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OUR MISSION RetraiN and improve the lives of refugee communities through health, livelihoods, and technology education, and impact refugees in general. promote better health in the community,help them start their own business, and find employment with different job providers. Preparing children; people with disabilities and young refugee to create the best sustainable financial income for themselves for a better future. OUR VISION Healthy, wealthy, peaceful, developed, educated and dignified communities. AREAS OF INTEREST: HRA is interested in the following areas to improve poverty reduction. 1.life skills refugee Education 2. Empowerment of health education 3. Psychosocial empowerment and physiotherapy AREAS OF INTERVENTION 1. Education 2. livelihoods 3. children and women/Youth Empowerment and Development(CWYED) we are teaching community health and physiotherapy to Kakuma 2 Fuji Primary School at 3:20 pm and Kalubayei Settlement Primary School At the same time now we are request the room host community to start our activities. ACTIVITIES: 1. Health education community health and physiotherapy 2. psychosocial awareness of seniors 3. physiotherapy for people with disability. FUTURE PLAN: 1. Diabetic Orientation Awareness 2.ICT training for refugees 3. Community development and empowerment.