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BUILD HOPE OF YOUTH FOR BETTER FUTURE, non-governmental and non-profits community based organization free from political, clan’s religion and ethnic divisions, works with hundreds of youths, include pregnant girls and single handed women in remote and rural areas. BHYBF strive to create hope of future where youth and single parents and pregnant girls are able to facilitate their own developmental sustainability, BHYBF works in program area of our beneficiaries’ entrepreneurship, promotion of environment and agricultural development, capacity building mentorship. To be a leading C.B.O in promoting, graduating youth, supporting their sustainability through professional skills, practical and theoretical framing, ensure an effective impact in their lives Empower single handed women, young female and young male with skills, framing the talented ones for self-reliance and resilience to rise and light their hope. BHYBF was founded in 16th October 2019 by youth and women after releasing the need of youth, single handed women and pregnant girls in the development and livelihood stages so that they can play a greater role in the development in their communities. Registered at the Town council and at the District level. BHYBF is located in UGANDA/ KIBALE EAST/ KAMWENGE DISTRICT/ NKOMA SUB-COUNTY/ RWAMWANJA REFUGEE SETTLEMENT/ NKOMA C VILLAGE.

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We are a community based organization, operating in rwamwanja refugee settlement, southwestern part of Uganda, is home to nearly seventy refugees, and is managed by UNHCR and the Ugandan government through department of refugees. Most of the current residents of the rwamwanja settlement are Congolese nationals who fled the M23 rebellion and the broader kivu conflict beginning in early 2012. Accessing land within the rwamwanja settlement, is 92 percent where the shelter is located where as 13 percent of the population access land in the separate plot. Trained to expand their rice and pepper harvest, Congolese refuges in Uganda use earnings to start a new businesses and become self-reliant. We work with single handed women, young females and males, pregnanted young girls of which, the talented ones benefit from practical and theorical framing, and those that are not talented benefit from different skills in different domains to ensure an effective impact in their lives. We have reached so far a total number of 291 beneficiaries allocated in different interventions to know; 1. TAILLORING 21 2. WEAVING (Hand bags and market bags) 77 3. SANDAL MAKING 45 4. ELECTRICITY 18 5. CULTURAL DESIGN 9 6. AGRICULTURE 82 7. FISH FARMING 14 8. ENVIRONMENT 90 9: WASH 836 And most of these beneficiaries come from 2 different zones, 8 villages; NKOMA ZONE ; nkoma A, nkoma B, nkoma C, and mikole, then BASE CAMP ZONE; 1,2,3 and 4.

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Uganda Country/Kibale County/kamwenge district/Nkoma sub-County/Nkoma parish/Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement/ Base Camp1 village /

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