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Hope Foundation is a Women Refugee Led non-profit and community based Organization founded on 22/09/2020 by a group of charity workers both nationals and refugees, who come together to improve and upgrading both the refugee’s and national’s communities in Uganda. The union started in Imvepi Refugee Camp in Uganda with a purpose of improving the status of life of the refugees and host communities, advocating for equality and respect for humanity in the refugee communities, providing both formal and informal basic education to the youth and elders respectively and better the lives of the people of concern through effective service delivery. The organization implements Sexual Reproductive Health . with the agenda of empower girl-child education, the organization also implements Connected Learning and Digital Skilling and Microwork aimed at empowering youth digital skills as per the digital agenda . Hope Foundation implements adolescent psychology targeting child mothers in schools. We have established a refugee sports grant since 2021 to support students with bursaries both primary and secondary with much priority given to girls The organization was a warded a global winner of 2022 UNHCR innovation grant for innovative ideas protecting women and girls globally. Hope Foundation is carrying out advocacy on meaningful engagement and participation of the youth in programs targeting young people. Hope Foundation is conducting digital advocacy to reduce hate space and promote peaceful co-existence among the youth and the digital community. We are targeting the digital community since most of the young people are are in the digital platforms.


Current Partners

  1. UNHCR
  3. Capital Radio Group

Previous Partners

    No old partners

Organization Mission: “To champion provision of humanitarian aid to the affected people during emergencies ”

Organization Vision: “To build a humanitarian foundation based on humanitarian values that supports on emergency operations to rescue, protect, provide relief aid, develop self-reliance and sustainability to people of concern and disadvantaged communities.”

Contact Person: Giramiya Suzan

Contact Email: info@hopefoundationug.net

Second Contact Person: Betty Jaguru

Secondary Email: bettyjags@gmail.com

Additional location: Arua City, Terego district, Odupi Sub county, Imvepi Refugee Settlement

Networks: RLON

Network Emails: info@relonuganda.org

Field Partners: Cohere

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