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SKILLS CHANGE LIVES is a Community-Based Organization (C.B.O) founded in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in the country of Uganda. We support Refugees to become self-reliant and create job opportunities that will promote health and wealth attitudes to people for their well-being and prepare a better future for our communities. We provide life skills and Professional Skills, Entrepreneurship Courses, Business Management, Mentoring, ICT Technology, financial literacy ... WHY WE ARE DOING IT? We want Refugees to build the foundation of their lives that will prevent them from doing things that hurt their lives and their community. E.g.: Joining bad peer groups, Early Marriages and Pregnancies to Women, and Ignoring to exploit their full potential due to this unemployment. HOW WE ARE DOING IT Providing a Free scholarship to Refugees so that they can learn, explore and be able to use their creativity in building their lives. Empowerment&Mentorship: This is all about empowering and keeps on doing a follow-up in the development of their activities. Business consultation: supporting the youth to know, grow and understand the criteria for having a successful business. Success Stories We are passionate about transforming Nakivale and making it a better place to live by building strong pillars of success that will reduce unemployment and promote health and wealth attitudes to people which will be the source of inspiration to everyone whether in or outside the Refugee Camp.