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Rescue And Relief Mission (RRM) is a refugee Led Not for profit and non-governmental organization that works using the Quadra Helix Model to amplify refugees’ voices to increase their representation, participation and social inclusion and promote gender responsive and inclusive refugee and human rights approaches to forced displacements, migration and resettlement. This is achieved through partnering with both the private sector, CSOs and Government institutions through the Ministries of Health, Education, Agriculture, Ministry of Gender and social welfare, Universities, Faith based and NGOs to design refugee resilient, health, gender, education and livelihood interventions to create lasting impact in the lives of refugee, immigrants and displaced women and children. RRM Promotes togetherness rebuilding a sustainable and resilient communities through refugee led innovative local actions with global impacts. We see all refugee communities where women, children and adolescents are empowered to take care of their own health, build resilience and sustainable livelihoods. They co-create environments and policies for all-inclusive community Health and well-being. Our goal is to Develop among refugees, the courage, confidence and resilience to speak out for change and create an atmosphere of dialogue with host communities in a spirit of empathy, inclusivity, solidarity and collaboration.