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Education for Children Basic Needs Livelihoods
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1. BACKGROUND : COPAD is a Christian Refugee Led Organization assigned as global objective to accompany the Church in the extension of the God's kingdom through the promotion of spiritual, physical, mental and social-economical health of persons in distress condition by enforcement of social action especially children and youths. To save Children and youths in an environment where the life has become worrying and alarming: acts of insult, violence, immorality, delinquency, theft and degradation... but also the inadequacy of the supervisory structures. COPAD has proposed two projects within the community in response to the challenges that hinder the development of children and youths: 1. Kids Behavior Change Program ( KBC) : This project aims to redress the immorality and violence that characterizes children and youths actually, create within this social layer a behavior of cohabitation in the peace and love of Christ,lead these children to become obedient to God and to their parents. 2. Foster family welfare project (FWP): This project aims to provide foster mothers the skills in female entrepreneurship and job creation, provide foster mothers with the resources to care for orphans and children separated from their families NB: We measure the success of our programs through the number of Children, youths and Women/foster mothers involved actively in all our programs, their interest to be part in the programs, the impact including the results - 2. VISION : Children and youths free from poverty, violence, and inequality - 3. MISSION : Called by Jesus Christ to serve others ,COPAD's mission is dedicated to stopping the cycle abuse through education, advocacy, community collaboration,and comprehensive services for families, Youths and Children and develop sustainable programs that help people thrive.


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Contact Person: AWEZA BENGEHYA

Contact Email: copadassociation@gmail.com

Second Contact Person: ALINE KAMENETI

Secondary Email: copadassociation@gmail.com

Additional location: COPAD is operating in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, our target is to extend our field of interventions in the host community around Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and Kyangwali Settlement in Kikuube District

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