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Abdullahi Mire, the founder of Refugee Youth Education Hub has been named the 2023 Nansen Global Laureate, UNHCR's highest honor in recognition of his work with RYEH. Mr. Mire dedicated the award to his mother, and to "every child who was scooped up in someone's arms as they ran. Because anywhere was safer than here." Refugee Youth Education Hub (RYEH) is a refugee-led organization empowering young people to be outspoken, self-reliant, and dedicated to community service. Founded by Abdullahi Mire, a former refugee from Somalia and a group of dedicated refugee youth in Kenya, RYEH champions the voices, actions, and ambitions of refugees themselves so they can take a leadership role in humanitarian action in Kenya. Education is at the core of all we do: from providing direct support of school-aged children through our Dadaab Book Drive, to the acquisition of new skills in our livelihood programs, to working with communities to improve communication and enhance social inclusion. We believe that education is critical to delivering the belonging, dignity, equity, and justice we all need and demand. Our integrity, cultural fluency, and commitment to community ownership make REYH effective in empowering youth, transforming education for displaced children, and providing skills and opportunities for young people to pursue their dreams.