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Fountain Of Hope Africa (FOH) is a Non-profit Organization founded in 2010 by Marcel Cirhuza, a survivor of war and armed conflicts in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The organization's primary goal is to bring healing, restore hope, and contribute to building resilient and self-sufficient communities. FOH is dedicated to promoting sustainable development by empowering the most vulnerable through adaptive and enduring solutions. FOH was established in response to the pressing challenges faced by individuals, families, and communities in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa. The region experiences a daily increase in marginalized populations affected by war, armed conflicts, climate change, food crises, poverty, pandemics, and natural disasters. The organization recognizes its responsibility to act and address these issues by implementing projects that create meaningful and positive changes in people's lives. The focus of FOH extends to two key operational areas: the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Malawi. In these regions, FOH aims to implement projects that not only address immediate challenges but also contribute to sustainable solutions for long-term community development. The organization's approach is rooted in the belief that lasting change requires tailored and enduring interventions to uplift the most vulnerable populations. Through its initiatives, FOH strives to make a tangible impact on the lives of those facing adversity, fostering self-sufficiency and resilience. By providing adapted and sustainable solutions, FOH seeks to be a beacon of hope for communities grappling with the complex interplay of social, economic, and environmental challenges.

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