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KALOBEYEI ART LEARNING CENTRE is a community based organization based in Kalobeyei settlement in turkana West county. It is a based initiatives founded in 2023 in Kalobeyei settlement camp. It is an initiative started by the team of dedicated young social entrepreneurs responsible in social economic development, sport and games activities and peace building. KALOBEYEI ART LEARNING CENTRE has realized that there is need to sensitize the community to prevent drug abuse since the drugs is the major contribution factor to the illegal act, early marriage, suicide, murder , prostitution that led to HIV/AIDS and many others due to the influence. The project is targeting youth to be introduced instrumental skills and peace building training. VISION : youth free from all forms of exploiration and discrimination where where everyone has a right to realize their potential through social economic development and innovation. MISSION: Empowering youth through skills and knowledge of instrumental skills. CORE VALUES: 1. Professionalism 2. Gender equality and justice 3. Respect of culture and diversity 4. Integrity and ethic 5. Innovation.