Collective change

The collective change campaigns bring together organisations who are responding to the specific needs of their communities through innovative solutions. Partners, funders and other supporters can be part of the collective that is driving change and transforming refugee communities.

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Sudan Campaign

On the 15th April 2023, violence broke out in Sudan’s capital Khartoum between the country’s army and a paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Forces. One year on, and the situation has continued to escalate across the country including the Darfur region, causing unprecedented levels of displacement across the region. A reported 5.9 million people have been internally displaced and over 1.4 million refugees have fled to neighbouring countries including South Sudan, Chad, Kenya and Uganda. Over half the population - 25 million people - are in need of humanitarian assistance, and 17.7 million are facing severe food insecurity. Refugee leaders and organisations are playing a critical role in supporting their communities as the situation continues to unfold across the country. These groups are particularly vulnerable and need support urgently. We have partnered with a number of refugee-led organisations who are working on the ground to help people fleeing the violence, including I CAN SOUTH SUDAN, and Hope Relief and Rehabilitation for Disabilities Support (HRRDS) who are providing emergency support when it’s needed most. I CAN SOUTH SUDAN, an organisation based in South Sudan and Uganda, have been working in Gorom Refugee Camp on the outskirts of Juba. They have been providing clothes, food, water, shelter and other basic needs at reception centers which are being set up to receive new arrivals. They are developing a programme of activities and creating safe spaces for children within the camp. Beyond meeting people’s immediate needs, they will offering legal support and child protection services to those in need. HRRDS are supporting displaced people in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, providing food items, blankets, tents & dignity kits for the women and young girls who have been displaced to that region.  Your money will help these organisations provide safety and important supplies to those in need.   DONATE TODAY    

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Basic Education

Five refugee-led organisations (RLOs) are transforming their communities by delivering formal education initiatives to refugee children. The schools run by the RLOs, are providing over 2,071 children with unique and quality education opportunities that can help them build better futures. At a global level, UNHCR estimate that half of the 3.5 million refugee children of primary school age do not go to school. This can have severe developmental and psychosocial impact on these young people on top of their experiences of being forcibly displaced. Formal education systems in refugee-hosting countries often cannot meet the demands, as well as there being multiple barriers for refugees enrolling in schools. RLOs are playing a vital role in closing these gaps, however their expertise in delivering formal education is not always formally recognised. Refugee-led organisations are working to ensure that the next generation of children can build better futures for themselves. They want to build more classrooms, ensure teachers are trained properly, and ensure that children can access learning in safe spaces that nurture and protect them. These organisations are coming together despite these challenges to serve their communities meaningfully. Find out more about the progress they’ve made below and read their stories of collective change. The more support they receive, the more they will be able to improve the quality of the learning experience and enroll more children in their schools. Be part of the change and donate today.

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