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We are a Community Based Organization First registered under No. CR127/2020 and then renewed under CR/11/2022 operating in Uganda. We are involved in Empowering Vulnerable and Poor communities on Livelihoods Improvement and Environmental wellbeing. AREAS OF FOCUS: 1) Education 2) Promoting access to clean and safe water. 3) Economic Empowerment. 4) Promoting Environmental conservation initiatives Founded in 2019, Development Alert (DA) exists to identify, develop and promote talent, projects, programs and activities on and related to the fight against the causes and consequence of poverty, ill health, biodiversity loss and marginalization for livelihoods improvements and Environmental conservation. We are a partner with Global Joy Giving, a Philanthropic Initiative from USA. Our coordinator there will also be glad talk with you. Email:; Telephone: +1 650-530-3123 OVERALL OBJECTIVE: The overall objective is to promote the Social, Economic, Health, and Environmental wellbeing for Livelihoods improvement and Nature conservation among the poor, Persons with Disabilities, Children, and the Youth in Tororo District and Uganda as a whole. MISSION: To Provide a comprehensive and sustainable reprieve of poverty, biodiversity loss, misfortune, disability, destitution and hopelessness experienced by individuals, communities and environment in partnership with organizations' involved in the same. VISION: Address the Causes of poverty, Biodiversity loss and Marginalization and their Consequence.

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