Asociacion venezolanos en cartagena

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we are a Civil Society organization whose main objective in each of its axes is the promotion, defense and advice on fundamental human rights that assist the Venezuelan migrant population in the Colombian territory, specifically in the Bolivar Department.We are enfiladed by a group of volunteers, with the clear vision of working to ensure that we respond comprehensively to the needs of Protection of fundamental human Rights in the face of the humanitarian emergency and reality that the migrant and refugee population consequently faces in this territorial sphere, all our work based on the banner of promotion and education with the social commitment to serve convinced that only through this we will achieve the development of this vulnerable population so that they can enjoy a dignified life taking into account their integral development and potentialities directing and generating new opportunities. Our ideologies that are reflected in the organization developed under the principles of love, honesty, social commitment, respect, solidarity, excellence, participation, transparency, unity, Inclusion and search for social welfare and strengthening of the human being.

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Annual Beneficiary Reach: 3,428

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Our Community and beneficiaries

Our beneficiary population is migrants, returned Colombians and Colombians, to date we have attended 3428 people in a period of 9 months

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Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar

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