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Real is a focused refugee women organization based in Uganda operating in the five divisions of Kampala metropolitan inclusive of wakiso and settlements empowering both refugee and host through our interventions in advocacy, Education through support of children of survivors (ECD AND ESPACE AMIS D ENFANTS) Continuous professional development for hard to reach teachers ,CLIP (community Education literacy program),ICT,FILMING, Livelihood( Empowerment), Protection(GBV response and prevention, case management, AND MPSS Health(literacy ,promotion, support heath through medical assistance to survivors of GBV, Agriculture(urban farming), energy and Environment(build environment, protection and conservation, AWARENESS our initiatives includes REA(Refugee Entrepreneur Academy trains vulnerable women ,youth and children on business skills to enable them live out of poverty , the training is conducted by highly skilled coaches ,trained and certified by STREET BUSINESS SCHOOL upon completion they become REAL ALUMNI, SELF HELP GROUP formation and leadership, SIRIMUKA HAKI HAIUZWE,TUSHONE GLOBAL ,REFUGEE PROTECT,COFEE T,REAL provides REAL was inspired by the desire of refugees to meet their own needs and not be dependent on aid agencies. We seek to empower marginalized refugees and host community women and youth with knowledge and skills for inclusive socio-economic transformation dignified living and self- reliance.