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Fly Bring Smile was born out of an urgent necessity to bridge the glaring education and employment gap prevalent in the Kakuma Camp. The year was 2020 when a dedicated group of youthful innovators, all refugees themselves, convened to discuss the issues plaguing their community. These refugees, who were intimately familiar with the pains and struggles of the people, dedicated themselves to devising a solution to address this crisis. Recognizing the profound issues of limited access to education and scarce employment opportunities, these visionary young individuals questioned how they could effectively respond to the problem. The answer was to form an organization that would not only address these issues but also uplift their community in the process. This marked the inception of Fly Bring Smile, a refugee-led organization that was brought into existence not just as a response but as a resolution to the plight of their community. The founders intended to make a tangible difference in the lives of refugees by providing much-needed educational and employment resources, ultimately kindling a ray of hope and a reason to smile. Therefore, the history of Fly Bring Smile is firmly rooted in a sense of empathy, resilience, and the unyielding desire for progress. It is an organization shaped by its community, for its community, and exists to this day as a beacon of optimism and change for the people or community.