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The Rainbow Family Support and Advocacy-Africa (RaFaSA) is a non-profit group, an activist-led CBO, that was formed in 2019, for and by LGBTQIA refugees and asylum seekers to support Rainbow refugee/asylum seeker parents and their children; We are a support network for both parents and children. RaFaSA primarily looks out for LGBTQIA refugee/asylum seeker families (Parents, Children, Dependents, and Allies). At RaFaSA, a rainbow family is any Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer refugee/asylum seeker who has a child/children. In August 2019 after realizing that LGBTQIA refugee parents together with their children face social integration challenges among other hurdles, RaFaSA was conceived as a support network to attain due representation, inclusion, and promote quality life for queer refugee families. In the absence of an operational association for such families both in the camp and in the urban areas, RaFaSA was birthed, to better address their plight as an organized group. In the past two years RaFaSA has been able to establish an emergency safe house or communal shelter a safe space (home) for vulnerable LBTQ refugee parents and children. This has come in handy to check on the rampant lack of housing for our focus population. RaFaSA also prides in the provision of emergency Rent and Food relief, as well as medical interventions to the most vulnerable members of our focus population through our programing which includes Emergency Relief, Emergency Safe Housing, Livelihoods, Education, Advocacy, SRHR, Medical, Capacity Development, Counseling and Interpretation &Translation.