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Peace and Happiness, in short PH, is non profit refugee-led community based organization, founded in 2016 at Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, where its office is located. PH is fully registered from Kamwenge district under number 1653/22. the idea of creating this refugee led organization was coming within the mindset of two founders called BUSHAMBALE GEORGE and MARTINO DIEUDONNE NGOYI due to the struggles, difficulties and long distance barriers of our children to do not reach schools which are located very far; we decided to establish a nursery school in order to equip and teach them flawlessly and with much care by way of orienting parents and encourage them to send more kids to school in fact we did mobilization and sensitization across Base camp zone to get more dropped out children. in addition to these challenges of kids, we had highlighted some gaps and hardships and non respectfulness as well as discrimination of people with disabilities in short PWDs. we got together as a teamwork, how can we address this challenge raised within the community therefore we came up with point of views from different staff members agreed with same purpose of setting various activities such as; formal and informal education, livelihood, advocacy for PWDs, peace building, financial literacy training and capacity strengthening which will enable us to respond to the needs of the community from our respective zone and throughout the settlement. we had tried with our local generating income from both parents and staff members to run our refugee led organization but we are limited due to the lack of funds to move forward and upward, reason why we are still looking for partners, donors and funders for more support so that we can expand and broaden this project so far according to the opportunities grabbed where doors will be opened for us. regarding our local generating income and effort produced by teamwork we taught 875 children in different zones; Mahane and Base camp zones. concerning people with disabilities we had advocated and trained more than 1262 PWDs in diverse zones within Rwamwanja Settlement. In case of empowering women and youth through different skills, we had trained more than 346 in two zones ( Mahane and Base camp zones). we have been trying to serve the community with the maximum of our local generating income as long as we get more support from different partners, we shall be continuing serving the refugees and host community. in a subdue manner and humanitarian act.

Annual Operating Budget: 8,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 428

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Peace and Happiness has been offering different services within the community of Base camp, Mahane, Mahega, Kyempango, Kikurura, Tenungi, Nkoma, Kaihora, Wijjagahe, Buguta, Rwenchwera, Buregaya and Mikole. we had reached a considerable number of beneficiaries. children: we are having more than 185 children. People with disabilities: we are having more than 1262 PWDs across Rwamwanja refugee settlement. Women and youth: we are having more than 346.

Other Operating Locations

In spite of had times and much struggle of schooling children under trees associated with had working and strong motivation of volunteers together with staff members we had been rewarded a permanent school construction by WINDLE INTERNATIONAL UGANDA, FINN CHURCH AID and RIGHT TO PLAY, UNICEF in collaboration with UNHCR and OPM from the beginning of schooling children, we had started with a little number of kids from 3 up to 7 years old they were like 42 kids but currently we are having more than 185 children. Before we were running our community based organization without being registered legally but our RLO is full registered at District level and it has all necessary legal documents which allow us to operate freely. we had developed some mechanism and strategies of advocating for PWDs within the settlement and empowered them to take part in decision making in the community and different NGOs to be respected and dignified. in accordance with the development of children through adequate education, we provided quality service and assistance to the most vulnerable individuals (PSNs and PWDs). To empower women and youth through various skills To accompany PWDs in their vulnerabilities To lessen the poorness within the community To promote peace building among refugees and host community To promote youth talent commonly called Music Dance and Drama (MDD) To accompany the education of disadvantageous children refugees and those of nearby host community , aged 3-7 years; To promote the inclusive and quality education to disadvantageous children; To develop early childhood activities and life skills; To promote the rights of disabilities. To contribute to the psychosocial rehabilitation of people having experienced crisis, SGBV (sex and gender based violence) survivors, under 18 prostitutes, etc. To encourage financial inclusion activities among the community members, etc. To contribute to the protection of environment. Together we can serve the community.

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