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COMFORTING THE AFFLICTED(CA) is a Vision received in Malawi at the Dzaleka refugee camp, by Dr. Dieudonne Rutebeza Godgiven since 2019. ●Who are the beneficiaries ? =The main beneficiaries are: Refugees and natives (village surrounding the Dzaleka camp) widows, orphans, unemployed young people, children from 0 to 5 years old, pregnant women and the desperately ill. a)PRESENTATION OF THE PROJECT: the turnover will be composed of 6 main compartments: 1)A sewing workshop: this compartment will house a sewing workshop in which widows, women and young girls without a trade or commercial activity, will be trained free of charge in the sewing trade, thanks to the skills acquired, they will be able to gain financial autonomy, leave the center and allow welcoming other people in need. 2) Home for widows and orphans: -a built building comprising a large room and some classes that will serve both as a study room for orphans attending school and a literacy classroom for those wishing to begin or resume studies. 3) A small farm for meat hens and eggs: -we offer training in raising hens and how to keep them, here once the skills have been acquired thanks to the support of professionals in the sector, they will be able to integrate or reintegrate into working life and take charge of themselves. 4) A multipurpose room called the Consolidation room: -open and with a capacity of 150 seats, this room will serve 2 activities: 1) The activity of the free distribution of food and clothing to the most deprived people according to a periodicity to be determined, to pregnant women (for them and their future babies), including children under 5 years old. 2) the activity of the proclamation of the gospel, of teaching and prayers for the sick, of deliverance for the afflicted and of experiencing the presence of Jesus Christ the God of all consolation. 5) The place of refreshment: Is a place that will be equipped with play areas for children, and any other useful activity. 6) A Solidarity Pharmacy: It is a solidarity pharmacy in which medicines will be free for widows, orphans and other people who have difficulty in getting treatment, and also in case of emergency care needs will be dispensed there before evacuation. in the nearest health centers. ●Project financing Have we already acquired the land for this project? No,Not yet, We decide to ask for the contribution, and this contribution is open to all, each participating according to his means. The budget for the purchase of the plot and the construction as well as the equipment of the main compartments amounts to a determined amount, but we know with the little we can continue slowly, until we reach the goal,The donation in kind: (Construction materials, equipment, technical or professional skills are also welcome. Let each give according to what he has resolved in his heart without constraint or sadness. THANKS.

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