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The Refugee Innovation Centre was established in March 2016 to provide access to digital technology and social entrepreneurship workshops for refugees living in the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Kamwenge, Uganda. The settlement is home to over 80,000 refugees who have fled war in the Eastern DRC, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Burundi over the past 10 years. The Refugee Innovation Centre is also a member of Catalyst 2030, a global movement for social entrepreneurs that promotes collaboration to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The centre focuses on several areas of intervention, including: 1. Digital Library: The centre offers access to more than 6 million data resources from different search engines. The digital library allows learners to access educational materials from various websites without requiring data. 2. Early Childhood Development Program: Many children in Rwamwanja have missed the opportunity to start school at the appropriate age, resulting in a lifelong loss of education. 3. Health: The centre offers menstrual hygiene management training to young adolescent girls aged 12-18. In 2021, they trained 656 girls and provided them with reusable sanitary pads produced by AfriPads, along with 18 disposable sanitary pads. 4. Ride for Change: The centre initiated the "Ride for Change" program, which aims to reach individuals with disabilities and elderly individuals who are unable to access support centers due to mobility issues. Using bicycles donated by Paisley's Pals, the program informs and supports these unreached individuals with sustainable solutions. Furthermore, the Refugee Innovation Centre, with support from Paisley's Pals, provided schools in the settlement with over 400 books for pre-primary, primary, and early secondary education programs. These books were handed over to FCA-Rwamwanja. In 2022, the centre will receive a donation of 1,779 books from Books Aid International through a year-long partnership aimed at promoting a reading culture among students in different schools, including pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools.