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God’s friendliness Ministries “GOFRIL” is a charitable, non-profit and independent organization. The mission of GOFRIL is to reach out to ALL nations regardless of gender, race, or religion to work with the poor and oppressed, promote human transformation, seek justice, and proclaim the gospel of Christ. In 2011, GOFRIL was established to serve about 2000 vulnerable refugees and newly born again believers in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Karonga zone. It has a budget of $25,000. GOFRIL has been helping people in the world's ignored and GOSPEL-resistant areas for more than ten years. Currently, we operate primarily in Malawi and Tanzania. Among our members are staff and volunteers with exceptional skills and experience in a variety of programs who live in the community and share the frustrations and hopes of the people. Reaching out to people is a great strength. Whether a rural village or an urban slum and refugees’ camps in Malawi and Tanzania, we are there, ministering the word of God, health, food, clothes and shelters to orphans who have lost their parents, abandoned children, widows, people with disability and elderly people and facilitate school sponsorship for the underprivileged children’s education; we are there Create safe and inclusive spaces program for local and refugee children to support their mental health and psycho-social well-being through sport and game, we are there helping people develop life skills and a lifelong interest in learning, we are also there to provide polyglot language consulting conference interpreter, translator, language trainer and translation/transcription as well as all forms of interpretation Services in Swahili, French, English, Kinyarwanda and Portuguese. We also pray, intercede and counsel needy people by special request. As a result, each year we bring meaningful life transformation to 1000 of the world’s most marginalized people and new believers.