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People for Peace and Defence of Rights (PPDR Uganda) is an independent, non-partisan, and nonprofit Refugee-Led organization that focuses on empowering refugees through education, livelihood, and advocacy. - We empower refugees through our skills development programs Fashion and Design, Shoemaking, arts and crafts, Bag making, and art. - Financial literacy training and formation of self-help groups, so far we have 10 registered with over 20 members each. - We provide English, French, and Swahili language education to refugees (Adults and Children) as well as literacy adult education -Through advocacy, we do dispute resolution mechanisms, access to justice( access to legal representation in courts of law through partner organizations), through PASHA: a program that focuses on storytelling and poetry where refugees are empowered to tell their own stories by writing, slam, spoken word, poetry or music. - Psychosocial support: we provide counseling and trauma therapy to refugees in need of psychosocial support. - Sport: PPDR SPORTS CLUB has recruited 85 youth who undergo training in soccer for peace and development.