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Fundación Salvadoreña de Desarrollo y Vivienda Mínima
El Salvador
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Institution that fights and claims the Human Right to adequate Housing and Habitat. It began its activities in response to a natural disaster that caused the overflow of the waters of the Acelhuate River to flood and raze the homes of 30 impoverished families in the La Chacra community in September 1968, in the east of the municipality of San Salvador. In this context of disaster, a group of professionals led by Fr. Antonio Fernández Ibáñez, S.J., implemented the project "Pilot Plan" (Colonia 1 de septiembre). This is where the Foundation for Minimum Housing, today FUNDASAL, comes into being.


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Contact Person: Claudia María Blanco

Contact Email: direccion@fundasal.org.sv

Second Contact Person: Alma Daysi Rivera

Secondary Email: upe@fundasal.org.sv

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