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ORGANIZATION BACK GROUND Kyempango youth friendly space (KYFSpace) is a youth led and independent organization started in 2021 with support from Lutheran World Federation with an aim of educating and empowering youth and adolescent in way of preventing unwanted pregnancies and early marriage among youth Basic Information on the organization 1.1. Our organization is called Kyempango youth friendly space (KYFSpace) it is located in kyempango Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, Nkoma –Katalyeba Town council, Kamwenge District, Republic of Uganda it will be an Independent organization . Goal, Objectives and Activities The organization aimed on the following Goal, Objectives and Activities Kyempango youth friendly space (KYFSpace) aimed to promote youth talent , Skilling , Reproductive health awareness and livelihood . 1. Build unity, and trust among members 2. To empower youth and adolescent groups for self-reliance 3. To empower youth and adolescent to grow up their Talent Activities 1. Train youth in different skills. 2. To offer advisory services to the youth 3. To organize talent shows for better marketing of

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