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The Refugee Network Center was established on 7 March 2019. Run by refugees for refugees, all from different cultural and professional backgrounds. We are teachers, social workers, interpreters, students, artists and more. What unites us is the same interest in our mission: supporting refugees to be capable actors in a diverse and connected world. It was our goal to create a platform where skills are shared, where networks are strengthened and new entrepreneurial opportunities arise. The Refugee Network Center started with English and Bahasa Malay classes and various livelihood workshops. An example is the recycled bag project, where participants were taught during multiple workshops how to upcycle plastic banners into sustainable bags. This project was funded through a grand received from the UNHCR Malaysia in 2019 and has been expanding over the last year. To make these livelihood skills lucrative and valuable the Refugee Network Center has taken up the role of a networking platform where it links refugees to local bazaars for selling their produce. Through these bazaars and other connections via the Refugee Network Center they start making an income.