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Refugee independence support organization
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REFUGEE INDEPENDENCE SUPPORT ORGANISZTION (RISO) Email: risoplatform@gmail.com Tel: +254702025993, +254770931548 Introduction. Refugees Independence Support Organization (RISO) is a community-based organization bringing together LGBTIQ + refugees and asylum seekers living in and around Nairobi, Kenya. Background. The organization was formed to address the suffering of the many refugees and asylum seekers in Nairobi finding it hard to survive due to lack of income, livelihoods, rent, food, and medical treatment. The groups challenges have been worsened by poor access to protection services and durable solutions from UNHCR mandated to provide these services. The group’s formation was also bolstered by the incessant violence, human rights violations and increased arbitrary arrest of LGBTQ+ found in the urban areas without proper documentation. In total, we have a membership of 150 LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers, but the number is expected to increase because of laws against same sex relationships and homophobia in different countries here in Africa hence the influx. Although, our group has never accessed any consistence funding, we have during this pandemic provided strong support social networks for our community members and always holding mini-harambees to support some of the members meet their basic needs such as food, rent, beddings, and linkage to employment opportunities in salons and barbershops. The Refugee Independence Support Organization has a committee of 5 secretariat members. Vision Quality life for all humans irrespective of one’s status and beliefs. Goals Our overall goal is to consolidate our work with the LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers to have better living conditions and welfare. Mission To make sure that RISO establishes, manages and maintains quality life. Objectives Ensure autonomy and participation by refugees in seeking quality life. Ensure the Organization that supports achievement of quality life. Establishes, maintains and build partnerships with other organizations. Document, Disseminate and develop materials representing refugee experience. Priorities -To help refugees and asylum seekers find affordable housing. -To help provide food relief to Independent refugees and asylum seekers. -To help Independent refugees and asylum seekers to get medical care and Covid-19 gears. Actions to date --Held meetings to discuss challenges faced by independent refugees and asylum seekers. -Made a survey to find out how many refugees and asylum seekers stay far from Community based Organizations. -Made interventions to help with rent and food relief through Refugee Coalition of East Africa. -Correspondence with other organizations like Alight, ORAM, Safe Place International, IRC and Refugee Coalition of East Africa. -Making referrals to safe houses in cases of any insecurities in the community. Challenges. 1.Lack of funding to support members. 2.Lack of proper documentation for refugees and asylum seekers especially Urban Documents (not Kakuma Camp Documents) 3.Lack of Medical care since they stay far away from other CBO. 4.Shortage of food, balanced diet especially those with HIV and AIDS. 5.Lack of funds for transport to United Nations and other governments offices to attend to the reappointment. 6.Prosecution and arrests of LGBTIQ +community members. Intended projects 1.Livelihood projects: -Beauty Parlor Saloon and training center. -Poultry -Fast food restaurant -Kiosks -Craft and wood work. 2.Rent and food relief Our Social media platforms. Facebook RISO Twitter RISO Instagram RISO Livelihood Beauty parlor