refugees’ common challenges. Vijana Africa empowers women to self-reliance through rabbits, turkeys, and pigs farming. We also empower peer educators to raise awareness on community challenges such as sexual and reproductive health, peaceful coexistence between refugees and Malawians, Sexual and Gender-based violence, health issues, and many more. This community-based organization empowers the youth to filmmaking and computer basics. In addition, Vijana Africa mentors youth and promote leadership. Furthermore, Vijana Africa leads community services

Community For Better life

Community for better life is a community based organization in Dzaleka Refugee camp Malawi having an aim of implementing theoretical and practical activities that are meaningful at creating a sustainable life for the refugees and the host communities. Mission •Community for better life’s mission is to promote self- reliance among youth and women through equal participation in different trainings that are related to life changing opportunities. •To design and implement life changing Developmental and livelihood programs that alleviate environmental degradation, climate change risks and deepening Poverty to ensure holistic development and transformative change for sustainable future. VISION • To see the young generation and women from the Refugee and the host community discovering their potential and stand on their own to create more spaces for others to learn, practice and create adequate job opportunities for a poverty free community. •To see different communities recovering from anthropogenic activities that are meant to contribute to climate change and environmental degradation. we are based in training the women and the youths in Entrepreneurship and product manufacturing, Digital skills ( Computer skills and Digital Marketing), Language trainings, Menstrual hygiene trainings( information sessions on menstrual hygiene and Re-usable pads making), Youth based Research on their economic and education sector, Environmentally based activities( we organize online and onsite events on climate sessions).

Agapao Foundation

Agapao is a Swahili that carries with it a sense of doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason. Agapao Foundation is a nonprofit charity organization established to reduce GBV and viral transmission of HIV/AIDS, provide support to survivors, and fight against the stigma and discrimination faced by survivors including children living with HIV. OUR VALUES • Solidarity • Human dignity • Children are entitled to rights: - To live and develop - To not be discriminated - To be supported for good health and wellbeing - To develop in a good supportive environment without discrimination and neglect so that s/he develops her/his full potential


COMFORTING THE AFFLICTED(CA) is a Vision received in Malawi at the Dzaleka refugee camp, by Dr. Dieudonne Rutebeza Godgiven since 2019. ●Who are the beneficiaries ? =The main beneficiaries are: Refugees and natives (village surrounding the Dzaleka camp) widows, orphans, unemployed young people, children from 0 to 5 years old, pregnant women and the desperately ill. a)PRESENTATION OF THE PROJECT: the turnover will be composed of 6 main compartments: 1)A sewing workshop: this compartment will house a sewing workshop in which widows, women and young girls without a trade or commercial activity, will be trained free of charge in the sewing trade, thanks to the skills acquired, they will be able to gain financial autonomy, leave the center and allow welcoming other people in need. 2) Home for widows and orphans: -a built building comprising a large room and some classes that will serve both as a study room for orphans attending school and a literacy classroom for those wishing to begin or resume studies. 3) A small farm for meat hens and eggs: -we offer training in raising hens and how to keep them, here once the skills have been acquired thanks to the support of professionals in the sector, they will be able to integrate or reintegrate into working life and take charge of themselves. 4) A multipurpose room called the Consolidation room: -open and with a capacity of 150 seats, this room will serve 2 activities: 1) The activity of the free distribution of food and clothing to the most deprived people according to a periodicity to be determined, to pregnant women (for them and their future babies), including children under 5 years old. 2) the activity of the proclamation of the gospel, of teaching and prayers for the sick, of deliverance for the afflicted and of experiencing the presence of Jesus Christ the God of all consolation. 5) The place of refreshment: Is a place that will be equipped with play areas for children, and any other useful activity. 6) A Solidarity Pharmacy: It is a solidarity pharmacy in which medicines will be free for widows, orphans and other people who have difficulty in getting treatment, and also in case of emergency care needs will be dispensed there before evacuation. in the nearest health centers. ●Project financing Have we already acquired the land for this project? No,Not yet, We decide to ask for the contribution, and this contribution is open to all, each participating according to his means. The budget for the purchase of the plot and the construction as well as the equipment of the main compartments amounts to a determined amount, but we know with the little we can continue slowly, until we reach the goal,The donation in kind: (Construction materials, equipment, technical or professional skills are also welcome. Let each give according to what he has resolved in his heart without constraint or sadness. THANKS.

Grace of Light for Orphans GLO

The organization name hereby constituted as a Charity Organization called “GRACE OF LIGHT FOR ORPHANS” (GLO) that was find in 2019 in Malawi. The vision of GLO is to believe in the future and make other children believe that every child is unique. We listen to all points of view, sympathize with compassion, reestablish self-respect, advocate for the most vulnerable and street children, and empower orphan children by making them the leaders of tomorrow. The mission of GLO is to serve; orphan children, street children, and the most vulnerable in Malawi, especially in the Dzaleka camp. Through providing Affection, joy, care, support, and protection through shelter, food, health care, education, and psycho-social support, advocates for equal rights amongst children by increasing a large generation of believers to eliminate injustice and make these children have peace in the community


L’organisation « World Initiative for the Nature-WIN » en été créée au Burundi en mars 2017 comme WWF-Burundi mais selon les recommandations de WWF International suite au climat qui était douteux entre les ONG étrangères et le Gouvernement de l’époque ainsi que d’autres raisons qui risquaient de porter atteintes à la crédibilité de cette grande organisation, on a recommandé la modification de cette organisation pour être WIN Burundi tout en gardant la même mission de WWF. Cette organisation WIN a été créée en RDC sous appellation de WIN-DRC au sud Kivu. WIN est une organisation sans but lucratif, ayant une reconnaissance son juridique depuis 2018. Sa mission est de Construire un avenir dans lequel les gens vivent en harmonie avec la nature, par des actions de conservation de la nature, d’adaptation et d’atténuation aux effets du changement climatique, de l’agroécologie, de restauration de la biodiversité, de réduction de la pollution et de réduction de la consommation par gaspillage. Dans son initiative s’est donné l’engagement de protéger considérablement l’environnement étant donné que ce dernier est de plus en plus menacé. Sans la protection de l’environnement, la production agricole serait totalement nulle et de là les producteurs agricoles seront de plus en plus menacés. C’est dans cette logique que WIN sollicite un financement de la part de ses partenaires techniques et financiers pour l’accomplissement de sa mission

Caring Hands Empowerment Foundation

Caring Hands Empowerment Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to provide help to refugee and migrant children, in Lagos Nigeria, through sustainable educational support programmes. It was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Lagos. From April to June 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Caring Hands Empowerment Foundation, through partnerships with 3 refugee-led organizations, provided food items to 100 families as well as special packages for 100 children in 2 communities Lagos, 10 refugee families in Nairobi, Kenya, and 50 refugee families in Kampala, Uganda. Since August 2021, Caring Hands Empowerment Foundation has fully operated in the educational support space providing learning materials to 107 children in 2 communities in Lagos. CHEF is currently executing an educational support program and providing learning materials for over 200 children in 3 communities, 1 year's scholarship to 45 children and introducing a Computer Studies class at the partner community school with provision of laptops to facilitate digital learning.

Women's Organization for Development and Environment Protection

WODEP is Women's Organization for Development and Environment Protection, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan,nonreligious, and apolitical organization that was founded in Dzaleka refugee camp by the group of women who fled from their origin countries because different wars and have different spheres of life. MISSION OF WODEP The mission of WODEP is to protect and protect the welfare of women in sustainable development by advocating for women's capacities and claim the human rights , and world where they are strong leaders . VISION The vision of WODEP is to engage women in building the ecosystem to improve food security and durable agriculture through the leadership of Women. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF WODEP. The main purpose of WODEP is to promote environmental conservation, improvement of soil conditions, and sustainable use of natural resources to improve the living standards of less fortunate people in response to climate change. To achieve its main purpose WODEP has set itself the following: -Enhance the ability of women refugees to acquire and utilize appropriate techniques and skills for improved food security, income-generating activities and soil conservation, -Empower women to claim their rights as decision-makers,and advocator especially issues related to the environment and durable development, -Inspire and attract women refugees into durable agriculture and environment professions which that their wefare is sustainably proved , -Provide basic support such as food to widows, children, and orphans and ,provide also shelter to those who have lost them from natural disaster , -Raise awareness ,defend ,uplift and help the vulnerable women and children to regain their dignity into the society , -Engage women to play the role of protecting the environment in all of its forms because our survival depends on it. WODEP is focused in the following fields : -Women' Rights, -Gender equality , -Soil conservation, -Climate change ,ecological protection and durable agriculture, -Formal and informal education, -Economic empowerment , -Emengency response.

YADE youth association for dévelopment.

Children Relief Service (CRS)

Children Relief Service (CRS) is a Humanitarian Organization or a Non-profit Organization. We are committed to protecting vulnerable children and youth from all kinds of abuse, maltreatment, and neglect to create a society that is aware of the hurtful effects that many children and youth are going through. Our mission is to make the community a better place for children and youth to live by developing appropriate services for supporting social and moral development within families, schools, stakeholders, and community-based organizations regarding child protection. This help ensures all children have access to their rights, values, and abilities under the guidance of the UN Convention on the right of children (CRC). What we do We conduct youth empowerment programs such as certificate courses, Vocation Service Training, community awareness campaigns, and workshop training to increase the understanding and capacity to protect children. Likewise, we explain child protection issues and spread knowledge to people to understand the risks of child abuse and make an effort to provide appropriate service to their children.



Mondiant Initiative

We are a refugee-founded organization, formed to invest in providing support services that empower, educate and engage refugees.

New light day care and Tennis Team

New Light Day Care Organization is a recently established daycare center that provides safe and nurturing childcare services for children. The organization is committed to creating a fun and educational environment that promotes the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of children. With highly trained and experienced staff, New Light Day Care Organization aims to offer parents peace of mind while their children are in their care.


WHAT IS THE BLESSED TO BLESS PEOPLE ORGANIZATION;- The THE BLESSED TO BLESS PEOPLE ORGANIZATION Carries out adult literacy program to bring socially developed people, Establishing & Construction of Worship centers & supporting waif in villages, To look after Agriculture development & equip them with modern technique of agriculture, how to transform woody waste in fuel briquettes, Tailoring school, Reading scripture in everyday in every house, To organize branches of The New Gospel Societies and obtain assistant from public and Government to serve the Nation through community development project. The THE BLESSED TO BLESS PEOPLE ORGANIZATION has a vision to church planting in unreached area In between rural people, Doing Medical camp among people. Organizing Seminar & Crusade program. Establishing Bible school to make Disciple and Pastor to reach new people. OUR VISION:  Reaching to the unreached with the Good news and planting the Missionary teams in different dry zones.  OUR MISSION:  To expand the kingdom of God through educational programs, literacy projects, planting Missionary Team ,Vocational training and livelihood training ,Children projects ,Bible schools and medical camps. THE OBJECTIVES:- (1) To Start Educational program among youths, Teenagers, charitable work for poor. community library Buildings, Training centers for orphanages, Hostels for School and other works and activities. (2) To uplift poor student by supplying cloths and books in the community and surrounding. (3) To establish, administer, or maintain facilities for general and special medical service to the public. (4) To associate with other registered societies with similar objectives and to undertake and manage any activity. Such a join endeavor with another society would be worked out into an agreement between them. (5) To reach the unreachable people those who landless, homeless, street beggars, bonded laborers, widows includes in rehabilitation program. (6) To bring peace, prosperity and happiness among poor people for there physical health, mental health, social health, financial health and Spiritual health. (7) To facilitate the community in trauma healing. OUR PRESENT Achievement: (1)Evangelism (2)Crusades (3)Missionary Team planting. (4)Literacy program. (5)Medical camp. (6)Sending church planters. (7)Constructing prayer Hall (8) Orphan Hostel  FUTURE PLAN: 1. To develop the local Pastors through training and teaching by the word of God. 2. Bring 1000 people to Christ in two years' time. 3.200 new Missionary Team Points in new villages, 7 years of time. 4. Trained and taught People from different areas different skills, technics, and entrepreneurship in 5 years of time. 5. Start an Orphanage 6. A Community Library and Religious library  WORKING AREA: We are working in Malawi/Dowa-Dzaleka refugee camp

Green Uhuru Organization

We are an environmental friendly community of activists, we produce and sell charcoal briquettes and teach people how to make alternative charcoal briquettes to mitigate deforestation ,we also specialize in sensitizing communities about climate change , deforestation, plastic pollution through courses, workshops and trainings.

Hope foundation for the children

Is a non-profit foundation that was born following the various difficulties that our girls and women go through in the dzaleka refugee camp, especially gender-based violence. Given this situation, a group of young girls did not remain calm following this despicable situation, they saw fit to create this association that could put an end to this situation for women and girls.


UMOJA PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES GROUP is a non-profit organization, registered TR/INC N° 6686 and working under the law of Malawi and aiming to raise up the rights of persons living with disabilities in particular and all vulnerable in general within Dzaleka refugee camp and host communities, its missions and goals are to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, vulnerable and other in need in the community (1), to obtain justice through equalization of opportunities for all people with disabilities through the development and support of their associations (2), to fight against poverty among the persons with disabilities (3), to promote and advocate for the Rights of persons with disabilities and raise awareness among the rural masses in the communities on these rights (4) etc. Who We Are UMOJA PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES GROUP is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that assists the mobility challenged individuals to build better lives through social integration, skill development, and useful representation in all aspects of life. UPDG has been founded by individuals that have faced the real challenges of having a disability, and who have been touched by the success of other disabled in their professional and social life. In an effort to replicate that success in the rest of the community, the idea of establishing a unique organization with a certain perspective has sprung. Where we work The organization operates in Dzaleka refugee camp and its surrounding villages in Dowa District as a membership based organization. Based in Dowa District, UPDG will have chapters in all over the regions of Malawi. Missions Our missions are: to help persons with disabilities enhance capacity and to improve the environment for their development by providing aid services, support, protection, and carrying out social advocacy for their benefit. Vision of the Association. Our vision is to create a world where the human rights and Rights of persons with disabilities are respected and their lives are much comfortable as possible. “Disability is certainly not inability.” | Values & Principles We uphold the following principles and values, and consider them the core of our existence:  Advocacy  Equality  Inclusion  Non-discrimination  Sustainability  Transparency  Accountability  Integrity Goals, aims and purposes  To raise the morale and confidence of the people with disabilities  To promote the equality of the people with the disabilities to those without the disabilities and eliminate the disability stigma  To create awareness relevant to the social issues and rights of the people with disabilities  To research and keep statistics on the issues of the people with disabilities  To create employment opportunities by lobbying the private and public sectors  To create a culture of volunteerism to cultivate support for the people with disabilities  Is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, vulnerable and other in need in the community.  Is to obtain justice through equalization of opportunities for all people with disabilities through the development and support of their associations.  Guiding principles for UPDG are set forth in the preamble of this constitution as well as the World Program of Action Concerning Disabled Persons adopted by the United Nations  To fight against poverty among the persons with disabilities.  To promote the Rights of persons with disabilities and raise awareness among the rural masses in the country on these rights.  Establishing a network and offer consultation services to upcoming.  Being a voice of orphans, single-mothers, girls, women, youth, elders and different unhealthy persons in the community.  Being the central planning body that will allow people to engage different groups within their community.  Initiating programs and projects of those which are of benefit to people and community. How We Work UMJA PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES GROUP focuses on the following areas to achieve its vision of disability equality and social assimilation:  Advocacy relevant to handicap empowerment including:  Awareness campaigns targeted at the people with disabilities to raise their morale and confidence  Social integration campaigns addressed at the general public to educate them about disabilities and eliminate the handicap stigma “Disability is certainly not inability.” |  Campaigns targeting the employment organizations and companies to remind them about the rights of the people with disabilities to get employed  Encouraging the building-owners, banks, companies and public service agencies to consider accessibility for the people with disabilities as a priority  Provision of special accommodation for the people with disabilities in their place of employment  Implementation of projects that build the capacities of the people with disabilities:  Education and establishment of physically challenged individuals and people with disabilities  Facilitation of equipment to enhance the mobility of the people with disabilities  Provision of assistance and help for the people with disabilities  Creation of employment opportunities for the people with disabilities  Research and publications on disability issues


We help our communities in providing Education and Child Protection, Livelihoods, Remedies to climate change, Gender activism and Advocacy programs. Through volunteerism, we provide free education to our kids who can't trek the long distances to schools. We have learning centres across the various Refugee settlements in Nigeria. Secondly, to curb the alarming rate of hunger, starvation, unemployment and high crime waves, we engage refugees; Girls, women and students in Crop cultivation, skills development and soja bean processing. Thirdly, we get involved in the fight against GBV, marginalization and inequality via interschool and intercommunity awareness campaigns.

DICA not profit

Whereas people living with disabilities; street children (SHEGE) and orphans have the right to enjoy a favorable socio-economic and professional life in society; Considering that people living with disabilities and street children (SHEGE) must be supervised, trained and educated like so many other people for their full development; Considering that people living with disabilities and street children (SHEGE) are faced with multiple social, economic and professional problems that persist in the community. Knowing that we are operating in a closed environment of all kinds of social, economic and political Anti-value to the extreme that do not allow people living with disabilities and street children (SHEGE) to rise to their full potential; Most people with disabilities do not see each other, and only 20% of the recruitment of people with disabilities involves adapting the workplace. Given that people living with disabilities and street children (SHEGE) live a disastrous life, without social or economic issues, limitation of the possibilities of interaction of an individual caused by a deficiency which causes a disability, permanent or presumed definitive and which itself has a moral, intellectual, social or physical handicap. It expresses a deficiency with respect to an environment, whether in terms of accessibility, expression, understanding or apprehension favorable to integrating them vigorously into society; Driven by the desire to break down the barriers that limit people living with disabilities and street children (SHEGE) to live actively in a society undergoing profound change; We solemnly declare the creation of a non-profit making organization called Disability Community Access "DICA" in acronym.


CAHWOC is a Community based organization works to emprove and forces good education for all Children from dzaleka refugee camp and for the host community. Our schools are located at besela village near dzaleka Refugee camp. Starting from nursery up to secondary school in form 4, all Children Boys and Girls enjoy studies apart from the challenges we have as lack of funds which may come to help building fince, bohore, laboratory and library.


Youth Initiative for Development is a refugee led organization operating in Kakuma refugee camp/Kenya since 2020. our areas of intervention are education, livelihood and environment. We empower youth with computer skills and soft skills, and women with livelihood skills, in Hairdressing and Dress making. we also have the program of Arts and craft whereby both kids and youth have access to visual art skills .

Our Future Organization

We are working on a water service which is consisting of the water supply around the Dzaleka Camp community because the water pump points are not enough, and we are facing cholera disease. Secondly, we are working on farms, especially, we raise pigs. When the pigs give birth, we distribute one pair to each target family, and when the given pair of pigs give birth, they need to bring back this one pair, and then we are going to give it to another target family, and so.


Hodari Foundation is a refugee-led nonprofit organisation that is fully committed to promoting the wellbeing of refugees and safeguarding the rights of those from diverse social backgrounds. At Hodari Foundation, we operate on the premise that all individuals have the potential to thrive and thus deserve equal access to opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, social or economic background. To materialise this noble cause, we conduct several skilling programs and activities with a mission to promote education and awareness, advocacy, and community engagement among refugees and the host communities.

Dzaleka Azimai Union (DAU)

our organization is based in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Our organization is strictly dealing with girls and women. DAU is a non-profit, non-political and a women led community based organization legally registered. DAU was established in February 23rd, 2015 after realization of inadequate attention given to the issues that are affecting women and girls, such as harmful tradition values and beliefs such as son preference but included as discrimination, extreme poverty, different form of gender based violence (GBV), earlier marriages and unwanted pregnancies for young girls, extreme fornication and the spread of STIs and HIV/AIDS with all the problems associated with reproductive health. Despite all these challenges, there are many barriers in the education of girls and women. The role of DAU includes raising their voices on the issues of women and refugee girls as well as claiming their rights, identifying needs, expressing views on priorities, evaluating facilities and advocating for change. As a vehicle of self-development, DAU is committed to empower women and girls, providing to women and girls’ best quality health services, to develop effective approaches to community development, organizational abilities, mutual support, awareness and information sharing and often vocational skills and ability to gain and hold economic resources for their basic needs. Mission Empowering lives, restoring rights, and upholding women's dignity. Vision To build a society in which all kind of women and girls have access to Fundamental right and opportunities to decide about their body, future and community life in order to achieve their full Potential for development. Focus  Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right ( Family Planning)  Providing accessible high quality medical care  Economic Empowerment and Self-reliance  Gender and Social Inclusion  Right and Justice  Sexual and Gender based violence (SGBV)  Empowering Women’s and Girls’ Education (Proceeding with Transformative education and Digital inclusion for vulnerable single mothers, young women and sex workers)


Vision: Build a world where everyone is treated with consideration, value, dignity, equal respect and zero hunger Mission: To improve the lives of human beings especially women and children through social economic empowerment, advocacy for human right, food security, education, and fight against violence

Alpha TechVerse

Alpha TechVerse is an organization that was established in September 2020. Our main focus is to address the high unemployment rate among the youth in the Dzaleka refugee camp and surrounding villages. We provide technological education and training in computer skills, IT support, graphic design, web design, and software development. Our goal is to empower young refugees with employable skills and create pathways to employment, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity.

Volunteer Social Workers

Volunteer Social Workers is a community based organization created in 2017 in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi aiming to alleviate social issues which refugees and Malawians surrounding the camp face on daily basis. Our vision is to "transform the Dzaleka community to a stress-free community". Our missions are 1. To provide counseling support to refugees and Malawians victims of stress, anxiety and trauma. 2. To organize regular healing circles and community outreach exercises for the aim of identifying people undergoing stress, trauma and anxiety. 3.To organize intercultural events capable of reducing stress and healing people victims of trauma and anxiety. 4. To equip (empower) trauma survivors in skills such as Agribusiness, Tailoring, Business Entrepreneurship, Acting, Directing, Farming, Graphic Designing, Electricity and Electronics and many more. Our objective is to involve refugees and Malawians to be part of the solution to social problems they are facing daily. We work with: teen and single mothers, Youths affected and recovered from drugs and alcohol abuse, Elderlies, the most vulnerable from the host communities surrounding the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. SINCE WE ARE VOLUNTEERS, OUR MAIN ACTIVITY IS ADVOCACY.

Rural Initiative Alliance for Development (RIAD)

RIAD is a non-profit community based Organization that is aimed to promote the value of Biodiversity through local produce artisans, by creating a platform of conservative communities to defend, safeguard local gastronomy produce and culture for wealthy, healthy and productive society. RIAD is a refugee led organization whose objectives are to ignite mindset change through building local innovation ideology among teenage mothers and youths for sustainable growth.

Oasis Carepoint

Oasis Carepoint is a RLO aimed at facilitating access to basic essential health care services to refugees and other vulnerable members of the community including the elderly, people abled differently, children, pregnant women and adolescents through partnerships with health related organisations, the community and health institutions in achieving and ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages. This is in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations on health. VISION To address the health needs of the community in achieving and ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages. MISSION To facilitate access to basic health care to vulnerable groups in our communities. MOTTO Community health at heart. PROGRAMS Financial constraints and competing priorities are the major factors contributing towards poor access to medical care. To bridge this gad and ensure access to quality essential healthcare and safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines is provided to community members, different programs have been highlighted each with projects that aim at ensuring basic health care is achieved. 1.HEALTH AND WELL-BEING This program is aimed at addressing the medical wellness in the community through the projects listed below: i)Non-Communicable Diseases treatment and management ii)Issuance of medical cover iii)Conducting medical Outreach and Campaigns iv)Partnership with health institutions v)Settling medical bills. 2.FOOD AND NUTRITION i)Tackling malnutrition especially children below 5 years. ii)Providing pre and post maternal care through health education and necessary assistance. 3.COMMUNITY HEALTH RESEARCH i)Project Research - conducted prior to undertaking projects to ascertain the intervention needed and provide a guide of implementation. ii)Community Research-conducted in the community, as per the health needs of the community, with an aim of recommending appropriate solutions. 4.MENTAL HEALTH AND GENDER BASED VIOLENCE Carepoint aims to address community mental health as well as create a gender equal society in which every human being enjoys full gender equality and all legal, social and economic barriers to their empowerment have been removed. i)Teaching the community on the need and importance of gender equality through the community leaders, media organizations and stakeholders. ii)Providing guidance and counselling. iii)Providing a counselling to Gender Based Violence victims iv)Provide Mental Health Education to the Community.


BIDII YETU is community based organization and it located in kakuma refugee camp Kenya BIDII YETU aim is to to bring hope among refugees and help to create safe and


INITIATIVE AND ADVOCACY FOR ORPHANS DEVELOPMENT (I.A.O.D) Is a non – profit organisation that is found in 25/5/2022 IAOD is detected to empowering orphans, children, people with disability. We are advocating for a common dream to help the vulnerable orphans, children and people with disability by creating a good economic and save environment for them. Our main targets are orphans, youth, women and girls together with school drop-outs because of the man challenging issues surrounding their growth and development especially in this most parts of the world where orphans and minority groups continue to face violence and abuse in their daily lives. I.A.O.D Seeks to advocate for equal access to opportunities regardless of gender, tribe or race and further provide relevance services for the development of the orphans and minority groups. OUR VISSION- Is to give orphans, children and vulnerable people, school drop-outs with knowledge and skills for economic development. We are also aiming to change the attitudes of the orphans to participate in the affairs in their communities, countries and international community in a manner that is beneficial to the communities and for themselves. OUR MISSION Is to educate orphans, children and people with disabilities. To bring together orphans, children, school drop-outs and people with disability in a common union and economic development Nurturing orphans with special needs Requalification of education in the society Identifying and evaluating orphans and people with disabilities potential to help them progress in future OUR PROGRAM- Is to offer trainings to the orphans and people with disability on entrepreneurship. Education and livelihood for children Training school drop-outs on entrepreneurship and leadership. Training women and people with disability to demonstrate ethnical behaviour that foster responsible citizenship. CORE VALUES- INTERGRITY HONEST RESPECT AND TRANSPARANCY ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERSHIP AND COLABORATION OUR PARTNERS- NONE BECOME PARTNER – We need your support. Our vision and mission has to be our core value to always keep us on move. With your support we can do together and we are always looking for volunteer who will help us move forward as team.

Hope of refugee women against poverty for the social wellbeing(HOPDEV)

The Hope of refugee Women against poverty for the social well-being and development (HOPDEV) in acronym is a grass-roots feminist collective led by and for vulnerable refugee women and girls coming from diverse backgrounds that works to support and improve the wellbeing of the most disadvantaged and marginalized refugee women and girls in the community of Dzaleka Refugee Camp, and as results of that they are Socio-economically dependent on men for their survival which put them at further risk of GBV including, sale and exchange of sex, and other harmful coping mechanism such as alcohol production as means of livelihood women disabilities, personal with albinism, ethnic minorities, order women and widows face and discrimination. HOPDEV was founded in August 2014 by a group of volunteer vulnerable refugee women and girls, survivors of various civil wars from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia, and who have experienced different forms of gender-based violence and abuses in their families and communities,

Hope for People with Disability (HPD)

Hope for People with Disability, H.P.D in short, created in 2018, is a refugee-led and community based organization located in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement Uganda. It has been established for enabling disabled persons to explore their knowledge, capacity and skills which will help them to respond to their basic needs for self-reliance, confidence and resilience for the betterment of their future lives. It is composed of a mix up inclusive team of disabled and able-bodied persons, generally refugees who have various backgrounds. Despite it is short of financial means, it has managed to conduct sport sessions for recreation and home visit door to door for counseling,to teach basic English and hold sandal making sessions with disabled, to establish a fruit woodlot of a half acre; and has been able to reach directly more than 200 vulnerable persons, of which 60%.

Refugee Youth for Self-Assistance

The REFUGEE YOUTH FOR SELF-ASSISTANCE, RYSA in acronym is a Community Based Organization with the aim to gather together refugees and host community especially the young boys and girls for a rollcall of self-government by providing different share circumstances, vocational skills and trainings to suck-up on the work passion for a better future life.


Our organisation is community based with four Areas of work; livelihood, health promotion, peace building and skills development.we are based in Rwamwanja refugee settlement.

Outreach and Handcrafts Initiators for Development (OHID)

Outreach and Handcrafts Initiators for Development (OHID) was founded in 2020 as RLo or "community based organisation" aiming to contribute towards eradication of poverty, scarcity of food, fighting against precarious living condition to Refugees and neighbouring Host communities in rural nooks of Uganda by developing their talents through provision of Education, enabling them to discover their potentialities, Equipping them with lifespan skills and knowledge about handcrafts activities, livelihoods, as a way of developping their self-confidence, exposing them to Education and Employment opportunities in order to become agents of change and development also transformation of lives of other people in the communities. Our methods of work starts from the positive aspects on participants for proper continuation and discovery. our operating budget: 500 USD Annual beneficiaries target to reach: 300

Development Alert

We are a Community Based Organization First registered under No. CR127/2020 and then renewed under CR/11/2022 operating in Uganda. We are involved in Empowering Vulnerable and Poor communities on Livelihoods Improvement and Environmental wellbeing. AREAS OF FOCUS: 1) Education 2) Promoting access to clean and safe water. 3) Economic Empowerment. 4) Promoting Environmental conservation initiatives Founded in 2019, Development Alert (DA) exists to identify, develop and promote talent, projects, programs and activities on and related to the fight against the causes and consequence of poverty, ill health, biodiversity loss and marginalization for livelihoods improvements and Environmental conservation. We are a partner with Global Joy Giving, a Philanthropic Initiative from USA. Our coordinator there will also be glad talk with you. Email:; Telephone: +1 650-530-3123 OVERALL OBJECTIVE: The overall objective is to promote the Social, Economic, Health, and Environmental wellbeing for Livelihoods improvement and Nature conservation among the poor, Persons with Disabilities, Children, and the Youth in Tororo District and Uganda as a whole. MISSION: To Provide a comprehensive and sustainable reprieve of poverty, biodiversity loss, misfortune, disability, destitution and hopelessness experienced by individuals, communities and environment in partnership with organizations' involved in the same. VISION: Address the Causes of poverty, Biodiversity loss and Marginalization and their Consequence.

Total Health Advocacy Foundation

Total Health Advocacy Foundation is a non governmental organization registered in Kenya, formed with the aim of fostering health solutions to young girls the youth in general to gain and lead a quality healthy life. Rehabilitating children, teenagers, and young adults back to the society normally. Abortion and post abortal care has been our key focus amongst young girls from 14 year to 22 years. Lack of family planning and lack of knowledge amongst practitioners has led to loss of life amongst young girls while procuring abortion. The holy grain of poor youth guidance has also led to Gender Based Violence as well as deaths, thus Total Health Advocacy Foundation fosters change amongst youth and girls especially in the slums and underprivileged people. We have a medical clinic in Kayole, where we serve victims and then refer to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital for further care and assistance.


Ubuntu Youth Organization's (formerly Ubuntu Youth Group) mission is to empower youths and women single mothers refugees/hosts to become self-reliant and have economic independence in Nairobi through hand-works training. We believe that displaced people can also contribute to building sustainable and economically empowered communities in Nairobi, Kenya and the world.


Voice of Refugees

The Voice of Refugees (VOR) was duly established on 23 December 2016 by six (6) interested Eritrean refugees in Kampala, Uganda. It is born to fill the huge vacuum of organized refugee community to generally advocate, lobby and defend rights and duties of asylum seekers and refugees and particularly to safeguard and advance the rights and obligations of the Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees who have been exceptionally suffering and subjected to abuse owing to lack of organized scheme. We, the members of the Voice of Refugees are volunteers born out of desire to establish refugees' organizational scheme to develop unified voices and organized system of protection to promote durable solutions, such as local integration, resettlement and repatriation provided the cause for fleeing home country resolved. The Founding Members have identified the huge vacuum and dearth of organized scheme especially among the Eritrean refugee community and its adverse effects lacking unified voices to protect and promote rights enshrined under domestic and international refugee protection instruments. We have established a Company Limited by Guarantee aiming to serve as guarantors but not shareholders. Voice of Refugees is non-profit organization serving the asylum seekers and refugees. The funds and profits gained, if any shall be strictly re-invested or utilized in the interests of the refugee communities. WHAT WE DO We promote and support organized scheme to ensure voice are heard, rights protected and promoted. The plights and experiences of ill-organized Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees vividly demonstrate weakness, fragmentation, subject to abuse and under-representation in services and events that concerns them. 1. Develop Organized Schemes and Make Voices Heard We have been using, making and exerting all possible means to raise the awareness of asylum seekers, refuges and stateless legal rights, duties and interests under legal frameworks. We have been using social media, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, posting notices in public areas, made brochures, fliers, posters and interviews with local and international magazines or newspapers. 2. Seek Grounds for Durable Solutions We have been striving to promote durable solutions for refuges closely working with partner organizations to address problems of livelihood and unemployment to bolster local integration, where possible and safe volunteer repatriation and seek resettlement to third countries. Livelihood has been at the heart of our activities. We have been sharing the Office of the Deputy and providing English Language Training to asylum seekers and refugees. We have established excellent networks with RLO and NGOs providing livelihood services and have been referring Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees for training on language, computer, vocational, such as tailoring, mechanics, catering, fashion and dressing, electric, electronic, heavy machine operation…etc. 3. Lobby and Advocate We have been lobbying the Office of the Prime Minister, Refugees Department (OPM), UNHCR and their implementing and operating partners specifically on the challenges that the Eritrean asylum seekers have been confronted on Refugee Status Determination. We advocate for equitable, fair and proportionate service to asylum seekers and refugees. We have been vigorously campaigning against under-representation of Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees in available and accessible services. We also have been advocating criminal justice system of Uganda, namely Police, Security and Immigration on the challenges of security and harassment that many Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees have been facing by some unscrupulous Ugandan Police, Security and Immigration Officers. Similarly, we have been lobbying several refugees service giving organizations to seriously consider equitable reaching the unreachable, such as the Eritrean refugees communities. 4. Legal Empowerment and Pro Bono Legal Aid Services Legal empowerment of asylum seekers and refugees has been one of our essential activities. Because, significant number of Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees have been prone to abuse and misuse by Eritrean brokers and Ugandan abusers. To the extent possible, we have been providing pro bono legal aid services when Eritrean asylum seekers or refugees are detained, accused or arrested; family disputes, internal fighting, defrauded in house rents and other civil and criminal cases. We have been especially extending our legal services in cases of sexual and gender violence, unaccompanied child, guardianship, 5. Work in Partnership, Establish and Develop Network We have been identifying partner organizations, establishing and developing networking. We have developed excellent partnerships with refugees led organization, such as YARID, OYOH, HOCW, REAL Uganda, RELON, local or international organization, such as JRS, NRC, AHA, IRC, Mercy Corps, Refugees Law Project, DefendDefenders…etc. Our effective partnership with the OPM has been successful in dramatically increasing granting of refugee status to Eritrean asylum seekers. 6. Harmonization of Domestic and International Instruments of Refugees We have been engaging in comprehensive research to make informed lobby and advocacy for harmonization between domestic and international instruments pertaining to refugee laws. We have, so far identified several gaps and challenges hampering effective implementation of legal frameworks and policies in Uganda serving the refugees. 7. Maximize Harmonious Coexistence between Refugees and Host Communities Maximizing harmonious coexistence between refugees and host communities has been one of the essential activities of VOR. In February 2023, we conducted community-to-community meeting between selected Eritrean refugees, Ugandan local councils, police, security and representatives of Ugandan society in Makindye Division. We were able to understand numerous enigmatic issues that could bolster or may adversely affect harmonious relationships and we are working on them. 8. Share Information on Available and Accessible Services We regularly share information about available and accessible service to asylum seekers and refugees on protection, security, health, education, employment and livelihood. We focus on education for adults particularly improving English language and variety of vocational trainings. 9. Establish and Strengthen Partnership We have been energetically working to establish and forge partnerships with all possible partners that are interested in advancing and safeguarding the interests of asylum seekers and refugees. 10. Link Relief Services to Development We work with all partners and where funds are available to provide acute humanitarian service to newly arrived asylum seekers and equally work on durable solution to promote development. WHERE WE WORK Currently, we are limited to our activities and services in Uganda, serving the urban refugees. We shall in due course intend to extend our services to other countries where refugees are hosted. Our Address: Kabalagala, Opposite to KFC Restaurant Kampala, Uganda Tel. +256754453662-0700169643-0762640853, 0775801483 E-mail or or,

South Sudanese Women Building Association

South Sudanese Women Building Association (SSWBA) is Non-governmental, Non-profit making, Women centered RLO engaged in relief/humanitarian initiatives to support South Sudanese women residing in Bweyale in and outside the camp, as well as beyond. Through various demand driven & human cantered programs, our interventions focus on Participatory Integrated Development (PICD) approach through harnessing IDEAS, INNOVATION and INVESTMENT and leaving no one behind so that the women become self-reliant and are able to meet their basic needs and contribute positively towards a sustainable society. SSWBA invests in the capacity of the Women and Youths thereby building community capacity through a self-help approach Mara Suja that focusses on attitude/mindset change, self-reliance (doing it ourselves), visioning, strategic action planning, fulfillment strategies & action towards an all-inclusive relief & development process that the communities fully contribute to (re-engineer), own and lead so that solutions are desirable, technically feasible & economically viable. The principle of Mara Suja is that the communities who face the different challenges know about them better and are best placed to generate effective solutions and address their own challenges. Mara Suja further believes that the communities have the resources, ideas & the power to transform except have constraints & vulnerabilities hence Mara Suja unlocks community potentials and facilitates the change process by addressing the constraints & vulnerabilities. Mara Suja has created a comprehensive vision strategy that builds on Economic Empowerment, Gender & Human rights interventions, Women leadership, Peaceful Co-existence, Functional Adult Literacy, energy and environment and Advocacy. Our target group among others include; Women, Girls, OVC, Children, Youth and Most at Risk Populations (MAP).

Mugenyi Refugees Youth Center

MRYC is an organization that was founded in 2019 and empowering children and youth with a quality education through sport art and social skills learning we are based in the Nakivale refugee settlement zone of Rubondo

Peace and Happiness uganda

We are a Refugee led organisation that suport education,Livelihood,empower People with disabilities

Action for refugee life

We are Action for Refugee Life (AREL), a refugee-led social impact organization founded in 2022 in Kakuma refugee camp striving to build a path to a sustainable and self-reliant future for the refugee community. Action for Refugee Life (AREL) offers a range of on-campus digital training courses that focus on skill enhancement, job market readiness, mentorship, postgraduation support, and entrepreneurship assistance. The organization's comprehensive program guides students from enrollment to job placement. This includes diverse digital and technical courses tailored to market demands, thorough orientation, practical training enriched by a global industry-focused professional network, and simulated real-world scenarios. The organization continues to support graduates as they transition into the workplace, offering assistance through designated ambassadors. Moreover, AREL fosters self-sufficiency by promoting entrepreneurial endeavors within the refugee community.


NGABUNGA’S BRAIN ORGANISATION FOR DEVELOPMENT Is a non-profit community based organization which aims at fighting against poverty, eradicating unemployment and promote community development through livelihood, women empowerment and education of vulnerable children. It has been deemed necessary to establish this organization for the purpose of solving evident problems found in our community in the southwestern region of Uganda in Nakivale refugee settlement. We observed under a serious survey conducted in 2020 a very high level of poverty affecting people in this region of Uganda for the fact that Nakivale hosts over eight different nationalities of displaced people from various African countries. They all depend on a monthly ration of either 13,000shs or 19,000shs per month given by the UNHCR. The majority of men and women are jobless and cannot guarantee family welfare and need. As effect of unemployment many women and young girls are involved into dangerous Anti-social behaviors such as sex business, drug consumption etc. And shockingly observed children being abused, lack of adequate education, these are dangers in the future generation not only of this region but also of the whole continent at large. Therefore, in line with the effort of the Ugandan government and established international organizations such as UNHCR, ALIGHT, FRC, WIU etc. In fighting against famine and illiteracy, the NGABUNGA’S BRAIN ORGANIZATION FOR DEVELOPMENT is in the same vein. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF NBOD . To fight against poverty, unemployment and make people self-reliant. . To promote development through vocational trainings such as tailoring, building, electricity, computer etc. . To create new opportunities for jobs and learning for women and youth. To empower vulnerable women and youth with business skills and support them to start small scales business as IGA (Income Generating Activities) rather than promoting anti-social behaviors. Engaging humanitarian actions to support elderly, orphans and widows to respond to some of their basic needs such as food, clothing and soap etc. GOALS OF NBOD To Support the sustainable development and welfare of displaced people by making them self-reliant for better health and family life. VISION OF NBOD To see a developed community where women are fully employed, and children access education. MISSION OF NBOD To restore hope and build a better future of vulnerable displaced people through sustainable development. NATURE OF THE ORGANISATION In regard to the objectives purposed and the goal to be achieved, the N B O D is essentially a nonprofit, humanitarian and entrepreneurial organization. ACTIVITIES OF NBOD The actions of N B O are not limited, they include ➢ Implementation of learning centers ➢ Implementation of workshops for vocational trainings ➢ Humanitarian assistance/aid ➢ Children education ➢ Agriculture and farming . Business training .Savings and loans activities. Thanks a lot sir and best regard hope this will reach safely.

YWED Organization

YWED is a Refugee Led Organization based in kyaka II refugee settlement, kyegegwa District, it works alongside people with disabilities, Youth, girls, and women who have issues related to GBV and illiteracy. We do empower them with vocational training skills in order to be self-reliants.

Battling for Sustainability of Solidarity

Our organisation is community Based Organisation founded since 2020, with aim of helping refugees for Sustainable solutions toward their challenges. We are rsiding Kenya, kakuma Refugee Camp


Community Refugee Orphan Disabled Enable Vulnerable (CRODEVU) is a refugee-led nonprofit-making community-based organization founded in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya in 2012. Our aim is to achieve on a large scale, positive changes through social programs, economic development, and rights-based programs that enable destitute and marginalized members of the community including persons with disabilities so that they can fulfill their potential. CRODEVU works with people whose lives are controlled by extreme poverty, analphabetism, health problems, and environmental and other social needs. We strive to bring about a positive change in the quality of life of poor people. You can consider to work with us to change lives of refugees in Kakuma

Life Building Foundation

Life Building Foundation is a community-based organization established with the main aim to work with vulnerable people in marginalised communities to eradicate poverty and any form of Gender-Based Violence. We work with adults- women and men, and children- girls and boys through advocacy, empowerment and restoration programs. VISION: To be the best ever community where equality for women and men exists, freedom and happiness felt and productive life is achieved. MISSION:To establish an environment that is nurturing, safeguarding, and enabling excellent living for all.

Bluebird Soccer Academy

We work with young people in sports

center for hope

Center for Hope is a non-profit organization, stands for relief, advocacy and development organisation that is committed to improving the well-being of widows, orphans, vulnerable families and communities in Kenya and outlay countries. For over 3 years, we have served alongside the poor and oppressed in the country, as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people. We partner with communities, the Government, sponsors, donors and corporates to help the most vulnerable Widows, orphans, vulnerable families refugees to overcome poverty and enjoy life in all its fullness. With our advocacy work, we enable the voices of widows, orphans and their communities to` reach decision makers, who have power to change unjust policies and practices. We implement sustainable development projects in education, health, child protection, food security, economic empowerment, as well as in social wellbeing, this serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.


KUA Initiative is a registered community-based organization that server refugees and host community in four sectors Education, Child Protection, Hygiene, and sanitation.


Global Rehabilitation and Transformation Response (GRTR) is a Refugee Led non-profit, non-sectarian, non-government organization that aims at transforming communities through providing services aligned with the sustainable development goals. We support underprivileged individuals and groups irrespective of their age, gender, race, nationality, political affiliation, socio-economic status or religious belief. GRTR was conceived in 2019 by a group of humanitarian and development professionals who are passionate about enhancing the well-being of refugees in both Uganda and South Sudan. We are officially registered to operate in Arua city, Madi-Okollo, Terego and Yumbe districts, and are headquartered in Ofua II, Rhino Camp refugee settlement, North-western Uganda.


Community Rescue and Development Service (CORDS) is a grassroots nonprofit organization aiming to rebuild hope and contribute to the social and economic development in rural communities.


KAKUWUD is a media production agency based in Kakuma Refugee camp, run by a talented group of refugee filmmakers. Our mission is to give voice to the voiceless, tell the untold stories, and create a platform for refugee filmmakers and Actors to showcase their talent to the world. Kakuma Refugee camp is home to more than 180,000 refugees from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Despite the challenges of displacement, the camp is full of talented individuals with a passion for storytelling, filmmaking, and visual arts. At KAKUWUD, we are committed to nurturing these talents, providing them with the tools, skills, and resources to tell their stories and share their experiences with the world. Our team of filmmakers and theater trainers includes directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, actors and sound engineers, all of whom are refugees themselves. We offer a wide range of video production services, including documentaries, short films, music videos, promotional videos, and more.

Here for Here

impowering woman to create a self sustainable development community


Our organization Goma Community Development Foundation (GOCODEF) is an indigenous Community Based (not for profit) Organization established in May 2016 in Goma City in the catholic Diocese of Goma, North Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The major focus of our organization is to empower poor rural youth, HIV/AIDS orphans and young windows and young mothers in the internally Displaced People’s camps (IDP) to break the vicious cycle of poverty through education support, self-help projects such as tomato growing, raising and selling of goats and pigs, vocational skills training and hand craft making thus improving on their welfare and their disadvantaged children.

Community Access Service Organization

Community Access Service Organization,” is a non-profit and community-based initiative founded in 2017 at kakuma refugee camp, Turkana West sub-county in Kenya. It is an initiative started by a team of dedicated young refugees responsible for socio-economic development and peacebuilding to refugee communities from different nationalities who are residing at kakuma refugee camp with the aim of informing, empowering, educating, inspiring, and involving refugees to participate in the decision-making process by the local agencies in order to solve their problems so that they can be engaged in positive activities that will ensure socio-economic and self-reliant. CASO was registered by Turkana County Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Services in April 2023 with registration number: CC/TRKW/CBO/HC 75139. We promote refugee integration and empower asylum seekers and refugees at kakuma and Kalobeyie settlement camps to become self-reliant through offering, a livelihood program, adult literacy, and counseling program to the traumatic women and victims of anti-drug abuse, and survivors of sexual violence in conflict. We envision a future where the skills and capabilities of refugees to support and assist each other needs are recognized, and community acceptance and economic dependence are promoted for those who are displaced. We are community for both refugees and host communities to be self-reliant and enjoy human rights in the community where they live.

Kandaakiat Organisation for women empowerment and development

We are Kandaakiat, a non-profit organisation that works with refugee women in Uganda. Our name means "women of strength" in Arabic, and we are inspired by the resilience and courage of the women we serve. Our mission is to help refugee women in Kampala city and the refugee camps in Uganda to improve their lives and achieve their goals. We do this by offering them education, livelihood, health, and advocacy programs. We started in 2014 as a small group of refugee women who wanted to support each other and share our stories. Our founder, Chichi Dawla, is a Sudanese refugee who escaped her country because of civil war. She saw the struggles and opportunities that refugee women face in Uganda, and decided to create a space for them to express their needs and dreams. Our vision is to see refugee women live with dignity, justice, and peace. We want them to have access to quality education, health care, and economic opportunities. We want them to be leaders and changemakers in their communities. We work with refugee women from different countries and cultures, such as Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Somalia, Rwanda, and Burundi. We also partner with local and international organisations that share our values and vision. Some of our partners include Women First International Fund, Asylum Access, Yarid, RRLI and Cohere Foundation We are a team of committed and skilled staff, volunteers, and board members who work together to fulfill our mission. We have diverse skills and expertise in areas such as education, health, livelihoods, advocacy, finance, administration, and communication. We are also proud to have refugee women as part of our team, who bring their lived experiences and insights to our work. We invite you to join us in our journey of empowering refugee women. You can support us by donating, volunteering, or spreading the word about our work. Thank you for your interest in Kandaakiat!

Sudanese Women for peace and Development Association

We mainly work among the Sudanese refugee's women in Uganda, to empower, to take right position in the society through having comprehensive capacity building due to overcome risks and challenges that face them as well as insure their bright future. Our values: Transparency. Commitment. Equality. Teamwork and Confidentiality. Our Visison: to epmowering women

Venezolanos en Barranquilla

About us? We are a community of Venezuelan citizens with a history of more than 10 years of work, which today is formally constituted as a non-profit entity, dedicated to comprehensive assistance to the migrant, refugee, and returnee population from Venezuela. Vision To be recognized nationally and internationally as an organization of Venezuelans, which aims for the well-being of its Colombian compatriots and returnees. mission Contribute to the integration process of the migrant, refugee, and returnee community from Venezuela, through comprehensive humanitarian assistance, institutional articulation, local and community development, public advocacy, and promotion of rights.


We are the Wings to Fly Initiative (WFI) formerly ThinkWithMe-Education, a refugee-led Organization based in Kakuma, Kenya. Our organization was founded in 2019 with a mission to address the challenges facing the refugee population in our community, with a focus on promoting peaceful coexistence, access to quality education, and fighting against poverty among the refugee communities. Our current program, Boosting Refugee Integration through Language Acquisition (BRISLA), is focused on providing language education classes to refugees in Kakuma refugee camp, with a primary focus on English language acquisition to promote peaceful coexistence, access to quality education, and fight against poverty. We understand that language proficiency is a critical component of effective communication and integration, and we are dedicated to providing refugees with the skills they need to communicate with their host communities and access essential resources. Our Grassroots Education for Kids At Least Something (GE4KIDS) project is an initial pilot project that has already had a positive impact on the refugee community. By targeting 60 children in the 4-6 year age range per cohort, the project has been able to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of the participating children by providing them with numeracy and literacy skills, skills to draw and recognize some geometric forms, games, and plays. Using humanitarian aid packaging as an instructional tool to print educational materials on commonly distributed bags has also proven to be an effective strategy.

Rescue and Relief Mission

Rescue And Relief Mission (RRM) is a refugee Led Not for profit and non-governmental organization that works using the Quadra Helix Model to amplify refugees’ voices to increase their representation, participation and social inclusion and promote gender responsive and inclusive refugee and human rights approaches to forced displacements, migration and resettlement. This is achieved through partnering with both the private sector, CSOs and Government institutions through the Ministries of Health, Education, Agriculture, Ministry of Gender and social welfare, Universities, Faith based and NGOs to design refugee resilient, health, gender, education and livelihood interventions to create lasting impact in the lives of refugee, immigrants and displaced women and children. RRM Promotes togetherness rebuilding a sustainable and resilient communities through refugee led innovative local actions with global impacts. We see all refugee communities where women, children and adolescents are empowered to take care of their own health, build resilience and sustainable livelihoods. They co-create environments and policies for all-inclusive community Health and well-being. Our goal is to Develop among refugees, the courage, confidence and resilience to speak out for change and create an atmosphere of dialogue with host communities in a spirit of empathy, inclusivity, solidarity and collaboration.

Hope Africa South Sudan

Hope Africa South Sudan is a national NGO that works with the local communities towards sustainable development and resilience

refugee charity organization

Refugee Charity organization is a non profit organization aimed to support refugees vulnerable in Kenya a specially widows and orphans.


Hope Relief and Rehabilitation for Disabilities Support (HRRDS) is a non-governmental organization duly registered in Sudan (SRRA) (Reg No: NL044) and South Sudan (Reg No:4027) that advocates and assures full rights and opportunities for people living with disabilities. HRRDS is one of the only organizations in Sudan’s war-torn states of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile region striving to empower people living with disabilities and spearheading disability inclusion in Sudan. Through its disability-centered livelihood programs, vocational training, education, advocacy, health awareness, and counseling programs.

Hope for refugees organization

Hope for refugees organization is the organization based on promoting community sustainability.

Planning for Tomorrow

P4T stands for Planning for Tomorrow Youth Organisation. P4T is a refugee-led organization founded in November 2007. The organization works in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda, with the vision of a healthy and self-reliant community with knowledge and skills. P4T empowers the refugee and host communities through 04 thematic areas of Education, Livelihood, Health, and Community Services.


People for Peace and Defence of Rights (PPDR Uganda) is a non-profit refugee-led organization that focuses on advocacy, education and livelihood. Mission: • To advocate, promote and defend the rights of disadvantaged persons. • To empower the weak and make them overcome the state of victimization Vision: • A world in which people are at peace and have equal rights, freedom and opportunity regardless of their race, tribe, religion or belief and social status.

The Refugee Voice

The Refugee Voice is a youth-led initiative based in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Uganda. The initiative aims to provide a platform for refugees to share their stories and experiences with the world, using social media to amplify their voices and advocate for their rights. In addition to telling refugee stories, the Refugee Voice also provides sustainable development life skills training to young refugees in Bidi Bidi. This includes training in skills like tailoring, which can help refugees become self-sufficient and earn a living. The initiative believes that by equipping young refugees with practical skills and empowering them to become leaders in their communities, they can create positive change and improve the lives of those around them. The Refugee Voice has gained recognition for its efforts to promote the rights of refugees and empower young people. They have partnered with various organizations to provide training and educational opportunities to refugees in Bidi Bidi and other settlements. Overall, the Refugee Voice is an inspiring example of how young refugees can use social media and practical skills training to create positive change and advocate for their rights and well-being.


La Solidarité aux Personnes Vulnérables pour le Développement Communautaire a été créée le 01 Janvier 2013 par 10 membres (hommes et femmes) sensibles aux groupes vulnérables et soucieux de remettre les sourires aux lèvres des personnes en situations difficiles à travers les activités de promotion de la paix et le développement endogène


Nous sommes une organisation qui réalise des activités concretes de terrains, innovants, pérenne et à impact multiplicateur

Women and Children at Risk

Women and Children at Risk (WCR) is a humanitarian organization based in Kampala Uganda, it aims at helping the vulnerable become resilient, self-resilient, and able to meaningfully contribute to life in communities around them.

Charity Development RCU

We are a refugee led community based organisation with an aim of improving livelihoods and attain skills in line with the UN development resolution

She Inspires Uganda

She inspires Uganda is a Community based Organization created in 2020 in Nakivale refugee settlement, Uganda, aiming to development of girls through various ways including health, education and livelihood, with a mission is Promote girls’ empowerment, and provide them a platform to actively contribute to the community’s social and cultural progress for their sustainable development.

Let's Help International

Let’s Help International (LHI) is a non-profit organization that advocates for the physical, cognitive and social development of vulnerable children, youth and families as well as orphans, refugees and other people in need mostly. It was founded on August 2nd, 2020 in Kyegegwa District, Uganda, East Africa.

Refugee Coalition for Climate Action

Refugee Coalition for Climate Action (RCCA) is a refugee-led organization dedicated to creating awareness about climate change and the environmental degradation to coordinate young people to take the lead in climate and environmental action in the Tongogara Refugee Camp and immediate host community. RCCA capacitates young people to spearhead climate and environmental response through climate and environmental literacy, tree plantings, and clean clean-up campaigns. Vision RCCA envisages communities where young people are effective champions in Climate Change mitigation, adaptation, and environmental conservation. Missions •Champion environmental restoration to revive our natural environment •Create dialogue on climate and environmental resilience. •Prioritize fruit tree planting to ensure food security and nutrition. •Facilitate climate justice using women and girls' leadership. •Promote children's views and leadership on climate and environmental response Our 2023 Target •Provide climate and environmental literacy to over 2000 young people within the refugee camp and the host communities around us. •Plant 2000 trees within Tongogara Refugee Camp and the immediate host communities. •Establish an indigenous nursery. •Establish an orchard at Tongogara Primary School. •Collect plastic waste and e-waste to facilitate environmental safety.


Mizero is group founder by the Entrepreneurship of refugees who want to support community and stakeholder to fulfil thier entrepreneuriat dream and ambition,creating work,driven,economic growth,strengthening community,solidarity and transforming prospects,livelihood and welfare in order to eradicate poverty in community.

Caring for widows and orphans organization

CARING FOR WIDOWS AND ORPHANS ORGANIZATION (CWOO) is a non-benefit community based organization that aims at empowering children (orphans), women (widows) and elderly people with special needs. for the programs that we do have are vocational training , livelihood and agriculture. But we are focusing on training children in ICT and vulnerable refugee women as well as digital skills. This has been founded in Kakuma refugee camp Turkana west back in January 2018 as an initiative from people of good will passionate on assisting the community.

Dzaleka Youth Organization

Dzaleka youth organization is non-profit, non-political, non- religious Organization that works in Dzaleka Refugee Camp and surrounding areas. We mainly focus on sports, entertainment and Entrepreneurship but we also have many other activities, It was founded in September 20, 2015 at Dzaleka Refugee camp.


Live in Green Live in Wealth Youth Initiative (LIVE IN GREEN) is a legally registered National NGO whose primary mission is to “Eradicate poverty, Enhance Food Security and Education, and fostering high quality of life for the people while safeguarding the long-term environmental sustainability”. The Organization was founded in 2016 by. Mr. Solomon Bhaghabhonerano, a Congolese Refugee and Mr. Mubeeke Amuza, from the host community, to enhance the socio-economic status of the underprivileged people while promoting environmental conservation. The founders realized some of the driving forces for Environmental Degradation (Climate Change) as Poverty and lack of alternative source of livelihood, which make the underprivileged communities to depend on unsustainable farming as their only source of livelihood. The founders set out to do their best to make a positive difference in the lives of fellow underprivileged and the environment where they live by working with a team of committed people, The key areas identified for interventions include; Youth and Stakeholder engagement; Livelihood and Economic growth; Environment Approaches; Climate Action; Refugee and Charity interventions; Integrated modern Farming; Education and Health; Gender equality and Social rights; Technology and Innovations; Food and Fuel Accessibility; Education, Health and Hygiene.


WHAT ABOUT NEEDSLIST: At NeedsList, we strive to develop software activities during times of crisis and emergencies, while also assisting populations in need of supplies, services, and information. We work to ensure that the aid response is local, efficient, and fast, guaranteeing that organizations can receive what they need when they need it. OUR IMPACT: We have impacted over 500,000 people in more than 25 countries by delivering $34,000,000 to organizations working on the ground in terms of supplies, information, and services. We have supported over 400 organizations. WHAT IS NEEDSLIST GLOBAL? NeedsList Global is the global implementation of NeedsList, which enables organizations worldwide (starting with Colombia, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, Turkey, and Syria) to access a platform that connects the needs of nonprofit organizations with offers from other organizations, private companies, and governments. Our main goal, with the support of, is to ensure that organizations can access the tool and support their local communities. To Join NeedsList Global: NeedsList Website:


TURCODITLA (Turkana COmmunity Digital Transformation and Literacy Adoption) is a community based organization which was founded in 2020 by a group of digital enthusiastic members who had trained in basic digital skills. The idea of starting this CBO was invested in three pillars. These are: 1. Availing accessible, affordable and marketable digital skills amongst community members within and around Kakuma. 2. Economical empowerment of CBO and community members through IGA activities, mental and social wellbeing as well as economical environmental conservation methods. 3. Enhancing a reading and research culture amongst community members through construction and equiping of modern physical community library.

cmrf- rhino camp

Christian Mission for Reformed Fellowship CMRF-Uganda is a church founded, refugee led organization based in Uganda rhino camp refugee settlement.It major focus of intervention is to empower the masses with the living word of Christ and humanitarian aid among refugees and host community.


Incubation Center is a Community Based Organiszation based in the Refugee Camp with the aim to empower Youth with Digital Skills.

Greater Love Sustainable Initiative

We are a RLO and worked with Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria in the area of Education, Livelihood, Advocacy and Mentorship . We add momentum to the refugee quest to be head and secure balance in living in their host country.


The Refugee Women Leaders Coalition was launched with the goal to educate, inspire, mentor, and support Refugee women led organizations in leadership, capacity building, fund raising and to engage and respond to the challenges facing refugees and refugee led organizations in general.


RELON-MALAWI improve the lives of refugees and host communities by promoting and supporting Refugee-Led Organizations working in humanitarian and development sectors.


CHIR stands for Community Health Initiative For Refugees. This CBO is a refugee-led initiative aimed at preventing diseases and promoting the Health, knowledge, and well-being of refugees.

Girl Power Initiative

At Girl Power Initiative, we are committed to creating a nurturing and empowering environment for refugee girls in Kaloboyei and Kakuma camps. By addressing their unique needs and challenges, we aim to uplift and inspire them to reach their full potential by providing education on Sexual Reproductive health, menstruation hygiene management, sensitization on sexual gender-based violence, and provision of reusable sanitary pads, and mentorship program. Our vision is to have a society where all individuals, especially menstruating girls in Kaloboyei and Kakuma camps, experience happiness, dignity, and empowerment in their sexual and reproductive well-being through comprehensive education and support. Our mission is to empower and uplift drop-out and school-going girls in Kakuma refugee camp, Kalobeyei settlement, and the host community by raising awareness about gender-based violence and promoting menstrual hygiene management, restoring their happiness and dignity through education, advocacy, and support. #Empowering Girls, Transforming Lives for more info below is a link to our website and Twitter


Helping Hands Entertainment (HHENT FOUNDATION) is a refugee led Organization founded by Ayuketa Shedrack evaseh a Cameroonian Refugee in Ogoja Cross River State Nigeria. Our Organization is all about Entertainment Creativity Art and Craft. Mission To relief, entertain, and bring out the creative talent and skills out of the brain box of refugees and host communities, making them self sustainable, independent and not limited by the time or situation they are in. Purpose To bring hope, self actualization (self fulfillment), self esteem and sense of belonging to the lives of refugees and host community members in the areas of psychological, social (entertainments), developmental (creativity) cultural and counseling. Vision To see persons of concern, grow to be self fulfillers, well gratify people and become the best version of themselves. Our Activities We entertain, help in career building through creativity and development, music, art and crafts. Through this, love, friendship, self belonging and gratification as well as self fulfillment, the desire to become more and more what one is capable of becoming, will be established in them, perceptions of self realization, feeling of self worth will be recognized and also makes them stay void of any criminal affairs. Hence becoming the trust future youth of positive reliance.

Help The Less Privilege

Help The Less Privilege is a refugee led organization established in 2019 in Adagom refugee settlement, Ogoja, Cross River State of Nigeria whose aims is To Empower Cameroonian refugees through education, skills acquisition, Support in agricultural activities and businesses to enable refugees to become self reliant. Our organization's mission is to increase access to education for Cameroonian refugees from Early childhood education to tertiary level to enable refugees obtain knowledge and skills to pursue sustainable futures and access to paid work and dignity, and to enable Cameroonian refugees to become self-reliant through sustainable livelihoods. We have been carrying out activities such as Training, mentorship and funding of refugee led businesses through no interest loans, we have been providing school materials to refugees, we give small grants to refugees, we support refugees financially to go for internship, we disseminate information about existing scholarship opportunities for refugees and assist refugees to seek for admission into different tertiary institutions. Bellow is some of our social media links.

Black woman dreams foundation

This is a refugee led organization based founded in 2019 by refugee youth. It’s main goal is to or education opportunities to refugees and empower youth to be entrepreneurs.

Inspiring Today

We are a platform dedicated to empowering and inspiring young people, including refugees and nationals, through experiential learning and mentorship. We've been working with Refugees for the last 3 years.

Supernovas United Youth Association

The organization is called "Supernovas United Youth Association" abbreviated as hereinafter SUYA it is a nonprofit end apolitical association, with main aim to improve the livelihoods end socio-cultural development of vulnerable communities,end Youth community especially. Creation, location end duration. Founded in 2018, August the 2nd, it is located in base-camp1 Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement , end may transfer it's location elsewhere if the need is approved by two thirds. Vision and Mission:. To be the leading Youth end Refugee-led association in providing rehabilitation, artistic, socio-cultural end cohesive activities for employment, development end education

Photofilm For change

Photofilm 4 change is an arts-based Refugee Led organization operating in Kakuma refugee camp Kenya. We use different types of creative arts to bring positive changes on different social issues affecting our communinity


The Association Réfugiés Sans Frontières is a non-profit human rights organization, particularly interested in the protection of the rights of refugees, migrants, displaced persons, detainees, women and children. It places priority on preserving the dignity of refugee women and girl-mothers who are refugees and detainees. It conducts training, awareness-raising, research, and advocacy activities. The organization contributes towards development training by being involved in the preparation and implementation of workshops which focus on the importance of forming cross-sectoral alliances with local communities.

Rainbow Family Support and Advocacy-Africa

The Rainbow Family Support and Advocacy- Africa (RaFaSA) is a non-profit group, an activist-led CBO, that was formed in 2019, for and by LGBTQIA refugees and asylum seekers to support Rainbow refugee/asylum seeker parents and their children; We are a support network for both parents and children. RaFaSA primarily looks out for LGBTQIA refugee/asylum seeker families (Parents, Children, Dependents, and Allies). At RaFaSA, a rainbow family is any Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer refugee/asylum seeker who has a child/children.

Youth Support Volunteer Organization

Youth Support Volunteer Organization is a community based Organization which was established on 1/1/2020 inspired by refugees in the Arab Republic of Egypt who came together to share their ideas base on how to help and support those who are terrible suffering within our communities through volunteering to others. The main goal was to support and volunteer as a group of people to help the homeless and hopeless youths, women, and children and not forgetting the disabled people who are miserably displaced throughout the whole world. As we all know that we are at a crucial moment in history when violence and injustice displace more people than in any other period. In addition to that, chronic hunger and malnutrition are on the rise. Lack of medical resources and clean water makes problems like these even more difficult to combat.

Victory co

We started our activities in 2019, got registration in 2023. We do research on issues affecting refugees to serve as basis for advocacy on gender based violence, children's rights, youth and women empowerment, direct humanitarian intervention for disasters among many other activities.

Alliance center of technology

Alliance Center of Technology We are non profit refugees based organization with objectives of involving refugees youth in modern technology. Founded in 2015 , Alliance has since been able to offer computer courses to high school students to prepare them with starting their career well equipped with office suites skills. Alliance prepares both refugee and kenyan( host community) youth who are planing to join University with Programming skills to assist them to develop a career in Modern technology path way. Adult computer courses at alliance , assist adult employees to sharpens their computer skills to assist in work productivity and efficiency. Holiday wave Computer Program for children from 10 to 15 years old ,assist refugees children to adapt with kenya education system and assisting children embracing modern Technology. "Code with Us" this program assist young girls to develop the skills of programming and web develop "Online entrepreneurship", this program is an online program that assist our Diploma graduates to get knowledge and skills to work online as independent freelancers. Since 2015 Alliance had a target of 250 students per year and has assisted over 700 young men and 470 girls and women refugees with technologic skills and orienting refugees youth into technology path way.


Building-community Initiatives for Development and Self-reliance (BIDS) Foundation is a Community Based Organization that envisages empowered, self-reliant and sustainable communities. It was registered in 2017 with the principle of building on the initiatives of the communities as a means to ensure development and self-reliance. The organization has operations in Northern, North Eastern and Eastern parts of Uganda in the Districts of Dokolo, Napak, Kaberamaido, Kalaki and Soroti respectively in the areas of Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Livelihoods, Food and Nutrition Security, Education and Institutional Capacity building and visibility.

Nuer Community In Kenya

A refugee-led community based organization which advocates for refugee empowerment programs.

Galore Sports

We offer a comprehensive set of sports development activities to help previously disadvantaged communities overcome their current circumstances, reclaim their dignity, become self-sufficient and well-adapted through participation in sports and recreation activities.

Rural Community Development Society

Rural Community Development Society (RCDS) started its journey of socio-economic development in 1995 by group of young professionals at small town, Mandi Faizabad (65Km distant from provincial capital of Punjab province). The energetic youth group under the leadership of Mr. Muhammad Murtaza envisioned an organization that would help the ultra-poor households to organize and work collectively for breaking the poverty cycle through provision of opportunities in Human & Institutional Development, Social Mobilization, Livelihood & Employment and Physical Infrastructure Development. The collective efforts started with the support of local philanthropists and initial years spent by the founding members for carrying out planning activities including community organization, area profiling, multi-dimensional social & development study and poverty assessment. After the successful profiling of the target area, clear goals and objectives were defined by the team and RCDS registered itself as a Society under Societies Registration Act, 1860 on July 3, 1998 at district Nankana Sahib of Punjab province with mandate of working at provincial level in Punjab, Pakistan. Organizational policies and procedures documented and management approached different donor organization working for the socio-economic development of marginalized communities. During initial 2-3 years, RCDS established its partnership with South Asia Partnership-Pakistan and Trust for Voluntary Organization for social mobilization, rights awareness, establishment of non-formal schools, community based social enterprises and micro- loans for livelihood opportunities. However, the journey of transformational development started in 2001 after partnership with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). Multi-dimensional area development program including poverty scorecard, microfinance, community physical infrastructure, education and health projects initiated in district Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib. This longstanding institutional partnership with PPAF opens up the new horizons for RCDS management and its outreach increased to 19 districts of Punjab province at the moment. So far, 765,666 households have benefitted from the services of RCDS through multi-sectoral development programs. Vision: “Socio-economic empowerment of society where all citizens avail their potential for the societal benefits on equal basis” Mission: “A struggle for a just and democratic society through making marginalized communities’ socio- economically empowered” RCDS is working to achieve the following objectives: 1. Develop an institutional infrastructure to infuse and promote sustainable participatory approach and shared vision at grassroots level 2. Help reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty by exploiting appropriate resources and employing appropriate mechanisms for promotion of economic activities 3. Increase the access of the poor communities to better health and education facilities 4. Access to the better Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities 5. Improve the human and technical capabilities of the poor through certain capacity building initiatives 6. Help women development through the provision of opportunities for them to participate in the process of development 7. Productive physical infrastructure development 8. Promote the innovation and value addition in horticulture and agriculture sector 9. Gender empowerment, NRM & Advocacy Networking 10. Protect environment and promote cleaner and greener Pakistan 11. Emergency Response, Humanitarian Assistance & Rehabilitation Core Values: Transparency, Accountability, Adaptability & Partnership

Reliable Refugee Stories Association

Reliable Refugee storytellers Association is a youth refugee led organization of Refugee storytellers and self-taught citizen journalist who ought to ease information access to evoke positive change for refugees and their partners. We do storytelling, citizen Journalism, advocacy, capacity building, livelihood and peace building. This strive to create a platform where refugees can share their experiences and stories in a wide perspective through various mediums like podcast, audio dramas and audio storytelling. RRSA is a diverse organization that brings together refugees, asylum seekers, and allies who share a commitment to promoting refugee rights. The Association was formed in 2021 registered on16/5/2022 by Yumbe District local government with its area operation being Bidibidi settlement. The organization's members come from a variety of countries, backgrounds, different Zones in Bidibidi settlement and they share a passion for storytelling and journalism as tools for social change.

African Solidarity Campaign-AfriSoC

African Solidarity Campaign (AfriSoC) is a pana-African non-profit organization based in Richards Bay KwaZulu Natal South Africa, working to promote peaceful resolution of conflicts and/or disputes, combating any form of violence against women and children, discouraging any sort of racial discrimination, racism, xenophobia and related intolerance between communities. Registered under the department of social development with Reg. No: 235-967 NPO..

Youth Uplift Network

Youth Uplift Network is a refugee youth led group that was established in 2022 with a a vision of; AN INTEGRATED COMMUNITY WHERE YOUTH HAVE ACCESS TO EDUCATION AND BECOME SELF RELIANT. MISSION: EMPOWER AND ADVOCATE FOR YOUTH FOR A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY INTEGRATION THROUGH EDUCATION. It is main objectives and interests include mentoring young people on focus areas of academic excellence, protection and impart entrepreneurial skills through informative session engagements, capacity building programs and youth activities i.e sports . We are motivated to raising academically oriented and disciplined students. Also, ensuring youth engagement and their positive contribution towards a better society.

Halgan Community Based Organization

Halgan group is a community based organization that was established in the year 2017 by a group of Refugee intellectuals from Dadaab Refugee Camps in Garissa County in response towards SGBV cases facing the communities particularly Women and young girls in Dadaab complex. In response to the increased number of GBV cases and giving livelihood skills to the GBV victims,Halgan was formed with the principle aim of educating the community on SGBV through trainings, workshops, Seminars and empowering them in a manner that results in tangible and measurable positive impact on their lives. The organization members are composed of religious leaders, community leaders, women representatives and youth of different educational backgrounds. The composition of the organization is engineered in such a way that its diversity is leveraged to reach the target group easily. As part of its strategy in pursuit of information empowered society, Halgan arms itself with a vision and mission to improve and strengthen the community for a better future. Mission: is to eradicate all forms of sexual,domestic and conflict-based violence through the process of empowerment. Vision: A world where all people enjoy their human rights and live with dignity, equality and justice. Halgan group focuses on specific objectives to reach its vision and goals which are: Eradicate traditional norms that enhance injustices in sexual and gender based violence. Empowering women and young girls through capacity building and mentoring. To educate and sensitize the community on the issues of gender based violence and how can be avoided. Reduce cases of sexual gender based violence among individuals in the community. Core values The organization adheres to core values that are central to its operation in order to stay focused and guard itself against self-defeating non ethical practices. The core values are: Accountability: Accepting responsibility for your actions (and inactions) is the ultimate way to build trust internally and externally. Equality and gender sensitivity: Halgan wishes to treat all people equally irrespective of race, tribe, sex, religion, political affiliation and socioeconomic status. Integrity: we aspire to live by the highest standards of personal honesty and moral uprightness and always act in the best interest of our communities. Creativity and innovation: members are encouraged to come up with creative ideas in solving the problems faced by the community and embrace a culture of “thinking outside the box” in dealing with challenges bedeviling the society. Volunteerism: members are instilled to volunteer part of their time, skills, energy and resources to activities that will improve the welfare of the society as away of giving back to the community and Mother Nature without expecting benefits in return.

Conviction Power of Future

CONVICTION POWER OF FUTURE “CPF”, a Community Based Organization, is fully committed to integral development. It was created in November 2019 and registered on January 18, 2023 at the District level. Our mission is to empower people with skills and knowledge through different early childhood literacy and remedial program trainings, and our vision is that we aim to reduce people’s vulnerability and strengthen their livelihood in the areas of our intervention. Our objectives are,to teach languages,support orphans and orient them in different areas of knowledge,I.T.P,counsel and guide married people in how to live a happy and sustainable family,empower the youth,do protection,health & sanitation and support small groups. ACTIVITIES: 1. Early Child Education 2. women empowerment 3. Savings and loan 4. Soap making, 5. couple training for family restoration and development. 6. Charcoal making through the re-used thing and save the environment. 7. Apiculture/beekeeping 8. Drama 9. English club & training center 10. Child protection 11. Environment protection 12. Health prévention

kalobeyei umoja association

KUA Initiative is a registered community based organization based in Kalobeyei settlement that serve refugee and host community intend to promote #Education, #Child protection, #Hygiene& Sanitation.

Salih Quran recitation center

The organization was is duly registered by Uganda registry service bureau and among it's main activities is teaching the Quran, providing hands-on skilling, adult education, counseling and guidance, computer training, Arabic language teaching among others. The organization's offices are located at Kabaka round in rubaga division, Kampala. The organizations

New Vision for Peace

We work to promote peacebuilding, gender equality and to protect refugees and displaced peoples


We are a Community-Based Organization (C.B.O) founded in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in the country of Uganda. We support Refugees to become self-reliant and create job opportunities that will promote health and wealth attitudes to people for their well-being and prepare a better future for our communities. We provide life skills and Professional Skills, Entrepreneurship Courses, Business Management, Mentoring, ICT Technology, financial literacy ... WHY WE ARE DOING IT? We want Refugees to build the foundation of their lives that will prevent them from doing things that hurt their lives and their community. E.g.: Joining bad peer groups, Early Marriages and Pregnancies to Women, and Ignoring to exploit their full potential due to this unemployment. HOW WE ARE DOING IT Providing a Free scholarship to Refugees so that they can learn, explore and be able to use their creativity in building their lives. Empowerment&Mentorship: This is all about empowering and keeps on doing a follow-up in the development of their activities. Business consultation: supporting the youth to know, grow and understand the criteria for having a successful business. Success Stories We are passionate about transforming Nakivale and making it a better place to live by building strong pillars of success that will reduce unemployment and promote health and wealth attitudes to people which will be the source of inspiration to everyone whether in or outside the Refugee Camp.

Solidarity Initiative For Refugees

Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR) is a prominent refugee-led organization (RLO) that has been operating in Kakuma refugee camp for six years. Leveraging digital technologies, SIR empowers both refugee and host community youth in Kakuma and Kalobeyei with essential skills and tools to secure a better future and economic independence. Additionally, the organization collaborates with other RLO networks like the Global Refugee-led Network (GRN), The Grassroots Consortium-Kenya (GLOs-Kenya), and RELON-Kenya to advocate for the vital role of RLOs at local, national, and global levels. At Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR), our mission is to support the youth, both men and women alike, in reclaiming what insecurity, discrimination, war, and disasters have taken away from them. We firmly believe that access to education and dignified livelihood opportunities are fundamental human rights.

Kalobeyei integrated youth progress

Kalobeyei integrated youth progress KIYP is a refugee led organization working in kalobeyei settlement camp, republic of kenya turkana county kakuma municipality to enhance social activities for Refugees.


House of Hope Community (HHC) is a Refugee Led Organization, operating in Turkana county, Turkana west sub-county or kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. The idea to create HHC begun after a critical observation of distressed life of refugees, poor and special need people which is critically intolerable. Many observers made idea to request the skillful and rich or those who have possibility to assist the vulnerable to the problems of local communities. . House of Hope Community (HHC) was logically set up to contribute to the building of this very fundamental human value. We strongly believe to achieve our objectives through the following intervention domains or programs 1. Livelihood In this program HHC has developed project / activities such as: Poultry farming, Beauty and Hairdressing, Saving for Tranformation 2. Peace and Child Protection We thank COHERE for up grading the activities of this program by stapping in with SCALABLE COMMUNITY LED LEARNING THROUGH PLAY FOR REFUGEE CHILDREN 3. Youth Empowerment/ learning support We are helping our community specially our youth with Communicative and Academic English language skill, Basic graphic Design and both English for change makers and Social Enterpreneurship courses from our partner(AMALA Education)

Youth Association for Peace and Development YAPD

Youth Association for Peace and Development (YAPD) is a registered non-profit, nongovernmental, development and Refugee led initiative organization dedicated to fighting poverty and injustices to reduce human suffering and enhances communities’ livelihoods YAPD is legally registered with the State ministry of humanitarian affairs under Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in 2018. The registration number is 47 giving YAPD the legal status and humanitarian position to operate in any part of the Western Equatoria State. Our vision is to seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security. MISSION “Is to inspire, empower and transform communities to move towards self-reliance through provision of social services and development assistance” OUR CORE VALUES Transparency and Accountability - YAPD believes that citizens have a right to hold governments and institutions accountable, to expect them to respect their rights and do what they say they will do Humanity - YAPD takes and considers with high esteem the set humanitarian principles of humanity; the mandated principles to respond to situations based on need with the most vulnerable prioritize for assistance People and Safety - We acknowledge and recognize the skills and abilities of our co-workers, and draw strengths from our diversity and commitment to equal opportunity. Excellence Service - We are committed to provision of quality services, in all sectors that we work in. We are leaders and managers that solve issues; we provide support to our partners in both relief and development assistance. We. Integrity and Respect - We are honest and responsible in all that we do and hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. We respect others, and we act with courage and humility at all times


The Volunteers Movement for Humanitarian Rescue (VMHR) is a refugee-led organization born in 2019, based in Kakuma Northwestern Turkana County, Kenya-East Africa. VMHR works towards building sustainable development for refugees, displaced people, and vulnerable people of the host communities. The purpose of VMHR is to promote social welfare, Health and well-being, education, agriculture, environment and nature preservation, poverty alleviation, and sexual education for disadvantaged people. Our Mission: To empower and promote active participation of refugees, displaced and vulnerable people of the host communities towards a better future. Our Vision: To build a dignified and self-reliant society with equal opportunities. Activities: Our core programs focus on promoting social welfare, Health and well-being, education, agriculture, environment and nature preservation, poverty alleviation, and sexual education. Core values: • Respect for human dignity • Social Justice • Inclusion • Compassion • Cooperation • Gender inclusivity • Transparency Our principals: • Humanity: VMHR will work without discrimination and with respect for human rights. • Impartiality: VMHR treats people equally without regard to national or ethnic origins, gender, or religious or political beliefs. • Independence: VMHR acts independently and is free from any influence of political parties, the military, or any other groups. • Networking: VMHR links with the government and other agencies to meet the organization’s objectives. • Non-violence: VMHR is committed to nonviolence and discourages any form of violence in any situation. • Voluntary service: The VMHR is a voluntary movement not prompted in any manner desire for individual gain.

Community aid networks

CANW is a community based none profit making refugee led organization working in Kenya specifically in Dagahaley refugee camp and legally registered at the social department. The organization was established in 2023 and started as self-help group as volunteer. It was formed as a community based organization and is registered since 2023 with the respective authorities as CANW in Kenya in the refugee context. CANW aims to enhance self-reliance and prosperity amongst vulnerable refugee communities living in Dadaab in Northern Kenya. It promotes better livelihood systems, sustainable use of natural resources and community empowerment. The goal of CANW is to build resilience, promote peace and security and provide humanitarian assistance. The organizations’ interventions across the region have encompassed preparedness, mitigation, and adaptation strategies to disaster events, such as drought, conflicts, and floods through community engagement, technical capacity building, natural resource management, and development of sustainable water infrastructure facilities. Since 2023 CANW has been undertaking various development interventions to improve the livelihood and lives of the refugee communities in the area. Interventions previously implemented include: training refugee communities on conflict resolution and peace building, sustainable natural resource management, building resilience, Offering Emergency humanitarian assistance where possible and human right advocacy.

Purpose finder academy

Purpose finder academy is a registered refugee school in South Africa started by Perky Umera. It started as an after school group discussion with only 2 learners. The number increased by 7 kids in 2013 and by the end of 2014, they were 12 kids, 2015 had 45 students, 2016 had 120 kids. In 2019 the school was registered to be fulltime . Currently the school has more than 1000 kids in 5 centres. It offers Caps and Cambridge curriculum. The learning centre offers education from Early childhood development, elementary and secondary school. The School uses English as the main language of communication and also other languages like Afrikaans, Xhosa, Chewa and French. Vision Is to enable learners access to learning through provision of highly effective teachers focused on improving student outcomes Mission Learners being able to communicate and express their ideas or views clearly Learners being able to read and write The creativity of learners in establishing, running and maintaining mini school activities Learners being able to handle and balance life pressures at puberty and teenage stage Disciplined, respectful and responsible children Schooling environment free of bullies and drug abuse Reduced to almost no school dropouts

Umoja Refugee Group

UMOJA REFUGEE GROUP is a registered, non-profit refugee-led organization (RLO) that is uplifting/changing the lives of the less privileged refugees’ families and vulnerable local hosts in the urban setup, of Nairobi. Our Inspirations: We believe that “refugee issues cannot be sufficiently resolved without including refugees at the decision-making table”. and this is possible through empowering RLOs to implement community projects as the direct impacting stakeholders on the ground. Areas of focus: URC focuses on empowering refugee women, children, elderlies, and differently-abled persons by applying Self-reliance- based programs, and promoting mental health care and education. We also take action in advocacy by promoting, striving to address, and speaking out for equal access to opportunities to better the lives of the most marginalized and less privileged persons. Our goal is to instill in everyone’s mindset to maintain a good practice of self-reliance standards for families ‘sustainability via procreative activities and skills development “ Umoja Refugee’s governance structure includes the following: - A board of management led by a chairperson - Operations team(staff) led by An executive director Women take up to 60% of the roles in management and executive. Our programs and Activities: 1. Mental health: counseling, PFA, SRHR, MHPSS, GBV. theme: “MY MENTAL HEALTH STABILITY IS KEY TO MY SELF-RELIANCE STANDARDS” 2 Livelihoods: a. Skills development: cinematography, digital literacy, &graphic design, tailoring training, English class, handcrafts (sewing, making detergents) b. Talent& Mentorship: filmmaking, media and storytelling, and mentorship activities c. Welfare& social assistance program: i.e.: UFEDSP/ Under Five, Elderlies and Disabled Support Program 3. Advocacy: Participating in advocacy forums, ODF, Refugee Act regulations, and sensitization We do community engagement through advocacy campaigns and awareness.

Heritage Handcraft CBO

Heritage Handcraft is a community based organisation creted on 5 March 2020, in kakumarefugeecamp, with the goals of: 1. Providing opportunities for artisans and Craftsmen 2. Market and sell their products at all the levels 3. Transformation of waste (plastic, paper and kitenge) into art, 75% of our row materials are waste Our main activities are: • Cultural/Traditional activities • Skills development • Youth empowerment a) Our mission is to provide an opportunities for artisans and Craftsmen representing all mediums to market and sell their product to the public. b) Our vision is to produce a series of events that are family friendly, fun, and fruitful for artisans and visitors. Exportation of our handcrafts all over the world especially where is needed. Our current activities: 1. ART YETU: Through this project we have empowered from now thousands of refugees artists with artists skills. We have graduated our first cohort and the second one not yet because of lack of funds, we have been organizing art Competition that brought together youth from kakuma host and refugee communities and Kalobeyei settlement to be able to express themselves through Visual Arts.


The organization started June 2022. The ultimate goal of the organisation is the significant need to address the immediate educational needs of the large number of school age group youth, who have dropped out school due to various circumstances, with an objective of returning them back to school and empower them through an emergency aid that will guarantee for a successful completion of their education course as well as the rest of the youth in the world. A target number of 100 youths who have dropped out of school will be subjected through psychosocial counseling process that will guarantee for their preparedness to resume their studies.


[08/15, 20:29] Tmode: Ubumuntu is a community based, refugee led organization that operate in the Southern Suburb of Cape Town called Retreat. It was established in 2020 during the covid lockdown. Children were all at home and to keep them busy. Coach Emile Semarora and Coach Emmanuel felt they could keep the children engage, by keep them from vices that thrive in the community. Hence, Ubumuntu was established. Ubumuntu is a Kirundi word meaning humanity and unity. The organization organises training sessions every Saturday morning weather permiting, soccer tournaments and educational workshops for children and young adults in Retreat and surroundings. Majority of the participants are refugees and migrants. There are locals as well which foster social cohesion.

Youth Social Advocacy Team

Youth Social Advocacy Team (YSAT) is a Refugee Youth-led Community Empowerment, Peace Building and Humanitarian Non-Profit Regional NGO Registered with Uganda National Bureau for Non -Governmental Organizations Reg. No. REGR152704213NB and in South Sudan with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) Reg No. 2407. We work with grassroot refugees, returnees, internally displaced people and vulnerable host communities in Uganda and South Sudan to; Enhance Community Based Conflict Transformation, Promote Sustainable livelihoods, Agriculture and Skills Development, Provide Alternative Innovative Learning Opportunities and Advance evidence-based Research & Advocacy for displaced communities. Year Founded : July 2017 Founder: John Jal Dak, a South Sudanese Refugee Youth living in Uganda 3 years after the 2013 South Sudan Crisis, Board Chairperson: Thabiso Blak Mashaba

Coalicion por Venezuela

CoalicionVE is the biggest network of Venezuelan-led organizations with 98 NGO members in 23 countries. We are a non-profit and non-partisan federation promoting humanitarian assistance, integration, socioeconomic inclusion, peace building, democratic values, promotion and defense of human rights and development of Venezuelan migrants and refugees. We are partners in Latin America and the Caribbean region with the Response for Venezuela Platform (R4V), we lead the civil society coalition in Venezuelan affairs within the Organization of American States (OAS) and lead the LAC Chapter of the Global Refugee-led Network. We are members of the UNHCR’s Advisory Board of Organizations led by Displaced and Stateless persons.

Elimisha Kakuma

Elimisha Kakuma, which means “Educate Kakuma” in Swahili, is the first college-preparatory gap year program designed specifically for refugees from Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northwest Kenya seeking higher education. It was founded in 2021, by three graduates of Bridge2Rwanda, all of whom are former refugees from Kakuma Refugee Camp and studied in the US (Harvard/GWU/St. Olaf), Joseph Dudi Miabok, Diing Manyang,and Mary Maker, along with their former Lead Teacher at B2R, Deirdre Hand (MA Education, Virginia Tech.) Elimisha Kakuma provides access to higher education opportunities for high school graduates living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Students receive intensive academic instruction, exam preparation, mentorship with current college students, and guidance through the college application process. As more refugees gain access to higher education, their long-term life outcomes will be improved and their communities will be strengthened.

Human Shine Dream

Human Shine Dream (HSD) is a remarkable Community-Based Organization that was founded in 2019 by a group of Refugee youths in the western part of Kenya, specifically in Turkana County, within the Kakuma Refugee Camp. HSD is committed to advancing the holistic development of children and youths, equipping them with Education, Livelihood, and Digital Skills. Through our dedicated efforts, we prepare them for active participation in the global community and employment opportunities, fostering a brighter, inclusive future. Our organization has successfully implemented several impactful projects, each designed to address specific needs and create lasting positive change within the community. HSD remains committed to equipping individuals of all ages with Education, Livelihood and Digital Skills, fostering their empowerment in the contemporary landscape. Our track record is marked by the implementation of impactful projects, strategically tailored to meet distinct community needs, thereby fostering enduring and constructive transformations.


Living in a refugee camp for just several months, is one of the biggest challenges people can face in their life and Nakivale refugee settlement is one of them because it is easier to get traumatized, to loose hope, to grow without formal education, to even die with diseases like malaria and infections. In 2019, some youths living in Nakivale refugee settlement met on a street and started discussing about their life challenges in the camp, and many of them noticed that their friends have been suffering for so long from stress, trauma, hunger, and other different diseases and these situations were similar to many of them. After meeting on the street and discussed, these young people had set a place where children and youths could meet to share stories and life experience within the community. A few weeks ago, people were interested to come regularly in the place to listen to other people’s stories and gain more interest of sharing theirs. Then we saw that as an opportunity of uniting people in our community and we got a vision to make these meetings well organized, involving some community leaders; therefore, in January 25th, 2020, out of these story telling meetings and life experience sharing, we create a community-based Organization under the name of New Talent for the Best Future with a mission of Raising marginalized Children and Youths' Talents through Education, Sport, Art and Social skills.

Young Africans Anti-poverty O rganization

Young Africans Anti-poverty Organization (Y.A.A.O.) Is an NGO formed by refugees in Kakuma Refugees Camp in Kenya . it was form by youth to help fight poverty in Africa and make refugees self-reliance, It has reach 2 years since Y.A.A.O. was form in 2021 August . and we have accomplish some of our target goals ,Y.A.A.O. has been assisting Refugees in different ways , first of all , the Organization has been organizing trains to youths in Kakuma , Also it has help some women in opening of local business within Kakuma. the mission of Y.A.A.O. is To equip refugees and less privileged global citizens with necessary livelihood skills, and to provide essential tools and resource for establishing a start up business . Vision To reduce the rate of poverty in Africa and across the globe through the establishment of self-reliance communities . Y.A.A.O. has been involved in following ways to fight poverty in Africa , community development , youth empowerment , livelihood improvement and girls and woment empowerment

RWAMWANJA Women Empowerment

The founders of Rwamwanja Women Empowerment, here in referred to as the “organization”, together with the executive committee who are the board of members of the said organization, collaborating for the purpose of promoting women activities, put women together to empower their duties and take care of their kids and caring for the needy and social interests groups in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and surrounding areas in the district. We believe that every human being deserves to have and live a dignified life in a loving home family and caretakers that cater for them to meet physical and emotional well-being and development.

Resourcing Refugee Leadership Initiative

The Resourcing Refugee Leadership Initiative (RRLI) is a six organization-strong global coalition driven by the importance of transferring power and resources to refugee-led organizations. Our mission is to resource refugee-led organizations (RLOs) to uplift communities and combat systematic refugee exclusion within refugee response. We envision a world where a vibrant, refugee-led civil society leads the direction of refugee response, allowing more refugees than ever to rebuild their lives. When we center people who have been forcibly displaced, we also center innovation, solutions and movement building leading to immediate and long-term improvements in our lives. As such, we want a world in which all people who have experienced forced displacement have agency over their lives and access to solutions that rebuild their lives with dignity.


VISSION: To empower, develop and promote self-reliance MISSION: To see empowered refugees become peaceful, selfreliant, and innovative THEMATIC AREAS 1.1 Create awareness and sensitization on issues affecting the communities Example pandemic outbreak, conflicts prevention, passing message/ mobilization to the community 1.2 Skills development CENET will empower youths in multiple vocational skills example liquid and bar soap making, carpentry and joinery, electronic, ICT, Neating, Agricultural skills among others to promote 1.3 Comunity service provisions Here CENET shall organise community work, reach charity to persons with special needs PSNs (Elderly, orphans, women at risk among categories of vulnerable people) and social places like churches, schools, health and markets. 1.4 Environmental protection/ Climate change adaption (CCA) We continue making advocacy for environment conservation Example by promoting Re-afforestation, Agro-forestation and best practice to ensure environment protection inorder for positive climate change Background of CENET Is a refugee youth led non-profit making community based organization operating in Rhino refugee settlement. It was started in the year 2021 after realising number of gap during the COVID-19 pandemic and when developmental phase was declared in the humanitarian refugee response following the legal framework. Where some of international, regional and national NGOs are quitting the refugee response due to limited funding. Therefore, CENET as Community Based Organization we came to close this gap. As per our stated mission and vision above.


Allvox is a legally registered refugee-founded and youth-led community-focused organization that facilitates community’s own response to its local challenges. The not-for profit initiative was founded in January 2021 in response to consequences of coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Uganda. It got officially registered with Terego District in May 2022 as a community-based organization in Imvepi refugee settlement with registration number 636/050. Envisioning a young change making community, Allvox focuses on inclusive education, environmental conservation and media for local development. From a content creation group to a community-focused organization, our story of foundation traces back to 2021 when the global coronavirus’s wreckage on lives in refugee settlements got deeper. The plights of the people we serve were the driving forces that set the foundations of this intervention. Imvepi settlement with over 60,000 refugees had been facing untold challenges: a hike in teenage pregnancies and marriages; youth unemployment; limited educational opportunities; misinformation, disinformation and hate speech; conflicts over resources; and declining relief cuts. Since the settlement’s opening in 2017, humanitarian organizations had been responding to local community challenges. During a tour in the settlement on New Year eve in 2021, our founder discovered that a solar-powered local community radio set up by some refugee partners – made out of mega-phones – was pumping a lot of music, announcements and with largely no educative programmes. The radios lacked more playable content that could edutain the community action. As a result, our founder solicited young refugees and formed a drama group on January 6th 2021 in which they planned, acted, recorded and produced playable audio programmes. One year later, what was initially a Covid-19 content group graduated to a fully registered community-concern nonprofit organization. Allvox’s response strategy is simple; leverages the local resources in designing sustainable community-driven solutions.

Innovation Talent Academy ITA

Innovation Talent Academy (ITA), founded in 2020, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating self-sustainable opportunities for young marginalized individuals. ITA's vision is to lead in empowering, supporting, and bringing hope to the lives of those who often face insurmountable challenges on their path to success. Mission and Focus: At its core, ITA's mission is to provide marginalized youth with the tools and opportunities they need to flourish. The organization primarily targets refugees, people with disabilities, single mothers, and others who encounter systemic barriers to progress. ITA firmly believes that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves the chance to build a better future. Comprehensive Programs: ITA implements a multifaceted approach to empowerment. The academy offers vocational training in fields like IT, tailoring, and handcrafts, imparting practical skills that open doors to employment and entrepreneurship. Additionally, ITA conducts entrepreneurship skills training to nurture innovation and self-reliance. Education and livelihood support round out the programs, ensuring a holistic empowerment strategy. Challenges and Future Ambitions: ITA acknowledges the harsh challenges that many of its beneficiaries face, including language barriers, family neglect, and poor advisement, which can lead to limited job opportunities or even involvement in dangerous activities. However, these challenges serve as fuel for ITA's unwavering commitment to expand its reach, address systemic issues, and foster lasting change. Conclusion: Innovation Talent Academy represents more than just an organization; it symbolizes hope, resilience, and the potential for positive transformation. It stands as a testament to the belief that education and entrepreneurship can shatter the cycle of marginalization, offering young individuals the keys to self-sufficiency. ITA's journey is an inspiring narrative of empowerment, determination, and a steadfast commitment to rewriting the destinies of marginalized youth, one success story at a time.

Eureka Foundation Academy

In today’s world the refugee youth/children are facing the most of hardships since they are out of their various countries of origin. In Rwamwanja refugee settlement, the youth/children constitute a big part of the population yet they remain the most subjugated and marginalized. The difficult circumstances that young refugees face because of limited opportunities for education and training. Sports is one of the most unifying factors among the young people in Rwamwanja and E.F.A is focusing on bringing the children together through sports activities like football, basketball, netball, among others and through this, other objectives of empowerment and leadership trainings for the young people. The foundation works with youth and children from both the camp and the host community.


YOUTH INCLUSION NETWORK-UGANDA (YINET-UGANDA) is a refugee youth led development community-based organization which works to proactively uplift and amplify the voices of young people silenced by war, violence and disasters to thrive in the refugee settlement of imvepi located in terego district- northern Uganda, through provision of menstrual education, skills development in production of local reusable sanitary pads for both women and girls in and out of school. founded in 2020 and legally registred in 2023, the organization employs an asset-based approach in executing its projects where it shifts power, resources and skills to the young people enabling them to best respond to their own needs hence making them to be self-reliant and sustained. the organization's vision is " to provide first class youth services that supports the personal and social development of young people, enabling them to increase their resilience, learn new skills in the present and promote their ambition for the future.". the organization's mission is to support all young people especially those who needs us most to reach their full potential and make positive life choices by engaging in fun and innovative youth activities to move from dependence to interdependence.

Advocacy Training and Education Hub

We are a refugee-led non-profit organization dedicated to providing advocacy and employment pathways for refugees. Our mission is to empower refugees by helping them gain access to flexible learning opportunities, employment pathways, advocating for their rights, and providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed. We believe that refugees have a unique perspective and valuable skills to offer to their communities, and we work to create opportunities for them to contribute their talents and expertise to the workforce. In addition to our employment services, we also advocate for the rights of refugees, both locally and nationally. We believe that every person has the right to safety, security, and a fair chance at a fulfilling life, and we work to ensure that refugees are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our organization is entirely refugee-led, meaning that our staff and leadership are all refugees themselves. We believe that this unique perspective allows us to better understand the needs and challenges facing our community and to provide the most effective and relevant support possible.

Bright futures consortium

Bright Futures is a consortium comprising of 4 RLO partners and a team of disability specialists to provide opportunities for children with disabilities across 4 settlements i.e. South West Uganda, West Nile and Kampala. Our mission is to address the challenges faced by Children with Disabilities (CWDs) primarily through providing them with opportunities to access quality education. The cost of taking care of CWDs is very high; they need special attention throughout the day as well as good nutrition and personal care products which require additional resources and support to lead quality lives which their parents may not be able to provide. Bright Futures Consortium provides specialist assessments to CWDs and offers targeted parent training to support the children’s development at home. Further, we work with schools to improve accessibility for CWDs through improvement of school infrastructure as well as strengthen teacher capacity to embrace an inclusive pedagogy. We use a holistic community based participatory approach to ensure CWDs access key social services through referrals and partnerships. So far, we have reached 1200+CWDs with individualized support and learning materials, trained 1160+ parents and caregivers in home-based care for CWD, enrolled 300+ in formal learning centers and distributed 252+assistive devices and improved physical access to 20+ schools and community learning hubs. We believe that through your support we can do more to support these children to have a Bright Future. You too can make an impact in the lives of these children by supporting our work through our reframe “Donate Via Cohere” Button.

Apt Action

We are an organisation delivering value to communities. The education system in Kakuma is experiencing significant challenges, especially in the areas of psychosocial support for children, social and emotional learning, as well as overall teaching quality. That said, there exists the untapped potential for community organisations, both refugee and host, to be enfranchised and supported to play a role in children’s education. These community agents can provide services that complement the existing work done by INGOs and fill in their gaps – and if scaled, this will lead to a positive transformation of Kakuma’s education environment and will increase refugee agency.


Stop child abuse (SCA) is a Refugee led organization, funded in 2019 in kakuma refugee camp Kalobeyei settlement in Turkana County after seeing the challenges faced by children, youth and women. Many children are abused by adults by violating their rights as given by United convention on child rights and need of help to stop such child abuse and promote their rights and dignity, some children have no access to education for lack of scholastics materials, Overall 15 percent of the total child population in Kakuma and Kalobeyei (14,146; 38 per cent girls) are documented as unaccompanied, separated and vulnerable, requiring continuous protection, support and follow-up. Another 1,040 unaccompanied children live in child-headed households need support, increasing of girls drop out school cases which need emergency intervention to promote girls education, drug abuse and alcoholism to children and youth which harm their health, unemployment of youth and single mothers which affect their present and future lives. Stop child abuse (SCA) is engaged to protect and promote children, youth and women development with a special mission to End child abuse and improving children, youth and women lives and a vision to build a world in which every child attains the rights to survival, protection, development and participation. Stop child abuse (SCA) is focusing on awareness of refugees on child rights as given by the united convention on child rights, girls for girl’s project where girls are educating to don’t likely to marry young and more likely to lead healthy, productive lives, earn higher incomes, participate in the decisions that most affect them and build better futures for themselves and their families. Girls' education strengthens economies and reduces inequality, youth awareness on drug abuse and alcoholism and training in life skills to youth and single mothers to promote self-empowerment.

Peace for Development Refugees Initiative

1. ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTION Peace for Development Refugee Initiative (PDRI) is a Community Based Organization created in March 2016 in order to address the refugee’s community need and problems. We are supporting vulnerable youths and children with additional education, promoting sports and art as a space to disseminate peace message to the community and empowering the society especially women by initiating Income Generating Activities for self-reliance. All our activities have been focussed on peace building for the development of our society. Peace for Development Refugee Initiative (PDRI) particularly targets the most vulnerable members of the society including children, youths and women, it addresses issues of education, sports, socio economic empowerment and peace building. 1.1 PDRI VISION The fact that peace is a prominent factor for all development, we believe that durable peace can be significantly advanced through education, sport & art, also by improving the life conditions of vulnerable individuals as our slogan says: “No peace no bread”. 1.2 PDRI MISSION To build peaceful communities by creating an inclusive space for elders, women, youths and children even though diversity of cultures and believes in order to be united and participate in all peace activity for the establishment of effective and durable peace for the development. 1.3 PDRI OBJECTIVES 1. Fighting against any kind of discrimination and promoting unity in diversity, 2. Initiating vocational trainings in order to equip youths, women and children with life skills, 3. Promoting Sport and Art initiatives for peaceful cohesion, 4. Creating Income Generated Activities (IGA) for self-reliance of vulnerable groups and good functioning of our office. AREA OF INTERVENTION 1. Education: a) Information Communication Technology (ICT) b) Peace Building c) Early Childhood Education 2. Sport & Arts: a) Football for children under 15 years old b) Baseball5 for children under 15 years old c) Dodgeball for children under 15 years old d) Children Art therapy for children under 7 years old 3. Women Empowerment

Endam Home of Hope

Endam Home of Hope is Refugee Women led organization in Nigeria. It was created in 2018 and registered in 2019. Endam Home of Hope has been i We support Refugees to integrate into society faster and safer through provision of temporal shelter, fight Against Gender Based Violence, train them to acquire different skills and Empower them with start up kits. So far we train more than 500 refugees, we have provided temporal shelter more than 150 refugees, and we have created awareness against gender base violence to over 1000 people. Endam Home of Hope won the UNHCR women led organization innovative award in 2022 and the grant helped us impact more lives positively. Endam Home of Hope has been funded by COHERE and partners with other organizations like UNHCR, national commission for refugees migrants and internally displaced persons, justice for peace and development commission. We implement projects in Abuja, Oron Akwa Ibom State, Ogoja and Benue state. Other sources of our funds are income from NKA Borngreat International company, sales from books written by the founder, Endam Home of Hope won


VISION ART AND MUSIC FOR YOUTH is a non-profit Refugee-led organization that was founded by a group of refugee youths on 12/12/2018, In the western part of Kenya Turkana county, specifically in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Our aim was to train the youths on playing Musical instruments, Dance and cultural to enhance their talents and improve their lives standards. To meet our desire of continuing serving displaced people from different background into programs for them to become economically self- sufficient. We also dealing with education for children , psycho-social intervention, Art, Creativity, vocational trainings and Livelihood. Aimed at providing strategies that help them develop the emotional, social and cognitive skills needed to become lifelong learners and improve their living standard.

Ngoma Tujenge Africa Foundation

We dream an Africa where everyone is integrated, we have the objective of enabling young people to become citizens, autonomous actors in their project: to support youth initiatives in Africa and to strengthen their personal development. • Encourage the development of youth and • Maintain an innovative spirit Area of Work • Improving capacity and basic education • Social assistance (scholarization of orphans, construction of homeless shelters, • Participation in income-generating activities • Habitat improvement • Protection • Encadrement and professional development of youth • Analphabétism prevention • Child and woman promotion CONTEXTE The analysis of the state of the youth in Dzaleka and its surroundings reveals the problem of heavily alcoholized youth in a country where 32% of young men aged 17 to 32 are soullards. These young guys generally have a low level of education and are frequently rejected by society. As a result, they find themselves dissatisfied with their circumstances, with little psychological or financial support.

Unity and Sending Peace to All Tribes

Unity and Sending Peace to All Tribes (U.S.P.A.T) is a non-governmental and non-profit Refugee led organization serving urban refugees and the local communities. Our main aim is preaching the message of unity and reconciliation among all tribes. We seek to eradicate hatred, tribalism, conflict and civil war among different tribes to enable a peaceful and harmonious living. Protecting the rights of the refugees and contributing towards enhancing their skills and resourcefulness is also one of our of objectives. We are aiming at reducing the rate of poverty, protecting children's rights and ensuring that there is equity among the less fortunate and the disabled in the communities and the refugees.


SUSTAINA is a community based organization (CBO) in Adagom 3 refugee settlement in Ogoja, Cross River State Nigeria. Our mission is to help refugees develop capacity for a sustainable livelihood while equally ensuring that the environment which constitutes habitat for refugees is well protected. Our objectives besides others are; - to organize entrepreneurial workshops to train refugees on business formation, running a business and to scale a business. - organize leadership development training for refugees and the host. - train refugees in ICT so as to enable them position themselves in our rapidly changing tech space. - provide access to educational materials for refugees and the host communities students as a way to guarantee quality education. - carry out environmental awareness campaigns - Educate refugees on sustainable agricultural practices. To achieve these goals, we have setup an ICT training center in Adagom 3 refugee settlement where refugees are equipped with the needed skills in IT, and also a library that gives refugees access to quality learning materials. We have equally setup a piggery farm where we train refugees on livestock keeping and empowering them to be independent livestock Farmers. Being a semi-arid region, and the pressure mounted on trees by the refugees who use it as the only source of energy for cooking and also as timber for construction, with an estimated daily cutting of over 15 trees. As a way of maintaining a balnce in the ecosystem and combat green house has effect, we have embarked on a mission to plant 3000 trees within the refugee host communities.

GEESI Development and Humanitarian Initiative

GEESI Development and Humanitarian Initiative formerly known as Great Step Initiative, it is a non profit Refugees Led Organization to providing help to refugees and host community members in Cross River and Taraba through relief support and sustainable empowerment. Our headquarter is in Adagom 1 Refugee settlement Ogoja Local Government Area Cross River state. Our activities are centered on mental health and psychosocial support, Gender Based Violence, Child Protection and Preventive health ( promotion of sanitation among the refugees and the host communities). To create positive and personal difference in the lives of refugees and host community members. Enabling them to achieve productive sustainable livelihood and empowered to be self sufficient to contribute positively to the society. Ensure poverty alleviation through sustainable empowerment and self reliance in skill acquisition, positive attitude and basic necessities to meet their immediate needs.

Community Initiative for Rehabilitation and Transformation

CIRT is a legally registered RLO in Yumbe District with a registration No. ODRW/0003 in the district and No. ODW/00019 in the sub-county. Founded in 2021 as a refugee youth led community Based organization and non-profitable organization with no political, religious, ethnical, racial and gender affiliation. The sole purpose is to support Youth and Women living in the Refugee Settlement and the Host communities through livelihood aided projects that empower, improve and transform social and economic standard of living in the Communities so that the needs of the Youth and Women are met. We shall work with other Non-Governmental Organization (NGO’s), Community Base Organization (CBO) and other Institutions that shares our Vision, Mission and Values. We engage in activities that are essential to Empowering, improving, and Transforming the standards of living of the Youth and Women in Refugee and Host Communities and foster peace in the communities through reconciliation.

Bright future consotrium for children with disabilities

Bright Futures is a consortium comprising of 4 RLO partners and a team of disability specialists to provide opportunities for children with disabilities across 4 settlements i.e. South West Uganda, West Nile and Kampala. Our mission is to address the challenges faced by Children with Disabilities (CWDs) primarily through providing them with opportunities to access quality education. The cost of taking care of CWDs is very high; they need special attention throughout the day as well as good nutrition and personal care products which require additional resources and support to lead quality lives which their parents may not be able to provide. Bright Futures Consortium provides specialist assessments to CWDs and offers targeted parent training to support the children’s development at home. Further, we work with schools to improve accessibility for CWDs through improvement of school infrastructure as well as strengthen teacher capacity to embrace an inclusive pedagogy. We use a holistic community based participatory approach to ensure CWDs access key social services through referrals and partnerships. So far, we have reached 1200+CWDs with individualized support and learning materials, trained 1160+ parents and caregivers in home-based care for CWD, enrolled 300+ in formal learning centers and distributed 252+assistive devices and improved physical access to 20+ schools and community learning hubs. We believe that through your support we can do more to support these children to have a Bright Future. Currently we are implementing a project entitled ' Scalable community led learning through play for refugee children with disabilities. The project aims at enhancing learning of children using various modes of play. You too can make an impact in the lives of these children by supporting our work through our reframe “Donate Via Cohere” Button.