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Umoja Development foundation was formed to create the most significant positive impact on vulnerable communities, especially refugees and stateless persons. Being a community-based organization, we aim to create support networks within the community to help each use their time, expertise, and energy effectively and for the benefit of the less fortunate and refugee community. The Foundation is a volunteer-based organization and relies on donations from members and partners. Funding priorities are on educational support, livelihoods hood, entrepreneurial skills building, and social welfare. We are aware of the rapidly changing funding environment, and we are looking at ways to enhance our financial sustainability. Our primary mission as a non-profit organization is to strive to make education accessible and possible to a child and young refugees/migrants that can’t afford it and to empower and help restore hope and well-being of the local and global refugee community through educational support and sponsorships, and the promotion of social development and sustainable economic empowerment initiatives. We believe that a strong society is one where everyone is given a chance to grow, study and work regardless of their background or origin. Our vision is to empower refugees to become participant citizens whenever there are and not merely refugees. We are inspired to inspire, empower, and educate others.