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Republic of Malawi
Education for Children Basic Needs Livelihoods
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Agapao Foundation (AF) is a refugee-led organization established in 2019 by a refugee to reduce gender-based violence (GBV), provide support to survivors, and fight against the stigma and discrimination faced by survivors, especially children living with HIV/AIDS. OUR VALUES ARE: • Solidarity • Human dignity • We believe that children are entitled to the following rights: - The right to live and grow - The right to not be discriminated against. - The right to be supported for good health and wellbeing - The right to develop in a good supportive environment without discrimination or neglect so that she or he develops her or his full potential


Current Partners

  1. UNHCR Malawi
  3. Plan International Malawi
  4. Refugee-led organization network Malawi
  5. Dream

Previous Partners


Organization Mission: “Our mission is to create a community free from gender-based violence (GBV) by providing comprehensive support to survivors and combating the stigma and discrimination faced by people, including children, living with HIV. ”

Organization Vision: “Our vision is to live in a community free of gender-based violence, where survivors are fully supported and people, especially children with HIV/AIDS, are no longer stigmatized or discriminated against. We seek a future where everyone, irrespective of the”

Contact Person: Shadrack Kabila

Contact Email: agapaofoundation20@gmail.com

Second Contact Person: Trésor Kaseya

Secondary Email: tresorkaseya631@gmail.com

Additional location: Dzaleka refugee camp

Networks: GBV Synergy Malawi, RELON Malawi, Dreams Network

Network Emails: gbvsynergy@gmail.com, relonmalawi1@gmail.com

Field Partners: Cohere

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