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Gender Activism Livelihoods Education for Adults
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MonyQadow is a refugee - Youth Led Organization with operations in Nairobi and Dadaab Refugee Camp. In our work, we strives for the empowerment of refugee and host communities through client responsive project activities that focuses on; 1: Women and Girl-child Advocacy 2: Refugee Entrepreneurship 3: Refugee Education. For our women and girl-child advocacy program, we build the capacity of refugee women and girls in Women and Leadership, Personal development, Gender Based and sexual violence, psychological and mental health counselling, girl-child education, early marriages et cetera. For our refugee entrepreneurship programme, MonyQadow focuses on curated and practical entrepreneurial and business skills training and mentorships With our refugee education program , we source scholarships for refugee students, work with refugee agencies to facilitate access to refugee related documents for students, provide educational materials and offer educational mentorships.