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We are a non profit, mainly refugee- leg organization whose objectives are 1) To identify and assist the socially burdened individuals and/or families in the community in order to alleviate their ill-suffering. 2) To define the specific social, economical, environmental needs in the community, and to encourage the social innovating actions for a better change. 3) To create a platform for better exchange practices that benefit members, beneficiaries, the community and the future generation. We have been in action since 2018, assisting and landing a hand to our owns and those around us in order to create an acceptable world for ourselves and future generation. Our activities can be browsed in our website, or our Facebook page: Kivu Solidarity for All “akas” npc, or our Instagram: kivu_solidarity_for_all, or our twitter: @kivusolidarity More information can also be obtained at our office: Office 321 Esselen Towers, 202 Robert Sobukwe street, Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa.