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New Dawn Charity originated in the minds of group conversation of Ugandans and refugees who felt that the vulnerable refugee children living in and out of refugee camps also have the right to education. Our Mission is to restore hope of the vulnerable children who are victims of wars and equip them to become future leaders who will advocate for peace Our Vision is to empower children who are victims of wars to become the future ambassadors of peace Our Objectives is to promote and support vulnerable children victims of war through Education, Trauma Healing, Health and Live hood.

Annual Operating Budget: 64,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 500

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Our Community and beneficiaries

- Direct beneficiaries: Children victim of war between 0 to 18 years old. Talented young people with any disability between 0 to 30 years old. - Indirect beneficiaries: Family living with children victims of war. Community and it's environment.

Other Operating Locations

Mahane II Rwamwanja Camp Kamwenge District

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