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The Grassroot Leadership Organizations (GLOs) is a consortium dedicated to Fundraising in order to subgrant RLOs and other organizations (which include refugees in their programing) operating at the grassroots level. the Consortium was created in 2021 by 13 member organizations working in Uganda in refugee-hosting areas. We are now in the process of legally registering. GLO's objectives include: *Fundraising in order to subgrant organizations members. *Provide organization members with a dedicated team of data collectors for the accountability of activities being implemented. *Giving an opportunity to all organizations to be involved in planning, implementing, and reporting on valuable done within communities. *Sharing of capacity (with a special focus on finance) and networks. Members of organizations are learning from each other through shared implementation. *Maximize efficiency for both donors and recipients by pooling funds to enable the flow of funding to grassroots organizations. The current members include: 1) Bondeko Refugee Livelihoods Centre 2) Refugee Parliamentarians for Peace (RPP) 3) Hasplife 4) Elikya Bolingo 5)Urban Refugee Rights Program 6) Youth Up Foundation 7) Touch & Smile 8) Kawempe Youth Centre (KYC). 9) Tomorrow Vijana 10) REAL Uganda 11) Lambs Child Learning Centre. 12) ICAN South Sudan 13) Kandaakiat 4 Women