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NGABUNGA’S BRAIN ORGANISATION FOR DEVELOPMENT Is a non-profit community based organization which aims at fighting against poverty, eradicating unemployment and promote community development through livelihood, women empowerment and education of vulnerable children. It has been deemed necessary to establish this organization for the purpose of solving evident problems found in our community in the southwestern region of Uganda in Nakivale refugee settlement. We observed under a serious survey conducted in 2020 a very high level of poverty affecting people in this region of Uganda for the fact that Nakivale hosts over eight different nationalities of displaced people from various African countries. They all depend on a monthly ration of either 13,000shs or 19,000shs per month given by the UNHCR. The majority of men and women are jobless and cannot guarantee family welfare and need. As effect of unemployment many women and young girls are involved into dangerous Anti-social behaviors such as sex business, drug consumption etc. And shockingly observed children being abused, lack of adequate education, these are dangers in the future generation not only of this region but also of the whole continent at large. Therefore, in line with the effort of the Ugandan government and established international organizations such as UNHCR, ALIGHT, FRC, WIU etc. In fighting against famine and illiteracy, the NGABUNGA’S BRAIN ORGANIZATION FOR DEVELOPMENT is in the same vein. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF NBOD . To fight against poverty, unemployment and make people self-reliant. . To promote development through vocational trainings such as tailoring, building, electricity, computer etc. . To create new opportunities for jobs and learning for women and youth. To empower vulnerable women and youth with business skills and support them to start small scales business as IGA (Income Generating Activities) rather than promoting anti-social behaviors. Engaging humanitarian actions to support elderly, orphans and widows to respond to some of their basic needs such as food, clothing and soap etc. GOALS OF NBOD To Support the sustainable development and welfare of displaced people by making them self-reliant for better health and family life. VISION OF NBOD To see a developed community where women are fully employed, and children access education. MISSION OF NBOD To restore hope and build a better future of vulnerable displaced people through sustainable development. NATURE OF THE ORGANISATION In regard to the objectives purposed and the goal to be achieved, the N B O D is essentially a nonprofit, humanitarian and entrepreneurial organization. ACTIVITIES OF NBOD The actions of N B O are not limited, they include ➢ Implementation of learning centers ➢ Implementation of workshops for vocational trainings ➢ Humanitarian assistance/aid ➢ Children education ➢ Agriculture and farming . Business training .Savings and loans activities. Thanks a lot sir and best regard hope this will reach safely.