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Kalobeyei Sports Ability is a community-based organization (CBO) headquartered in kalobeyei Settlement that promotes disability inclusion, psychosocial support, and education via sports. Established as a light of hope, this CBO aims to empower people with disabilities by incorporating them into diverse activities that promote their physical and emotional health. The organization's dedication to education reflects its belief in the transforming potential of knowledge. By facilitating educational opportunities, the KSA ensures that refugees can continue to learn and grow despite the hardships of exile. Psychosocial support is an essential component of the CBO's work, providing a lifeline to people dealing with the psychological strain of living in a refugee camp. The charity provides individuals with solace and strength through counseling, group activities, and community engagement. KSA efforts demonstrate the perseverance and persistence of the human spirit. By advocating for inclusivity and support, the CBO not only improves the quality of life for refugees with disabilities, but also enriches the larger community, paving the path for a more inclusive and compassionate society. In a world where refugees are frequently marginalized, KSA stands out as an example of inclusion and empowerment. Its mission extends beyond immediate assistance, trying to lay the groundwork for long-term growth and development. As it continues to break down barriers and improve lives, the CBO is a beacon of hope and progress in Kalobeyei Settlement