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Refugees for Prosperity (RFP) have been created by refugee for refugees and vulnerable people in Uganda. Refugees for Prosperity is non governmental organization that works to improve the employment outcomes of refugees in Africa. Our Mission: The mission of RFP is to welcome Newcomers and Empower Refugees to become self-sufficient through direct Service and Educational Programs. Our Vision: RFP envisions a world where communities welcome all refugees and immigrants. We see ourselves as catalysts in the work of building welcoming communities. We aim to build relationships and a cross-cultural understanding between the host communities and refugee communities Refugees for prosperity was founded by a refugee who went through a number of challenges anyone would go through if they had been displaced from their country of origin, some of these challenges can be communication due to ethnic differences, finding comfortable housing, healthcare, legal aid or much less some employment that can provide income to achieve the basic necessities of life. Faced by all these challenges an idea was born to form an organization that revolved around promoting integration of refugees and also helping vulnerable people improve their welfare while they adjust to their new environment. By putting together a team of young educators and intellectuals of mixed gender, different ages and cultural backgrounds we have been able to provide refugees and vulnerable people with programs on education and social development to help them improve their livelihoods and make them more self-reliant. The main focus is to empower refugees, youth and women by supporting and responding to their most felt needs regardless of age, sex, background and ethnic group, The most pressing issues of the groups are identified through meetings with community leaders and refugees, a possible solution is then worked out in partnership with them.