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Founded in Uganda on August 2nd, 2020, Let's Help International (LHI) is a compassionate refugee-led, non-profit organization, committed to enhancing the well-being of vulnerable populations. Dedicated to championing the holistic development of children, youth, families, orphans, refugees, and those in need, LHI employs multifaceted interventions. These include educational programs for cognitive growth, livelihood initiatives empowering communities economically, digital inclusion to bridge technological gaps, protection measures ensuring a secure environment, and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) initiatives promoting health and hygiene practices. LHI passionately strives to uplift marginalized communities globally, fostering sustainable development and nurturing the fundamental rights of individuals to thrive physically, cognitively, and socially. Striving for global impact, LHI breaks the cycle of poverty by providing education access, continuous youth training, and family support. Operating on sponsorships, donations, and sustainable activities, LHI envisions a world where every individual's fundamental needs are met. The mission focuses on improving the quality of life through education, training, and behavior change. LHI's objectives include promoting educational development, professional training, and advocating for human rights. The moto "Stand up for the needy" reflects LHI's commitment to social responsibility, cooperation, charity, integrity, and excellence.