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INITIATIVE AND ADVOCACY FOR ORPHANS DEVELOPMENT (I.A.O.D) Is a non – profit organisation that is found in 25/5/2022 IAOD is detected to empowering orphans, children, people with disability. We are advocating for a common dream to help the vulnerable orphans, children and people with disability by creating a good economic and save environment for them. Our main targets are orphans, youth, women and girls together with school drop-outs because of the man challenging issues surrounding their growth and development especially in this most parts of the world where orphans and minority groups continue to face violence and abuse in their daily lives. I.A.O.D Seeks to advocate for equal access to opportunities regardless of gender, tribe or race and further provide relevance services for the development of the orphans and minority groups. OUR VISSION- Is to give orphans, children and vulnerable people, school drop-outs with knowledge and skills for economic development. We are also aiming to change the attitudes of the orphans to participate in the affairs in their communities, countries and international community in a manner that is beneficial to the communities and for themselves. OUR MISSION Is to educate orphans, children and people with disabilities. To bring together orphans, children, school drop-outs and people with disability in a common union and economic development Nurturing orphans with special needs Requalification of education in the society Identifying and evaluating orphans and people with disabilities potential to help them progress in future OUR PROGRAM- Is to offer trainings to the orphans and people with disability on entrepreneurship. Education and livelihood for children Training school drop-outs on entrepreneurship and leadership. Training women and people with disability to demonstrate ethnical behaviour that foster responsible citizenship. CORE VALUES- INTERGRITY HONEST RESPECT AND TRANSPARANCY ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERSHIP AND COLABORATION OUR PARTNERS- NONE BECOME PARTNER – We need your support. Our vision and mission has to be our core value to always keep us on move. With your support we can do together and we are always looking for volunteer who will help us move forward as team.

Annual Operating Budget: 85,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 4,500

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Our Current Funding Partners

None Not yet in partnership with any NGO. This is my first time to try COHERE since this organization is still new.

Previous Funding Partners

No any organization yet

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INVER only

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Support Partners can play an optional role bridging various gaps between RLOs and their supporters around the world.

Additional Information

Our Community and beneficiaries

I am working with different communities regardless of gender, tribe, religion or race. My Beneficiaries. Orphans Children School drop-outs Women Candidates from class 8 who are orphans. People living with disabilities

Other Operating Locations

Kakuma refugee camp. Kakuma 3 Z1 B16 I am operating with about 5 different countries currently. Sudan South Sudan Congo Burundi Somali Am still adding many different nationalities who are willing to come.

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