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Dzaleka Azimai Union (DAU)
Community Health Education for Children Human Rights
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our organization is based in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Our organization is strictly dealing with girls and women. DAU is a non-profit, non-political and a women led community based organization legally registered. DAU was established in February 23rd, 2015 after realization of inadequate attention given to the issues that are affecting women and girls, such as harmful tradition values and beliefs such as son preference but included as discrimination, extreme poverty, different form of gender based violence (GBV), earlier marriages and unwanted pregnancies for young girls, extreme fornication and the spread of STIs and HIV/AIDS with all the problems associated with reproductive health. Despite all these challenges, there are many barriers in the education of girls and women. The role of DAU includes raising their voices on the issues of women and refugee girls as well as claiming their rights, identifying needs, expressing views on priorities, evaluating facilities and advocating for change. As a vehicle of self-development, DAU is committed to empower women and girls, providing to women and girls’ best quality health services, to develop effective approaches to community development, organizational abilities, mutual support, awareness and information sharing and often vocational skills and ability to gain and hold economic resources for their basic needs. Mission Empowering lives, restoring rights, and upholding women's dignity. Vision To build a society in which all kind of women and girls have access to Fundamental right and opportunities to decide about their body, future and community life in order to achieve their full Potential for development. Focus  Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right ( Family Planning)  Providing accessible high quality medical care  Economic Empowerment and Self-reliance  Gender and Social Inclusion  Right and Justice  Sexual and Gender based violence (SGBV)  Empowering Women’s and Girls’ Education (Proceeding with Transformative education and Digital inclusion for vulnerable single mothers, young women and sex workers)