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New Light Day Care Organization is a recently established daycare center that provides safe and nurturing childcare services for children. The organization is committed to creating a fun and educational environment that promotes the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of children. With highly trained and experienced staff, New Light Day Care Organization aims to offer parents peace of mind while their children are in their care.


Current Partners

  1. Cohere

Previous Partners

  1. Ismael Asmal

Organization Mission: “The New Light is a Community Based Organization which aims to bring Tennis sport in the camp for both boys and a girls. Under its project- Daycare, teen-mothers who fear to leave their babies at home as nobody can take care of them to participate in sport”

Organization Vision: “Both New light Tennis team and New light Daycare will also allow teen-mothers to venture into programs like business, Education and farming as they will no longer be taking care of their children every time; these babies will be sent to the center for car”

Contact Person: Akonkwa Willy

Contact Email: willymufungizi@gmail.com

Second Contact Person: Aime Maramuke

Secondary Email: aimeatari@gmail.com

Additional location: Malawi, Lilongwe Dzaleka Refugee Camp (Dowa) Kawale 1

Networks: Treetops Daycare

Network Emails: newlightorganization@gmail.com

Field Partners: Cohere

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