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Peace and Happiness, in short PH, is non profit refugee-led community based organization, founded in 2016 at Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, where its office is located. PH is registered with Kamwenge district under number 1653/22. Its main objectives are to: 1. Accompany the education of disadvantaged children refugees and those of nearby host community , aged 3-14 years; 2. Promote the inclusive and quality education to disadvantaged children; 3. Develop early childhood activities and life skills; 4. Promote the rights and resilience of the vulnerable groups, elderly, non accompanied minors, disabled children, etc. 5. Contribute to the psychosocial rehabilitation of people having experienced crisis, SGBV (sex and gender based violence) survivors, under 18 prostitutes, etc. 6. Encourage financial inclusion activities among the community members, etc. 7. Contribute to promotion of environment. Despite the insufficient financial means that the organization is encountered to, Peace and Happiness (PH): has succeeded to build a strong partnership between educational stakeholders including parents, volunteers, agencies and other school, local leaders that has contributed to reintegrate over 160 disadvantaged children to school; and been awarded a school location by Finn Church Aid/UNICEF where more than 120 children annually attend. It has also managed to reduce the rate of youth delinquency and contribute to socio-cultural development of children through organisation of plays and games, MDD (music, dance and drama) during the holidays, etc. Through home visits and teaching, PH has reached over 95 vulnerable children, 195 PWDs (people with disabilities) with vocational skills including craft, sandal and shoes making, and financial literacy, etc. PH has helped 35 PWDs (people with disabilities) to develop livestock and backyard home gardening that contribute to their daily basic needs.

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