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MoonLight Youth Center is a CBO. It is a non-profit organisation based in the refugee camp in Nakivale and led by refugees. Its mission is to bring joy and education to young people by: mobilisation and professional insertion of Youth; promotion of activities and events for Youth,sports,leissure activities and socio-community solidarity;Dot of permanent education extra-curricular for Youth with activities like reading,conferences,community games meetings,even a training related to TIC;Sensibilization on promotion and respect human rights and values;Promotion/animation of cultural activities for youth,giving information,orientation and training in the context of supprising the initiative of booming projects;Promotion of an associative and community life for youth and their contribution to the social well-being; In addition,will serve as a reception centre,interminghling and lodging in case where there happen gathering for youth;To offer guiding tourism services.

Annual Operating Budget: 15,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 350

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Our Community and beneficiaries

Les bénéficiaires principales sont les réfugiés du Camp de Nakivale ; les ougandais sont les bénéficiaires sont les bénéficiaires secondaires .

Other Operating Locations

Isingiro District. Nakivale Base Camp. Kabazana A.

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